Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2024

2024 will be filled with the best wedding dress trends ever. There are lots of wedding dress options. Many brides find it difficult to pick the most suitable. Some brides choose to go for the regular wedding gown, but others are looking to spice up the style and design of their wedding dresses.


Hence, celebrity weddings have been a top trend since brides always opt for a creative design to look unique and stunning. We’ve come across weddings with the simplest wedding dresses to weddings with the most amazing red carpet-worthy wedding dresses over the past few years. If you are a potential bride in search of something unique, there are a lot of classic examples you can get from celebrity weddings. This article will give you a comprehensive look at our top favorites.

Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses For Inspiration

Getting to know some of the best celebrity dresses could make you creative when planning a unique wedding dress for your day. Here are our best celebrity wedding dresses for inspiration.

Ariana Grande Wedding Dress

Grammy Award-winning artist Ariana Grande took to Instagram to give her loyal fans a sneak peek into her wedding with real estate mogul Dalton Gomez. Several photos of her wedding were up for display, and one of the most catchy aspects of these photos was the Ariana Grande Wedding Dress. The wedding dress was custom-made by Vera Wang.

The wedding dress was a silk strapless dress with a sculpted neckline and an empire waist. To spice up the wedding dress look, Arian Grande also included a handmade veil reaching her shoulder and a pair of diamond earrings to give her a stunning look.

Hailey Bieber Wedding Dress

Hailey Bieber is an American model who got married to Canadian music megastar Justin Bieber in South Carolina. Hailey Bieber wedding dresses are not common because they were created explicitly for what Hailey Bieber envisioned. However, Hailey Bieber wore one of the best wedding dresses ever made on her wedding day. Virgil Abloh designed the dress for Off-white. The wedding dress was an off-the-shoulder white-off wedding dress with lace embroidering. It took ten designers to work on the wedding dress and another 10 to work on the veil. Overall, the wedding dress happened to be one of the best made traditional long-sleeved lace wedding dresses. In addition, the wedding dress happened to be one of the best wedding dresses best suited for a youthful look.

Paris Hilton Wedding Dress

Media personality and Entrepreneur Paris Hilton had one of the most Fascinating wedding weekends in history as she got married to her heartthrob Carter Reum. Paris Hilton Wedding Dresses were astonishing. Yes, you heard me right, “wedding dresses.” However, the fascinating aspect of Paris Hilton’s wedding was that she said yes to 6 different wedding outfits.

Amongst the 6 different outfits she wore, 3 of them were wedding-worthy outfits and our top pick. The first outfit she wore at her wedding was a couture design that had a flower embroidering. Fast forward to her first dance with the groom. She wore an off-the-shoulder wedding-styled outfit like those worn by princesses in a fairytale. She donned a sparkling crown to the outfit to complete her transition to an actual princess. A short off-shoulder outfit was next on the list with a floral embroidered gown.

Lady Kitty Spencer Wedding Dresses

Wearing different wedding outfits has become one of the most exciting trends in recent weddings. Top British model and aristocrat Lady Kitty Spencer married her spouse Michael Lewis in different wedding outfits. Lady Kitty Spencer’s Wedding Dresses are some of the most popular due to their unique designs. The main wedding saw lady Kitty Spencer wear a long-sleeved lace wedding gown with a high neck. A custom Victoria gown with puffed shoulders, busty midsection, and a flower-inspired full skirt.

Next on the list was the baby blue tulle outfit. This outfit came with a pink floral design and a long tulle cape. The dress was a fascinating silk wedding gown with a crystal-like floral design. Fast forward to the last wedding dress that happened to be one of the best creatively designed wedding dresses. This wedding dress was an ivory silver and gold beaded lace dress. Lady Kitty Spencer’s wedding day had some of the best wedding outfits that many brides will surely put on their wish list.

Top Wedding Dress Designs

After looking at some of our favorite celebrity wedding dresses, let’s take a comprehensive look at the top wedding dress designs for brides in 2024.

  • Lace Wedding Dresses

When it comes to one of the ideal fabrics for a wedding gown, lace is one of them. One of the reasons why lace is one of the unique materials for a wedding gown is the romantic feel it gives a wedding dress. It is also a timeless material. Lace wedding dresses are elegant and versatile, leaving a lasting memory for any bride. There are a variety of lace wedding dresses to choose from, depending on your preference. But this fabric can produce beautiful long sleeve wedding gowns and sexy wedding gowns that will grip your body to display your body features.

  • Satin Wedding Dresses

For brides who want to have a fairytale princess look at their weddings, satin is just the suitable material to make this happen. The exciting fact about satin wedding dresses is that they are beautiful and they leave a sheen that makes them very attractive to the eyes. In addition, the smoothness of satin is impressive, and we assure you it’s not going to hold onto any adornment that the bride will be wearing.

You can choose from different color variants when you plan on going for the satin wedding dress option. If you are planning an elegant and elaborate wedding ceremony, using satin will be an ideal material for your wedding dress because they are timeless and elegant. Interestingly, you can also style them easily into any style you want. The goal is for the bride to feel comfortable in her wedding outfit, and that’s something satin wedding dresses can provide for you.

  • Short Wedding Dresses

The popular wedding dress favorite for brides today is the long wedding dress. Despite long wedding dresses being a top choice amongst brides, many brides think otherwise and opt for short wedding dresses Instead. There are various reasons why short wedding dresses are preferred for most brides. One undeniable fact about short wedding dresses is that they are comfier than long ones.

Brides who intend to go for a budget-friendly option can also choose short wedding gowns as they are less expensive than long wedding gowns. In addition, short wedding dresses also excel in the area of versatility. So even after your wedding ceremony, you could still wear your short wedding outfit to other occasions, unlike the long wedding dress outfit that will be strictly used for a bride. So you can see that having a short wedding dress could also serve you in the long run.

  • Strapless Wedding Dress

Some brides look more comfortable in strapless Wedding Dresses. This wedding dress type is the preferred choice for brides who want to show off the upper part of their body. In addition, strapless wedding dresses are more budget-friendly than traditional ones.

So you can opt for the strapless option of a wedding dress if you would like to spend less on your wedding outfit. One of the reasons why strapless wedding outfits are popular is because they come in various designs, styles, and colors. Are you looking for a flowing A-line option or a fitted mermaid design? You can find all these styles available in strapless wedding dress options. Always have it in mind that if you have this option in mind, you’ll get a style that suits you perfectly.

  • Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Ball gown wedding dresses are some of the most traditional wedding dresses you’ll ever encounter. When a bride wears the Ballgown as a wedding dress, it gives her a classic enchanting look. The ball gown wedding dress comes in different styles depending on the bride’s body shape. For example, a straight bride could opt for a full skirt option. However, there’s always an impression that the bride has got wide hips when wearing it. This wedding dress is shaped like a bell with a tight bodice. If you would like a traditional fairytale wedding, this wedding dress will be an ideal choice.


Final Thoughts

There are many wedding gown trends available, as shown in this article. They’ll be options made available for your wedding day, but you should go for an option that looks perfect on you. So whatever your style, there’s sure to be a wedding dress trend that’s perfect for you. With so many options on the horizon, the only challenge will be narrowing down your choices. We hope our top wedding dress trends list will help you narrow down the right choice for your wedding day.

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