Ultimate Guide for Curvy Ladies: 10 Affordable Wedding Dresses

Weddings are occasions on which you want to look your best, and having the best wedding dress takes a step closer to having the perfect wedding. However, shopping for a wedding dress that is within your budget and fits your liking is not an easy task. This is even harder when you’re not the standard model size.

This article will guide you through the perfect plus-size wedding dress. Even if you can’t have the most amazing wedding dress, you can at least have the one that compliments your curves, leaving guests in love with them.

If you find it helpful, continue reading and share it with all the plus-size women in your circle to help them find their ultimate bump-friendly wedding dress.


Tips for Curvy Ladies to Shop Their Own Dream Wedding Dress

If you’re getting married soon (or later), you’ve undoubtedly already scrolled the internet looking for inspiration, most of which were probably on standard-size models. Here’s a list of things to consider when shopping for your dream wedding dress.

  • Don’t be afraid to show off your curves: if you believe diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you can surely believe curves are too. Covering them will only hide your figure, leaving you with an unflattering silhouette.

  • Look for wedding dresses with flattering necklines and waistlines: you may be inclined to opt for a high neckline and loosely fitted waistlines, but showing off your waist and chest can create a more confident look. High necklines bring more attention to the chest area, and unless that is the goal, be sure to avoid them.

  • Choose a dress that is comfortable and fits well: a mistake you should always try to avoid when choosing a dress is going for the dress that only compliments your looks but doesn’t allow you to breathe. It’s okay to wear a dress that you feel comfortable in and fits well.

  • Look for fabrics that drape well and won’t cling to every curve: A dress that hugs every curve may look like it’s doing your figure a favor, but it tends to turn your shape into an uncomplimentary one. Having a dress that falls gracefully on your body is what you need to elevate to accentuate your beautiful figure.

  • Consider a shorter dress if you’re not comfortable with showing too much skin: shorter dresses are the safest option for all sizes and shapes but especially for curvy women. A shorter dress can be paired with a higher neckline and still give a perfect balance. Remember, the goal is not to look like you want to take off the dress as soon as you wear it but to feel good about the dress you chose.

  • Don’t forget accessories! A veil, tiara, or necklace can really add something special to your look: accessories are the unsung heroes of our closet. Accessories are perfect for finishing any outfit, and a wedding dress is one of them. So, if you don’t feel confident enough in your dress alone, add a little spark with a classic veil, tiara or shiny necklace.

  • Have realistic expectations – don’t expect to look like a model bride: one way to never be disappointed is to not lay your expectations too high. A wedding dress will rarely look the same on you as on a model. Nevertheless, you go out there with your head held high and served with confidence. Having the perfect wedding dress is one thing, but feeling confident and sexy is all on you.

  • Avoid busy patterns or too much embellishment – you want to look like a bride, not a Christmas tree! Keep your wedding dress exciting but not too intrusive. Creating the perfect balance when choosing a shape and embellishments is the goal. Balance in your wedding dress can mean an asymmetric neckline with just the right amount of flare in your dress or an off-shoulder long sleeve with a sequined underbust.

  • Shop around – there are many different styles of wedding dresses to choose from: giving up after your first store is simply not an option. Chances are that you find your dream wedding dress in the last store- you hesitated to shop in but still visited. There may not be many stores to choose from when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress for your curvy body, even though more designers are including women of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of this, you should …

  • Don’t forget to have fun shopping for your wedding dress! Sure, the wedding dress will be memorable. Still, you’ll mostly be grateful for the time and effort you put into finding that special dress. So, enjoy the journey because some of us only get one chance to shop for wedding dresses.


10 Adorable and Affordable Wedding Dresses

To help you bring into perspective what the best choices are when choosing wedding dresses for plus-size women, here are some ideas for stunning and affordable wedding dresses.


1. Plus-Size Fern Leaf Cold Shoulder Wedding Dress: this is the perfect example of a neckline and waistline that compliments the body. It perfectly accentuates the chest and brings out the best shape of the waist.


2. Plus Size Boho Chic Cold Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Wedding Dress: you may not have believed spaghetti straps could work until you saw this picture. With the perfectly detailed pattern and off-shoulder tulle sleeve, this dress can be the perfect option if you still want to show some skin.


3. Plus Size Sleeveless V-Neck Tulle Simple Wedding Dress: this gorgeous deep V-neck with a floral pattern is perfect for a formal occasion.


4. Plus Size Sheer Floral Puffed Sleeve Sweetheart A-Line Wedding Dress: this sweetheart A-line neck features a long puffed sleeve with floral applique. This floor-length wedding dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding.


5. Plus Size Lace Bell-Sleeve Long Simple Wedding Dress: V-neck, cinched waist with a perfect basket weave pattern…what more could you look for in a wedding dress. This elegant dress gives off vintage vibes and is ideal for women with an A-line silhouette.


6. Plus-size Sheer Bodice Long Sleeves Casual Wedding Dress: this elegant sheer look with floral embroidery compliments all shapes and sizes. The floor-length makes it perfect for indoor bridal events.


7. Plus Size Sleeveless Floral Applique A-Line Wedding Dress: Want casual but stylish? This square neckline with floral applique is a choice that will never get old.


8. Plus Size Capped Sleeve A-Line Lace Wedding Dress: if you are looking for a lace capped sleeve with the perfect square neckline, this dress is ideal for you.


9. Plus Size Off-Shoulder Vintage Lace A-Line Wedding Dress: this off-shoulder dress with a stunning floral applique gives the most elegant vibe. Finished off with a cinched waist on an A-line silhouette.


10. Plus Size Deep V-Neck Bodycon Mermaid Wedding Dress: this figure-hugging mermaid dress creates the perfect sophisticated casual look. Completed with a sleeveless top and deep v-neckline makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor bridal events.



Finding a sophisticated yet elegant wedding dress for your curvy figure can be exhausting. But it all gets better once you know what to pay attention to when shopping for your bridal wear. Stop looking to standard-size models for inspiration and go look for wedding dresses that compliment your figure and bring out the best of it.

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