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The Top Wedding Dresses Trends to Expect in 2024 Spring Wedding

Spring is approaching, marking one of our cherished seasons for hosting weddings—a time symbolizing renewal and new beginnings. With nature adorned in blossoming blooms and invigorating scents, any locale can be transformed into a secret garden, creating a perfect backdrop for celebration. What better season to exchange vows? However, while spring sets the ideal tone for your wedding, selecting the perfect attire remains crucial. Fear not, as we are here to assist you. This season, expect to witness a surge in the popularity of pastels, lace, and tulle—timeless materials that have graced weddings for years. In the upcoming year, these trends are projected to gain even more traction, appealing to brides who aspire to embody a princess-like aura on their special day. Dive into our comprehensive guide on spring wedding dresses as we usher in the fever of the impending spring weddings!   Choose your wedding dress according spring wedding theme The spring wedding theme is usually fresh, light, and airy. The color palette often reflects the lush colors of blossoms with plenty of green hues. As for textures, laces are a must! And your dress should have some tulle to look like an angel or fairy princess come to life. But now that you understand what to expect, let’s narrow down your options. Let’s start with the silhouette: what type of dress do you want? There are three main dresses types for spring weddings and they all look beautiful! First is the A-line which creates a flattering hourglass shape that emphasizes your waist and looks great on most brides. The second is the ballgown which gives you a fairy-tale princess look with its full skirt. Lastly, there’s the sheath dress which is perfect for showing off your curves and features a slim silhouette. After choosing your silhouette, it’s time to decide on the neckline. You have many options here from strapless sweetheart necklines to elegant high necklines. There is something to fit every bride’s preference! Finally, the last detail you need to decide on is the fabric. This will give your wedding dress its unique look and feel. Satin fabrics are perfect for a glamorous look while cotton or linen fabrics reflect a more relaxed vibe. Once you have all of these decisions, it’s time to find the perfect dress! Browse through our selection of spring wedding dresses and find the one that speaks to you. We can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle in your stunning gown!   Top 12 trendy spring wedding dresses in Ever Pretty   1. Cold shoulder lace high-low wedding dress This lace wedding dress is perfect for the ones who love to be extra. The high-low skirt and cold shoulder detail will give you a sleek look while still having that romantic vibe!   2. Elegant applique cap sleeve casual a-line wedding dress If you are looking for a more laid-back wedding dress, this is the one for you. With its elegant applique and cap sleeves, you will still look like a princess on your big day!   3. Romantic sheer bodice lantern sleeve casual wedding dress For those of you who love elegant effortless, this causal wedding gown is perfect for the ones who want to stay true to their style.   4. Simple strapless eloping mermaid wedding dress This wedding dress is perfect for brides who want to keep things simple. The strapless neckline and mermaid silhouette will give that romantic vibe you are looking for!   5. Double v-neck lace bodice plain a-line wedding dress This dress is perfect for the bride who wants a traditional look with a modern twist. The double v-neck lace bodice will give you that timeless feeling while the plain a-line skirt makes it unique and special to you!   6. Off-shoulder a-line mermaid wedding dress If you are looking for a more daring wedding dress, this is the one for you. The off-shoulder features and mermaid silhouette will give your guests quite a show!   7. Lace v-neck cape sleeves a-line wedding dress This dress is perfect for the bride who wants to feel like a queen on her big day. The lace fabric and cape sleeves will give you that luxurious feeling while the v-neck neckline shows just enough skin!   8. Lace v-neck floor length cap sleeves casual wedding dress This dress is the perfect mix of elegant and casual. The lace fabric and cap sleeves give it a touch of sophistication while the floor-length skirt makes it comfortable enough to wear all day!   9. Vintage polka dot cold shoulder wedding dress The polka dot fabric and cold shoulder detail are perfect for the bride who wants to be playful on her big day. The vintage feel will give you that old Hollywood vibe!   10. Floral applique cold shoulder sweetheart wedding dress If you are looking for a more casual wedding dress, this is the one for you. The floral applique and cold shoulder detail give it that perfect boho vibe!   11. All-over lace bell sleeve fishtail wedding dress The lace detail and floor-length skirt give this wedding dress an elegant vibe that will be sure to impress your guests! The all-over lace fabric and bell sleeves add a touch of charm while still being trendy!   12. Bodycon sheer lace cold shoulder fishtail wedding dress This dress is perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement. The bodycon design and sheer lace detail will accentuate your curves while making you feel like an absolute goddess!   The wedding dress is the most important part of your bridal look. The above 12 wedding dresses might be great options for your spring wedding. Which style suits you best? You can browse through our selection of spring wedding dresses in Ever Pretty store. We bet that you will find the one that speaks to you, and we can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle in your stunning gown! Thanks for reading! We hope you found the perfect dress for your spring wedding. Be sure to check back soon for more upcoming trends!
Simple Wedding Dresses
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Simple Wedding Dresses: Effortless Elegance for Your Big Day

Step into a world where elegance meets affordability, where simplicity is the epitome of beauty. In this captivating journey through the realm of wedding fashion, discover the allure of simple wedding dresses. From the ethereal fabrics that grace these gowns to the diverse silhouettes and neckline designs that exude timeless charm, we unravel the magic behind these understated yet utterly captivating pieces. Join us as we unveil the secret to achieving a stunning bridal look without breaking the bank, showcasing Ever-Pretty's collection of affordable simple wedding dresses, all priced under $100. Get ready to embrace sophistication and grace while celebrating your big day with style and savings! Content Outlines The Beauty of Simple Wedding Dresses Popular Fabrics for Simple Wedding Dresses Simple Wedding Dresses in Various Silhouettes Different Neckline Designs for Simple Wedding Dresses Ever-Pretty's Affordable Simple Wedding Dresses Under $100 The Beauty of Simple Wedding Dresses Simple wedding dresses are a reflection of refined elegance, characterized by clean lines, minimal embellishments, and a focus on effortless beauty. They exude a timeless charm that transcends fleeting trends, allowing the bride's natural radiance to take center stage. Popular Fabrics for Simple Wedding Dresses Chiffon's Ethereal Grace Chiffon, a lightweight and sheer fabric, reigns as a beloved choice for simple wedding dresses. Its ethereal quality and graceful draping create an air of delicate elegance. Chiffon gowns exude a romantic and dreamy aura, allowing the bride to move with fluidity and grace. Often favored for its ability to capture light, chiffon photographs exquisitely, highlighting its soft and flowing nature. Whether used in full skirts or as delicate overlays, chiffon embodies a sense of effortless beauty that complements various wedding styles, from casual outdoor ceremonies to formal affairs. Lace's Intricate Beauty Renowned for its timeless appeal, lace remains a quintessential choice in the realm of wedding fashion. This intricate fabric, with its delicate patterns and ornate details, adds a touch of sophistication to simple wedding dresses. Whether subtly adorning sleeves or embellishing bodices, lace evokes a sense of classic romance and tradition. Its versatility allows for a range of design possibilities, from vintage-inspired looks to modern interpretations, all while preserving the simplicity of the dress. Simple Wedding Dresses in Various Silhouettes Exploring simple wedding dresses in various silhouettes unveils a world of diverse styles that cater to different preferences and body types. Each silhouette brings its own unique charm, allowing brides to express their individuality while embracing the beauty of simplicity. A-line's Universally Flattering Shape The A-line silhouette remains a timeless favorite for its universally flattering shape. Fitted at the bodice and gently flaring out from the waist, this silhouette forms an "A" shape, skimming over the hips and thighs. Its versatility suits various body shapes, offering elegance and comfort. A-line dresses in simple designs exude a graceful and understated allure, emphasizing the bride's natural beauty without overpowering it. Sheath's Sleek Simplicity Sheath dresses follow the body's natural curves, creating a sleek and form-fitting look. Characterized by a straight, narrow shape that skims the body from neckline to hem, this silhouette accentuates the bride's figure with minimalist sophistication. Simple sheath dresses exude a modern and effortless elegance, perfect for brides seeking a streamlined and chic aesthetic. Mermaid's Dramatic Elegance The mermaid silhouette embraces a fitted bodice that extends through the waist and hips, then dramatically flares out at or below the knees. This style accentuates curves and offers a touch of drama and glamour. In its simple form, the mermaid silhouette maintains its allure while focusing on clean lines and subtle details, allowing the bride to make a statement with a minimalist approach. Empire Waist's Relaxed Charm Featuring a high waistline that sits just below the bust, the empire waist silhouette creates a flowing, elongated look. This silhouette is characterized by a relaxed, loose-fitting skirt that cascades down from the waistline. Simple dresses with an empire waist silhouette evoke a sense of bohemian charm and offer a relaxed yet elegant vibe, ideal for brides seeking comfort and effortless style. Different Neckline Designs for Simple Wedding Dresses Exploring different neckline designs in simple wedding dresses unveils a range of styles that frame the bride's upper body beautifully while maintaining an air of elegance and simplicity. V-Neckline's Elegant Appeal The V-neckline is a classic and universally flattering choice. It elongates the neckline, creating a V-shaped dip that can vary in depth, offering a balance between modesty and allure. In simple wedding dresses, the V-neckline is often seen with clean lines and minimal embellishments, drawing attention to the bride's collarbones and adding a touch of sophistication.   A-Neckline's Romantic Grace The A-neckline, also known as the sweetheart neckline, resembles an upside-down "V" shape that dips gently in the center. This neckline is feminine and romantic, accentuating the curves of the bust while offering a subtle hint of glamour. In its simple form, the A-neckline maintains its soft and graceful appeal, complementing the dress with a touch of understated charm. Off-the-shoulder Chic Neckline Off-the-shoulder necklines gracefully expose the shoulders, creating a romantic and slightly dramatic look. These necklines highlight the shoulders and collarbones while framing the face beautifully. In simple wedding dresses, off-the-shoulder styles often feature clean lines without excessive detailing, allowing the neckline to make a statement on its own. High-neckline's Sophisticated Elegance High necklines exude elegance and sophistication, offering a more modest yet striking look. They cover most of the chest area and sometimes extend to the collarbones, creating a regal and refined appearance. In simple wedding dresses, high necklines can be crafted from sheer fabrics or lace, adding a touch of delicacy while maintaining the overall simplicity of the dress. Ever-Pretty's Affordable Simple Wedding Dresses Under $100 In the pursuit of affordable elegance, Ever-Pretty takes center stage with its stunning collection of simple wedding dresses priced under $100. These dresses embody the brand's commitment to offering quality, style, and affordability, allowing every bride to indulge in the dream of a beautiful, simple wedding dress without straining their budget. Cold Shoulder Lace High-Low Simple Wedding Dress This Cold Shoulder Lace High-Low Simple Wedding Dress captivates with its modern high-low hemline, delicate lace detailing, and alluring cold-shoulder design, blending contemporary style with timeless elegance. $79.99 Elegant Maxi Lace Elopement Simple Wedding Dress with Ruffle Sleeves This Elegant Maxi Lace Elopement Simple Wedding Dress enchants with its graceful maxi length, intricate lace embellishments, and captivating ruffle sleeves, evoking a blend of timeless elegance and romantic allure for an intimate ceremony. $74.99 Simple Strapless Mermaid Eloping Dress for Wedding This Simple Strapless Mermaid Eloping Dress for Wedding charms with its sleek mermaid silhouette, understated strapless design, creating a minimalist yet captivating look ideal for an intimate and stylish elopement. $79.99 Off the Shoulder Mermaid Corset Eloping Dress for Wedding This Off-the-Shoulder Mermaid Corset Eloping Dress for Wedding boasts a flattering mermaid silhouette, accentuated by an alluring off-the-shoulder neckline and corset detailing, radiating sophistication and allure for an intimate wedding affair. $72.99 Maxi Long Elegant Ethereal Tulle Simple Wedding Dress This Maxi Long Elegant Ethereal Tulle Simple Wedding Dress exudes grace with its ethereal tulle fabric and flowing maxi length, creating a timeless and enchanting bridal look. $79.99 V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Cut-Out Back Sequin Fishtail wedding Dress The V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Cut-Out Back Fishtail Wedding Dress showcases sophistication with its V-neckline, delicate spaghetti straps, and striking cut-out back, culminating in a graceful fishtail silhouette for a modern yet elegant bridal statement. $74.99 Lace V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Empire Waist Tulle Simple Wedding Dress The Lace V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Empire Waist Tulle Simple Wedding Dress elegantly combines delicate lace detailing, a flattering empire waist, and a graceful V-neckline, embodying a blend of timeless charm and ethereal grace for a beautifully understated bridal look. $54.99 As you discover the enchantment of simple wedding dresses, don't forget our commitment. We offer a variety of high-quality, budget-friendly simple wedding dresses, many priced under $100. Looking for more details? Explore our wedding dress collection! Beyond exquisite wedding gowns, we also feature bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, and formal evening wear suitable for any occasion. From weddings to parties and special events, our attire meets your needs affordably, allowing you to own high-quality dresses at a lower cost. Let's together add a unique charm to your special moments!  
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Ultimate Guide for Curvy Ladies: 10 Affordable Wedding Dresses

Weddings are occasions on which you want to look your best, and having the best wedding dress takes a step closer to having the perfect wedding. However, shopping for a wedding dress that is within your budget and fits your liking is not an easy task. This is even harder when you’re not the standard model size. This article will guide you through the perfect plus-size wedding dress. Even if you can’t have the most amazing wedding dress, you can at least have the one that compliments your curves, leaving guests in love with them. If you find it helpful, continue reading and share it with all the plus-size women in your circle to help them find their ultimate bump-friendly wedding dress. Tips for Curvy Ladies to Shop Their Own Dream Wedding Dress If you’re getting married soon (or later), you’ve undoubtedly already scrolled the internet looking for inspiration, most of which were probably on standard-size models. Here’s a list of things to consider when shopping for your dream wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves: if you believe diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you can surely believe curves are too. Covering them will only hide your figure, leaving you with an unflattering silhouette. Look for wedding dresses with flattering necklines and waistlines: you may be inclined to opt for a high neckline and loosely fitted waistlines, but showing off your waist and chest can create a more confident look. High necklines bring more attention to the chest area, and unless that is the goal, be sure to avoid them. Choose a dress that is comfortable and fits well: a mistake you should always try to avoid when choosing a dress is going for the dress that only compliments your looks but doesn’t allow you to breathe. It’s okay to wear a dress that you feel comfortable in and fits well. Look for fabrics that drape well and won’t cling to every curve: A dress that hugs every curve may look like it’s doing your figure a favor, but it tends to turn your shape into an uncomplimentary one. Having a dress that falls gracefully on your body is what you need to elevate to accentuate your beautiful figure. Consider a shorter dress if you’re not comfortable with showing too much skin: shorter dresses are the safest option for all sizes and shapes but especially for curvy women. A shorter dress can be paired with a higher neckline and still give a perfect balance. Remember, the goal is not to look like you want to take off the dress as soon as you wear it but to feel good about the dress you chose. Don’t forget accessories! A veil, tiara, or necklace can really add something special to your look: accessories are the unsung heroes of our closet. Accessories are perfect for finishing any outfit, and a wedding dress is one of them. So, if you don’t feel confident enough in your dress alone, add a little spark with a classic veil, tiara or shiny necklace. Have realistic expectations – don’t expect to look like a model bride: one way to never be disappointed is to not lay your expectations too high. A wedding dress will rarely look the same on you as on a model. Nevertheless, you go out there with your head held high and served with confidence. Having the perfect wedding dress is one thing, but feeling confident and sexy is all on you. Avoid busy patterns or too much embellishment – you want to look like a bride, not a Christmas tree! Keep your wedding dress exciting but not too intrusive. Creating the perfect balance when choosing a shape and embellishments is the goal. Balance in your wedding dress can mean an asymmetric neckline with just the right amount of flare in your dress or an off-shoulder long sleeve with a sequined underbust. Shop around – there are many different styles of wedding dresses to choose from: giving up after your first store is simply not an option. Chances are that you find your dream wedding dress in the last store- you hesitated to shop in but still visited. There may not be many stores to choose from when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress for your curvy body, even though more designers are including women of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of this, you should … Don’t forget to have fun shopping for your wedding dress! Sure, the wedding dress will be memorable. Still, you’ll mostly be grateful for the time and effort you put into finding that special dress. So, enjoy the journey because some of us only get one chance to shop for wedding dresses. 10 Adorable and Affordable Wedding Dresses To help you bring into perspective what the best choices are when choosing wedding dresses for plus-size women, here are some ideas for stunning and affordable wedding dresses. 1. Plus-Size Fern Leaf Cold Shoulder Wedding Dress: this is the perfect example of a neckline and waistline that compliments the body. It perfectly accentuates the chest and brings out the best shape of the waist. 2. Plus Size Boho Chic Cold Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Wedding Dress: you may not have believed spaghetti straps could work until you saw this picture. With the perfectly detailed pattern and off-shoulder tulle sleeve, this dress can be the perfect option if you still want to show some skin. 3. Plus Size Sleeveless V-Neck Tulle Simple Wedding Dress: this gorgeous deep V-neck with a floral pattern is perfect for a formal occasion. 4. Plus Size Sheer Floral Puffed Sleeve Sweetheart A-Line Wedding Dress: this sweetheart A-line neck features a long puffed sleeve with floral applique. This floor-length wedding dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding. 5. Plus Size Lace Bell-Sleeve Long Simple Wedding Dress: V-neck, cinched waist with a perfect basket weave pattern…what more could you look for in a wedding dress. This elegant dress gives off vintage vibes and is ideal for women with an A-line silhouette. 6. Plus-size Sheer Bodice Long Sleeves Casual Wedding Dress: this elegant sheer look with floral embroidery compliments all shapes and sizes. The floor-length makes it perfect for indoor bridal events. 7. Plus Size Sleeveless Floral Applique A-Line Wedding Dress: Want casual but stylish? This square neckline with floral applique is a choice that will never get old. 8. Plus Size Capped Sleeve A-Line Lace Wedding Dress: if you are looking for a lace capped sleeve with the perfect square neckline, this dress is ideal for you. 9. Plus Size Off-Shoulder Vintage Lace A-Line Wedding Dress: this off-shoulder dress with a stunning floral applique gives the most elegant vibe. Finished off with a cinched waist on an A-line silhouette. 10. Plus Size Deep V-Neck Bodycon Mermaid Wedding Dress: this figure-hugging mermaid dress creates the perfect sophisticated casual look. Completed with a sleeveless top and deep v-neckline makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor bridal events. Conclusion Finding a sophisticated yet elegant wedding dress for your curvy figure can be exhausting. But it all gets better once you know what to pay attention to when shopping for your bridal wear. Stop looking to standard-size models for inspiration and go look for wedding dresses that compliment your figure and bring out the best of it. You can also check out other articles if you are interested by clicking here: Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Beach Wedding The Best 12 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Every Style and Budget Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2022 Flattering Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Style and Budget How to Choose the Perfect Plus Size Dresses for a Wedding
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Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2024

2024 will be filled with the best wedding dress trends ever. There are lots of wedding dress options. Many brides find it difficult to pick the most suitable. Some brides choose to go for the regular wedding gown, but others are looking to spice up the style and design of their wedding dresses. Hence, celebrity weddings have been a top trend since brides always opt for a creative design to look unique and stunning. We’ve come across weddings with the simplest wedding dresses to weddings with the most amazing red carpet-worthy wedding dresses over the past few years. If you are a potential bride in search of something unique, there are a lot of classic examples you can get from celebrity weddings. This article will give you a comprehensive look at our top favorites. Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses For Inspiration Getting to know some of the best celebrity dresses could make you creative when planning a unique wedding dress for your day. Here are our best celebrity wedding dresses for inspiration. Ariana Grande Wedding Dress Grammy Award-winning artist Ariana Grande took to Instagram to give her loyal fans a sneak peek into her wedding with real estate mogul Dalton Gomez. Several photos of her wedding were up for display, and one of the most catchy aspects of these photos was the Ariana Grande Wedding Dress. The wedding dress was custom-made by Vera Wang. The wedding dress was a silk strapless dress with a sculpted neckline and an empire waist. To spice up the wedding dress look, Arian Grande also included a handmade veil reaching her shoulder and a pair of diamond earrings to give her a stunning look. Hailey Bieber Wedding Dress Hailey Bieber is an American model who got married to Canadian music megastar Justin Bieber in South Carolina. Hailey Bieber wedding dresses are not common because they were created explicitly for what Hailey Bieber envisioned. However, Hailey Bieber wore one of the best wedding dresses ever made on her wedding day. Virgil Abloh designed the dress for Off-white. The wedding dress was an off-the-shoulder white-off wedding dress with lace embroidering. It took ten designers to work on the wedding dress and another 10 to work on the veil. Overall, the wedding dress happened to be one of the best made traditional long-sleeved lace wedding dresses. In addition, the wedding dress happened to be one of the best wedding dresses best suited for a youthful look. Paris Hilton Wedding Dress Media personality and Entrepreneur Paris Hilton had one of the most Fascinating wedding weekends in history as she got married to her heartthrob Carter Reum. Paris Hilton Wedding Dresses were astonishing. Yes, you heard me right, “wedding dresses.” However, the fascinating aspect of Paris Hilton’s wedding was that she said yes to 6 different wedding outfits. Amongst the 6 different outfits she wore, 3 of them were wedding-worthy outfits and our top pick. The first outfit she wore at her wedding was a couture design that had a flower embroidering. Fast forward to her first dance with the groom. She wore an off-the-shoulder wedding-styled outfit like those worn by princesses in a fairytale. She donned a sparkling crown to the outfit to complete her transition to an actual princess. A short off-shoulder outfit was next on the list with a floral embroidered gown. Lady Kitty Spencer Wedding Dresses Wearing different wedding outfits has become one of the most exciting trends in recent weddings. Top British model and aristocrat Lady Kitty Spencer married her spouse Michael Lewis in different wedding outfits. Lady Kitty Spencer’s Wedding Dresses are some of the most popular due to their unique designs. The main wedding saw lady Kitty Spencer wear a long-sleeved lace wedding gown with a high neck. A custom Victoria gown with puffed shoulders, busty midsection, and a flower-inspired full skirt. Next on the list was the baby blue tulle outfit. This outfit came with a pink floral design and a long tulle cape. The dress was a fascinating silk wedding gown with a crystal-like floral design. Fast forward to the last wedding dress that happened to be one of the best creatively designed wedding dresses. This wedding dress was an ivory silver and gold beaded lace dress. Lady Kitty Spencer’s wedding day had some of the best wedding outfits that many brides will surely put on their wish list. Top Wedding Dress Designs After looking at some of our favorite celebrity wedding dresses, let’s take a comprehensive look at the top wedding dress designs for brides in 2024. Lace Wedding Dresses When it comes to one of the ideal fabrics for a wedding gown, lace is one of them. One of the reasons why lace is one of the unique materials for a wedding gown is the romantic feel it gives a wedding dress. It is also a timeless material. Lace wedding dresses are elegant and versatile, leaving a lasting memory for any bride. There are a variety of lace wedding dresses to choose from, depending on your preference. But this fabric can produce beautiful long sleeve wedding gowns and sexy wedding gowns that will grip your body to display your body features. Satin Wedding Dresses For brides who want to have a fairytale princess look at their weddings, satin is just the suitable material to make this happen. The exciting fact about satin wedding dresses is that they are beautiful and they leave a sheen that makes them very attractive to the eyes. In addition, the smoothness of satin is impressive, and we assure you it’s not going to hold onto any adornment that the bride will be wearing. You can choose from different color variants when you plan on going for the satin wedding dress option. If you are planning an elegant and elaborate wedding ceremony, using satin will be an ideal material for your wedding dress because they are timeless and elegant. Interestingly, you can also style them easily into any style you want. The goal is for the bride to feel comfortable in her wedding outfit, and that’s something satin wedding dresses can provide for you. Short Wedding Dresses The popular wedding dress favorite for brides today is the long wedding dress. Despite long wedding dresses being a top choice amongst brides, many brides think otherwise and opt for short wedding dresses Instead. There are various reasons why short wedding dresses are preferred for most brides. One undeniable fact about short wedding dresses is that they are comfier than long ones. Brides who intend to go for a budget-friendly option can also choose short wedding gowns as they are less expensive than long wedding gowns. In addition, short wedding dresses also excel in the area of versatility. So even after your wedding ceremony, you could still wear your short wedding outfit to other occasions, unlike the long wedding dress outfit that will be strictly used for a bride. So you can see that having a short wedding dress could also serve you in the long run. Strapless Wedding Dress Some brides look more comfortable in strapless Wedding Dresses. This wedding dress type is the preferred choice for brides who want to show off the upper part of their body. In addition, strapless wedding dresses are more budget-friendly than traditional ones. So you can opt for the strapless option of a wedding dress if you would like to spend less on your wedding outfit. One of the reasons why strapless wedding outfits are popular is because they come in various designs, styles, and colors. Are you looking for a flowing A-line option or a fitted mermaid design? You can find all these styles available in strapless wedding dress options. Always have it in mind that if you have this option in mind, you’ll get a style that suits you perfectly. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses Ball gown wedding dresses are some of the most traditional wedding dresses you’ll ever encounter. When a bride wears the Ballgown as a wedding dress, it gives her a classic enchanting look. The ball gown wedding dress comes in different styles depending on the bride’s body shape. For example, a straight bride could opt for a full skirt option. However, there’s always an impression that the bride has got wide hips when wearing it. This wedding dress is shaped like a bell with a tight bodice. If you would like a traditional fairytale wedding, this wedding dress will be an ideal choice. Final Thoughts There are many wedding gown trends available, as shown in this article. They’ll be options made available for your wedding day, but you should go for an option that looks perfect on you. So whatever your style, there’s sure to be a wedding dress trend that’s perfect for you. With so many options on the horizon, the only challenge will be narrowing down your choices. We hope our top wedding dress trends list will help you narrow down the right choice for your wedding day.
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What Kind Of Pantyhose To Wear Under Wedding Dress?

If you have decided to join in holy marriage, you may have chosen an amazing wedding dress but you might be on the hunt for the appropriate pantyhose. Although the bride’s pantyhose is seen at first glance as something simple to choose, it certainly isn’t. Pantyhose is a must-have when it comes to the bridal outfit and there are many colors and designs to choose from. You can choose pantyhose with garters, applications, colors, textures, etc. We have written this piece to help you choose the perfect pantyhose under wedding dress for you. Why It Is Important to Wear Pantyhose There are many reasons why the bride needs to wear pantyhose, but these are the most important: They stylize your legs and figure in general so that you look flawless in your wedding dress. You can avoid rubbing your foot with the shoe; they will protect your skin during your big day. They are the perfect complement for you to wear with bridal lingerie as they will make you look very sexy. Many lingerie experts suggest that wearing pantyhose makes a big difference at the wedding; they look stylish, smooth, and cute. In order to feel comfortable wearing bridal pantyhose, you need to choose the correct size to avoid baggy pantyhose that can fall off later. Selecting pantyhose that are too tight, on the other hand, can make you feel uncomfortable. The Dos and Don’ts of What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress If you want to wear pantyhose under your wedding dress, you have to know a few things about what you can and cannot do. Choosing pantyhose for your wedding is essential because you can stylize your legs and figure, but before you dare to wear them, you must know what to do and what not to do. Choose pantyhose according to the color of the wedding dress. Both colors should go hand in hand smoothly. Choose pantyhose that fit your body perfectly; not too small or too big. You can choose pantyhose with special details, but make sure they don’t end up being a real nuisance. Don’t wear the pantyhose too high up on your legs; they won’t allow you to move freely. The perfect height is around the belly button. Don’t put them on before the dress as they can get damaged. The dress will protect them from undesired scratches. Tips for Choosing the Right Pantyhose for your Wedding There are many things to consider when choosing this amazing complement. Among the many types, garter pantyhose is a fun option and a perfect complement to bridal lingerie. When choosing them, make sure they have thick non-fixed garter belts to avoid leaving marks on your legs. You can combine the garter belt with traditional pantyhose to have freedom and sensuality at the same time. · Choose your pantyhose according to the season If your wedding is celebrated during fall or winter, thick pantyhose will give your legs aesthetics and warmth. If you plan to get married in summer, the ideal pantyhose under wedding dress is different because they must be thin so you don’t feel suffocated. At this time of year, you can also wear semi-sheer pantyhose that are not hot at all. · Choose your pantyhose according to your shoes If you wear closed shoes, without a doubt, basic pantyhose is the best option. In case you want to wear sandals, you will have to opt for transparent pantyhose. In order to avoid tripping or sliding, try them beforehand. The socks should fit snugly against the footwear and should not be slippery so that you can walk without problems. · The pantyhose should fit your figure You have to prioritize pantyhose that accentuate your figure. Combining them with a garter belt can also be a great option because the accessory gives you a sexy image. · Choose your favorite fabric Pantyhose can be made of lycra, microfiber, or nylon in some cases. You should choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable and sexy. · Choose the appropriate color Usually, transparent or white tones are the most popular when it comes to the bridal outfit. However, you can also choose ivory or beige tones. Everything you need to take into consideration is your dress color. Again, if you’re feeling too lazy to try on different pantyhose shades, you can choose the classic ones: transparent. After reading this article you’re probably ready to complete your bridal outfit with the ideal pantyhose for you. Whether they have textures, interesting designs, short or long style, or a special color, if you chose the ones that make you feel beautiful, then our mission is accomplished. Enjoy your celebration!  
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Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Casual Weddings 2021

Casual weddings are becoming more and more common these days in which the pandemic constantly changed all our plans during the past year. Many couples had to put off their weddings and then had to arrange them again with a short time notice. For these reasons, casual weddings are becoming trendy. If you plan to celebrate your wedding in a casual, relaxed way, then this guide about casual wedding dresses might be useful for you. Keep reading and make your choice! What Should and Shouldn’t Bridesmaids Wear for Casual Weddings The bridesmaid dress is very often a controversial dress to choose from since it obviously needs to be beautiful, but it cannot spark over the main dress: the wedding dress. For this reason, many brides and bridesmaids tend to have a hard time choosing the dress as the process takes time and a lot of effort. To save some of that time and effort, we’ve designed this humble list of what bridesmaids should wear and what they shouldn’t wear when choosing a casual bridesmaid dress. Take a look! · Bridesmaids should wear a comfortable dress: This is absolutely true for any type of wedding, and if we’re talking about a casual one, then better! Bridesmaids are supposed to be next to the bride, supporting and helping her with anything she might need. So how are they supposed to fill this role if the dresses are not comfortable? · Bridesmaids shouldn’t wear too many sparks: A little bit of shine is ok for a bridesmaid dress, but too much is simply too much. The bride always has to be taken into consideration and the bridesmaid dresses should be chosen accordingly. After all, no one wants to see a group of bridesmaids shining more than the bride herself. · Bridesmaids should wear a simple dress: If the wedding is casual, it’s always preferable that the bridesmaids wear a simple, minimalistic dress. Of course, this doesn’t mean they have to choose awful dresses. Sometimes, less means more. · Bridesmaids shouldn’t wear short dresses: If the wedding is casual then probably the dresses will be minimalistic. Choosing short bridesmaid dresses that are at a knee level or shorter could be too much informality for a wedding. How to Style your Look for a Casual Wedding If you are looking for beautiful ideas to style casual bridesmaid dresses for outdoor weddings or you simply want some tips for a regular casual wedding, these may be helpful! · Choose heels that are not so high: Especially if the wedding is taking place in a garden or the beach. The sand and the grass floors could be dangerous if you’re out there walking in super high heels. No one wants accidents at a wedding! · Choose light jewelry: Choose light jewelry provided that your bridesmaid dress is subtle and simple. You can add colorful necklaces and earrings. If the dress is quite impressive, just opt for subtle jewelry or simply none at all. · What about a hat? An outdoor wedding could mean a sunny area! Hats are always cute and decorative. Not only do they protect you from the sun but they also add a special, country style to your outfit. · Choose minimalist purse: If you’re going to take a purse with you, choose one that isn’t too big or too bright. Remember at a casual outdoor wedding, bridesmaids need to remain as subtle and simple as possible. · Light make-up is perfect: Choose light makeup whether the wedding takes place during the night or the day, after all, it’s a casual wedding! Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses for Casual Weddings Starting to feel the adrenaline of choosing your dress? This list of 5 bridesmaid dress ideas for casual weddings has been specially designed for you! 1. Elegant Spaghetti Strap Below-The-Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress This charming and elegant bridesmaid dress is made of exquisite chiffon and features delicate spaghettis traps, an asymmetrical pleated bodice that perfectly fits and embraces your bust area, and wide straps that are fastened around your waist to emphasize your beautiful curves. The flowy skirt adds a romantic special touch to the dress. If you want an elegant bridesmaid dress for a casual wedding, this is the perfect option for you! 2. Classic Double V-neckline Tulle Bridesmaid Dress This amazing dress is perfect for any casual weddings both outdoors and indoors. It features a double deep V-neckline with a ruched bodice that adds elegant detail. The maxi skirt is floor-long and it’s made of tulle, adding great volume! If you’re a bridesmaid at a casual wedding and you want to remain elegant and classy, this is the perfect dress for you! 3. Beautiful Short Bridesmaid Dress This incredibly beautiful short bridesmaid dress features an off-shoulder neckline, adjustable shoulder straps for extended comfort, ruffle sleeves, and a delicate applique for a special touch. The flowy skirt made of tulle adds lots of volume to the dress. 4. Stylish Asymmetrical Bridesmaid Dress The most stylish bridesmaid dress of all time, this asymmetrical dress will surely make a statement at the wedding. The midi dress features a ruched bodice for extra volume, a double v-neckline, and an asymmetrical skirt. Perfect for any type of wedding! 5. Minimalistic Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress This chiffon maxi dress has a minimalistic style, making it a perfect option for casual weddings. It’s sleeveless and it features a rucked bodice with a rucked belt around the waist to enhance your curves, a deep v-neckline both on the front and the back, and a floor-length skirt.
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10 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping (Updated in 2021)

Planning an elopement? Getting married is a beautiful thing to do as it means choosing your partner for a lifetime. Whereas some couples like to do it surrounded by their loved ones, some others prefer to do it alone in the privacy of having each other. If you are planning your elopement and are looking for a beautiful dress to wear during that special moment, then this guide will be absolutely useful for you! What is Eloping and Why Couples Do It Eloping basically means getting married without telling anybody, especially parents, other family members and friends. As taboo as it may sound, this practice is pretty common and couples even choose romantic destinations to visit and elope there. Some possible reasons why couples choose to elope are: · Because their parents disapprove of the union: This might sound a bit ancient, but it still happens to the present. When parents are not happy with the couple, they may choose to do it secretly. · Because of economic reasons: Celebrating a wedding with a reception and party can be cheap if you try hard, but in the end, it always requires money. Some couples decide not to get married when there’s no money at all, but some others put love first and decide to get married anyway. A great way to do it without spending a cent is by eloping. · Pregnancy: This might sound quite old-fashioned for some peoples, but it all depends on the culture. Sometimes, when a woman gets pregnant, the couple prefers to get married quickly and avoid any slow arrangements. As a result, they elope. · Adventure: Sometimes couples want to have an adventurous wedding in a romantic spot different from their city. Eloping is a great way of doing so! If you found enough reasons for eloping already and want to start looking for beautiful and practical eloping dress ideas that are absolutely affordable, keep on reading! 5 tips for choosing your elopement wedding dress Ready for eloping? Let’s take a look at these 5 tips for choosing eloping dresses for a wedding: · Consider the destination: Where is the wedding going to take place? The beach? A small church? Maybe Vegas? You need to adapt the dress to the place. If it’s the beach, probably a beach-looking wedding dress would be good. Vegas, on the contrary, might need a bit more glamour. · Comfort is a priority: Eloping is fun and informal! Choose a dress in which you are certain you will feel absolutely comfortable, whether it’s an off-shoulder dress, a knee-length one, etc. Whatever you choose will be perfect. Remember: no one will be there to criticize! · No need to spend too much: We all know wedding dresses are worn only once and sometimes it’s a pity to spend too much money on them. Well, eloping takes even less time as there are no formal reunions with family and friends, so unless you really want to spend a lot, remember you don’t need to do that! · Choose it with your partner: This is a bit untraditional, but eloping is too. If you can’t take your mom or best friend with you when choosing the dress, why not taking your partner? It might be fun and you can make sure he’ll love the dress. This is only for very bold brides! · Buy it online: Want to save even more? Then a great option is buying your dress online. Just make sure it’ll arrive on time! 10 Best Wedding Dress Styles for Eloping in 2021 If you are ready to choose your elopement wedding dress, take a look at this list of 10 beautiful dresses: 1. Elegant Fishtail Eloping Wedding Dress you’re looking for an elegant wedding dress that remains modern in its design, this beautiful dress is a great option. It features flutter sleeves, a deep V-neckline, a rhinestone belt that accentuates the waist, and a mermaid skirt. 2. Minimalist V-Neckline Eloping Wedding Dress This gorgeous A-line chiffon wedding dress features a delicate satin belt that embraces your waist, a pleating detail on the bust to add volume, a V-neckline, flutter sleeves and a floor-length skirt. A great option for eloping! 3. Informal Off-Shoulder Eloping Wedding Dress Planning a beach elopement? Take a look at this one! With an off-shoulder neckline, this beach wedding dress features an elegant empire waist and an elastic band at the back with a sexy high split. 4. Romantic A-Line Eloping Wedding Dress This absolutely romantic wedding dress features a round neck and see-through short puff sleeves, a sexy pattern that repeats in the legs area, making it even sexier. This one is also perfect for the beach or any other informal occasion! 5. Classic Lacy Eloping Wedding Dress Elegant by itself, this beautiful wedding dress features a deep V-neckline both at the front and at the back, short, ruffle sleeves and an A-line style. All made from lace, a soft layer of tulle covers it completely for a mysterious look. 6. Glamorous Fluffy Eloping Wedding Dress If you want your dress to have glamour all over it, this is a great idea. It features a high-low skirt and a sexy, deep V-neckline. The ruffle sleeves and the fluffy tulle add volume and drama. 7. Modern High-Low Eloping Wedding Dress Similar to the previous one, but simpler. The high-low skirt and the ruffle short sleeves make this dress absolutely modern. The tulle material adds enough volume for you to feel like a wedding princess. 8. Creative Eloping Wedding Dress with Colorful Belt You can have a wedding dress that’s out of normal, and this is it. It features a strapless neckline with a sweetheart shape, a fishtail skirt and the most creative detail: a colorful belt that not only embraces your waist but also adds fun to the dress! 9. Romantic Lacey Eloping Wedding Dress If you want to look absolutely gorgeous on your elopement, this dress will do the task. It features long lacey sleeves combines with tulle, a lacey bust area with a V-neckline and a huge, tulle skirt which adds beautiful volume. 10. Elegant Short Eloping Wedding Dress Looking for something different and relaxed? This mini dress allows you to have a classic look. It features short sleeves and a beautiful golden rhinestone belt that accentuates your figure.    
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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress: Dos & Don'ts List For Wedding Dress Shopping

This article rounded up the list of dos and don’ts about how to prepare before wedding dress shopping.
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How to Choose the Right White Wedding Dresses in 2024

Most brides start browsing through wedding dresses far before even having a boyfriend or being engaged. On the other hand, there are those who start searching for the perfect white wedding dress when their future mothers-in-law give them a hard time. Whatever situation you feel more identified with, by now you probably know that finding a perfect wedding dress is no child’s play. The good news is, we have got you covered. Regardless of your personality, preferences, budget, and timeline, we assure you by the end of this article you will have a clearer image of how you will look on your most special day. Factors to Consider When Choosing the Dress Of course, you will have to go through a couple of white dresses for women – or more than a couple – to find the one that will go best with you as a bride. However, we can save some of your time and energy by laying down the important factors which you may want to consider while choosing your perfect wedding dress. · Try the Unexpected: While you may think that you know best about your wedding and what will look good on you – you shall trust your stylist now and then. Some of us go to the store with a rigid expectation of what we want and hardly try something that does not fit into that expectation. Well, if you try different, unique, or even unconventional wedding dresses, you may walk out of that store with something completely unexpected yet the best. · Consider the Wedding Venue and Theme: Before deciding which wedding dress is “the one”, you must know where you will be wearing that wedding dress, under which weather, and within what circumstances. Will it be an elegant black-tie wedding or a more boho-chic theme? To bring your whole day together and matching it with your dream wedding, it is important to coordinate all these factors with your wedding dress. · Choose the Style: No, it is not simply about choosing between wearing a garter or not. By style, we mean everything that defines you. You can go for the most comfortable fabric, or for the most exquisite design, or a budget-friendly white wedding dress. It will all come together when you pair it with your kind of accessories and authenticity. Styling Your Wedding Dress Selecting your wedding dress based on the factors given above was just one milestone of many more. Figuring out how to style your wedding dress is what makes it stand out. With the perfect styling, even a casual white wedding dress can strike as a premium, fancy wedding dress. By following these steps, you’ll be perfectly able to style your wedding dress in the most beautiful way possible. · Go with The Flow: Your hair and accessories play quite an important role in your overall bridal style. But these two should be in alignment with the flow of your dress. A hairstyle that will look good with an A-line silhouette wedding dress may not pair up well with the mermaid style. Be consistent. · Top it All the Way: For some brides, the veil is one of the most iconic parts of the entire wedding dress. From floor-length to flirty birdcages, there is a veil for all personalities and brides. However, if you want to go the other way, accessorizing your hair with a flower crown – or even a real crown – is something you might want to give a shot to. · Be yourself: Along with these tips, what’s a must is that the entire attire goes with who you truly are. Do you want to wear comfy sports shoes to go with your pretty white wedding dress? You can easily give it a kick it requires. Beautiful Wedding Dress Ideas in 2024 The year 2024 has surely arrived with a wave of change like never before. Bridal dresses and styles are no exceptions to it. For you, we have got a scoop of the most trending and minimalistic wedding dresses in 2024. 1. Subtle Maxi Fishtail Wedding Dress For the brides inclined towards a wedding dress that would highlight the body shape in an elegant but not-too-obvious way, this dress could just be the perfect match. With a hint of flirt through the V-neck and a rhinestone hugging your waist, this wedding dress goes best with an elegant theme wedding. 2. Double V-Neck Sleeveless Wedding Dress Wearing a wedding dress does not mean you cannot get one that is comfortable and a bit playful at the same time. While the embroidered lace on this simple wedding dress gives it a more wholesome look, its floor-length and V-neck make the statement that only the rarest of the rare can. 3. Sexy Maxi Mermaid Wedding Dress This wedding dress is a perfect example that shows how a dress can be both sexy and comfortable. The high split does most of the work, and the flowy look from the sleeves style does the rest. With this body-hugging white wedding dress, you can enjoy your day to the fullest while looking quite literally like a fun-fairy. 4. Beautiful A-Line Casual Wedding Dress If you are feeling most confident on your own and happy to tie the knot with your spouse, this dress says it out for you. With the combination of short-sleeves and see-through fabric, one can never be mistaken as a run-on-the-mill bride. 5. Elegant Deep V-Neck Lace & Tulle Wedding Dress you are planning multiple ceremonies for your wedding with different groups of people, and cannot decide which dress would go for all, this is your answer. With the A-line silhouette and deep V-Neck, this simple wedding dress shows how less is more.
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6 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding 2020

There’s something just so beautiful about winter weddings – from crisp temperatures and gorgeous color schemes to festive entertainment, the season has a lot to offer. Weddings are not only a summer and spring affair. Today, many people are choosing to tie the knot in what was earlier considered an off-season for getting hitched – and why shouldn’t they? The nights may be darker, yet the glitters are brighter, ambiance merrier, plus the entire day is filled with romance. Also, the earlier sunsets, along with the golden hour wedding photos will further convince you! If you are considering a winter wedding, we have rounded up some essential tips that will ensure your special day is the most stress-free and smooth running. Winter Wedding Becomes Popular in 2020 Amid the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, new measures surrounding isolation and social distancing for the vulnerable and elderly have indicated that couples have been compelled to revise their invitation list for their weddings. Consequently, several couples have either postponed or canceled their weddings this spring and are opting for a winter wedding. Whether you had already planned your big day during winter or you had to postpone it because of the COVID-19 situation, winter is such a lovely time of the year to tie the knot. From the invitations to the venue, to all the tiniest of details in between, the season has plenty of amazing ideas to inspire your wedding day nuptials. The months from May till September were earlier considered as the peak of wedding season, but today winter weddings are on-trend for the following reasons. Guests: One of the main reasons people prefer weddings during winter, especially around Christmas, is that all of the family can come together and not many people are away for a holiday. Therefore relatives can easily come together, particularly for weddings. Wedding dress: Brides can go for something super chic for keeping themselves warm like ball gowns, long-sleeve dresses, and even big heavier dresses. They can also pair them with stylish accessories like a stylish fur wrap, a soft bolero, or an elegant silk velvet drape. The same can be picked for the bridesmaids as well. Wondering where to get wedding and bridesmaid dresses at this moment? Check ever-pretty.com, you will find the most beautiful high quality dresses at affordable prices. Don’t worry about your location, they ship worldwide! The snow element: When executed rightly, the cold temperature and snow can include a personality and character into the wedding. For this reason, many couples go for an outdoor winter wedding, and the romantic atmosphere of snowy sceneries or any snow-covered setting offers a gorgeous option to the regular beach, countryside, or garden scenery of a summer or spring wedding. Ideal time for serving comfort food: Winter weddings give the choice to serve flavorful comfort food. Warm treats, which feel especially delightful on a cold and snowy night such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cake, and steak can be served to the guests. 6 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding 2020 Winter weddings are swiftly reaching the summer season as the most preferred time of tying the knot. If you are planning your special day this winter, you can completely personalize your cold-weather nuptials for perfectly representing you. You do not have to stay restricted to a clichéd theme. For easing your process, we will provide you some tips for planning a winter wedding that will truly inspire your wedding nuptials. 1. Keep your guests warm: If you are considering a wedding in an outdoor setting, make an effort to keep your guests warm. A hot drink such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate on the arrival of your guests is a simple and nice idea. You can place cozy blankets in a basket on both sides of the aisle so that your guests can easily grab them while settling down. Or you can also add a charming touch by draping them over the chairs. 2. Wedding outfits: Winter weddings bring with them an ideal opportunity for wearing glamorous long-sleeved bridal dresses in heavy, luxurious fabrics along with accessorizing with shawls, veils, capes, or faux fur stoles. As far as bridesmaid dresses are concerned, you cannot get more festive than your girl gang in glitter. Dress your bridesmaids in sequin, sparkling gowns in holiday-inspired colors like green or red, or you can even add wintry cover-ups for keeping them warm. For the groom and groomsmen, velvet blazers work perfectly. The fabric is thick that and keep them warm, plus it is completely on-trend. 3. Follow the daylight: During winters the sun sets early. While organizing your special day, you have to ensure that the time of your photography, ceremony, and wedding party is on the highest priority on your checklist. Plan your outdoor photoshoot strategically while building your timeline of wedding photos around the daylight. 4. Winter wedding color scheme: When it comes to decoration, warm tones of burgundy, berry red, gold, and black make for the December wedding colors. Plan your wedding décor, keeping these rich colors in mind. You can also add more wintry romance by using loads of natural greenery. 5. Wedding decorations: The light cannot always work in your favor during the chilly months. Incorporate outdoor and indoor lightings in your wedding décor like candles, lanterns, pillar candles, and fairy lights for avoiding a gloomy setting. The different lights will help in creating a warm and cozy welcoming glow in the venue. 6. Winter wedding food: Dainty canapés make a lovely starter, but when it is cold and snowy outside, guests prefer comfort food like delicious cheese fondue, a roasted beef joint with seasonal vegetables for the main. Similarly, for dessert, a sticky toffee pudding will simply make your guests happy. You can also check out other articles if you are interested by clicking here: How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Dress | Dos & Don’ts Top 10 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses to Get You Through the Season How to Plan a Christmas Wedding: Steps and Ideas What to Do With Your Old Wedding Dress
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How to Plan a Christmas Wedding: Steps and Ideas

Christmas is a magical moment of the year, and this 2020 will have a huge impact and meaning in our lives after all we’ve been through with the COVID-19. The great opportunity to meet our loved ones at a huge dinner or lunch is coming. If you were planning to get married earlier this year and couldn’t or even if you’ve just made the decision, why not choosing Christmas as the perfect moment? As perfect as the Christmas season is, having your wedding during those days will only make it more beautiful than it already is! Picture this: the surrounding cold weather, the bright Christmas colors, the bliss in the air…Did we convince you? Keep reading some good reasons for having your wedding next Christmas and then, let’s plan! Why you Should Consider a Christmas Wedding in 2020 If you need reasons to consider celebrating your wedding next Christmas season, here’s a huge list for you to check. We warn you, you’ll be totally convinced after reading it so get ready to start the wedding plans! The weather: if you’re not a summer person at all and the hot weather makes you feel annoyed, then the cold weather during the Christmas season will be your best friend. You can choose a warm, maybe long-sleeved dress and that’s it! You won’t have to worry about feeling cold. The atmosphere: you know that classic feeling of bliss that surrounds the Christmas season, right? Everyone is happy and excited about the end of the year (especially this particular year!) and look forward to celebrating with their loved ones. Having your wedding during this season will only feed this feeling. The memories and the anniversary: if you celebrate your wedding during Christmas, all the Christmas seasons to come in the future will bring you a new anniversary, full of joy and sweet memories of your wedding. The colors: aren’t the Christmas colors the most beautiful colors on earth? Red, green, gold, silver…You can decorate your wedding venue with these bright colors to revive the season, there are many Christmas wedding ideas out there to decorate! Your guests: if you don’t live in your hometown anymore, you’ll probably want to celebrate your wedding there, where all your friends and family are. If you do it during the Christmas season, you’ll make sure everyone is at home and therefore available to attend your wedding. 5 Steps to Plan a Christmas Wedding and Beautiful Ideas A Christmas themed wedding is a perfect option, after all, we’ve been through this year, you’re still planning to get married this 2020. Winter wedding decorations are among the most beautiful on earth and you can totally achieve a perfect party with just a few steps. Read through and get ready to start planning! 1. Choose the venue. This is highly important! The end of the year means parties, cocktails, reunions, and so on. This means people book venues to celebrate and you need to make sure there’s availability for your wedding. After you’ve chosen the venue, the most exciting part comes with the decoration! Here are some ideas: You can arrange a beautiful white Christmas tree on a corner, surrounded by white lights. Choose centerpieces full of red, green, and gold. 2. Choose your dress. After you’ve booked the venue and dealt with the guest’s list, food, and so on, the moment for the dress comes. You don’t want to be cold during your wedding, so a winter wedding will perfectly suit you. Take a look at these beautiful ideas: A sexy wedding dress with a delicate cape that will cover your shoulders and back is a great option. If the cape is not your style, you can go classic: long sleeves to feel comfy and warm If you don’t want to wear a dress that has a cape or long sleeves, another creative option is to add a coat that you can wear while outside and then remove once inside. 3. The cake: it’s winter, and choosing a Christmas themed wedding cake will allow you to play with the decoration. You can choose whatever you prefer in bright, beautiful colors. Take a look at these gorgeous cakes: A simple cake with mistletoes and pinecones décor will shout CHRISTMAS from the rooftop! A naked cake with some small details of dry leaves and golden pinecones is another beautiful option 4. Send invitations! Once everything is settled, you can start designing your wedding invitations. You can make them of paper or you can also send virtual invitations. Take a look at these ideas: Green and gold are the perfect colors for a subtle invitation. Take a look at this beautiful design If you want a brighter option, then red or burgundy is for you 5. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids! Remember they will also need to go for a dress hunt and they’ll need time, so let them know in advance. There are several bridesmaid dress options out there, and a Christmas themed bridesmaid dress will absolutely cheer your party up! This stunning green dress with long sleeves can be the perfect option for your team! Long-sleeved, red, and with sparks, there’s nothing that can represent Christmas better than this Christmas bridesmaid dress! Alright, after reading this complete guide you’re probably starting to think about your coming Christmas wedding this 2020. Following these steps and tips, you’ll make sure everything’s ready when the day comes! Cheers! You can also check out other articles about fashion tips and trends by clicking here: What to Do With Your Old Wedding Dress How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day Complete Guide to Minimalist Wedding Dresses for a Fall Wedding How to Plan a Backyard Wedding on a Budget Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox! By M. Guillermina Bagilet
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What to Do With Your Old Wedding Dress

There are two types of women when it comes to getting married: those who want the most beautiful and expensive dress they can find, and those who are aware that they are going to wear it only once and thus don’t want to spend too much on it. Whatever classification fits you, let me give you the good news: you can always give it another use after the big day. Whether you got married or you are about to do it, this article will be very useful. Forget about leaving your wedding dress abandoned in your closet or a box after the big day: there are many things you can do with it! So if you’re looking to give the dress a second life or even if you are willing to get rid of it, this article will guide you towards your objective. You Once-Adored Wedding Dress, Now a Monster in Your Closet It’s pretty common that, when choosing and buying your wedding dress, you felt absolutely in love with it and after wearing it on that special night, you just put it inside the closet and forgot about it, becoming a hunting monster every time you open the closet. Also, you probably feel guilty about having it there, getting older and older, and risking stains on it. Or maybe, you just feel bad about the idea of getting rid of it. Well, the truth is, you are not going to wear your old wedding dress again, at least not exactly as it was originally, so forget about keeping it and start thinking of possible uses you can give to it, or simply selling it so that another woman can fall in love with it as you did. In the following section, we will introduce you to a list of different ideas of what to do with your dress. Are you ready? Keep reading. 10 Thing You Can Do With Your Old Wedding Dresses Here’s a list of different, creative things you can do things can do with your old wedding dress, so there’s no need to panic about what the dress’s destiny will be. This list will absolutely give you a solution, where it is by getting rid of it or reusing your wedding dress in many possible ways. 1. Recycle it Don’t want to get rid of your dress? Want to keep wearing it? This is the best option for you. Give your old wedding dress a fresh style and keep wearing it! You can cut it to make it a knee-length summer dress, you can transform its leaves into spaghetti straps and have a beautiful beach dress and you can even remove any details if you feel it’s too much. White parties are becoming very trendy, so why not using your old friend? 2. Dye it This idea applies only if your dress has a simple, subtle style. If that’s the case, you can always dye it with your favorite color and wear it on another occasion such as cocktail parties, a formal lunch, or, why not, a friend’s wedding! When dying, make sure you do it with some knowledge or could ruin it. This wedding-themed site could be useful. 3. Make it your anniversary outfit If you feel bad when you think of modifying the dress or getting rid of it, then this is your best option. Reviving your wedding day by putting on the dress could be a romantic way of bringing it all back to your memory and will also let your partner know you love them. 4. Throw a wedding dress party This one may sound crazy but, why not? It will indeed be lots of fun! Get your friends together and tell them to grab their old wedding dresses and put them on for your big, crazy wedding dress party. Dare to awaken all those wedding parties in just one! 5. Donate it A beautiful way to give your dress a second life is by donating to a bride in need. Having a beautiful dress for the wedding is every girl’s dream, but unfortunately, not all of them can afford it. Brides Across America is a non-profit organization that gifts these dresses to people who truly deserve it. 6. Sell it A classic and what probably most women do. If you could use some extra money, try this option is perfect. Check preownedweddingdresses.com, where for a small fee you can easily sell it! 7. Rent it If you don’t want to get rid of your old wedding dress, another way of making some profit out of your dress is by renting it instead of selling it. In this way, you can keep receiving cash in exchange for a one-night rent. 8. Trash your dress This option is only for those wild, bold women who want to do something crazy with their dresses. These days, it’s becoming more and more trendy to trash your wedding dress after using it at your wedding. Go for a “trash your dress” photoshoot and enjoy being covered in colored chalk. You can even ask your husband to join you! 9. Use its fabrics If you love the fabrics you chose for your dress, why not using them for something else? For example, you can make a beautiful, delicate shirt you can wear on a summer day or at a birthday party. Depending on your dress’ style, there is plenty of things you can do with its fabrics, you just need to look for some inspiration on the internet. 10. Keep it for your daughter If you have a daughter, you may want to keep it safe and neat. When she grows older and decides to get married, you can tell her you have a dress option for her. It would be lovely to see your child wearing that dress with the same excitement you did many years ago. And if not your daughter, why not your granddaughter? You can also check out other articles if you are interested by clicking here: Complete Guide to Minimalist Wedding Dresses for a Fall Wedding How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day How to Plan a Fall Wedding on a Budget – 5 Fantastic Ideas You Need to Know 5 Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas You’ll Love Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox! By M. Guillermina Bagilet