Empire Waist Dress Ultimate Guide: Updated in 2021

In a constantly changing world, with fashion as an integral part of our lives, there is always something new to look out for, from trending styles to fabrics and how to pair different materials. If you are one of those people who love something classy, regal, yet very flattering on your body, then you will find this article quite valuable. There are several empire waist dresses that complement your kind of shape. Whether pear, straight or curvy. With its unique styling, you are sure to make a statement when you step into any occasion. This dress is such that you can wear it no matter the occasion, or the kind of body you have. It almost always fits every body type, you just have to pick the right fabric and styling for your own unique figure. What is an Empire Waist Dress? An empire waist dress, also called an empire silhouette or empire waist line dress, is a style of clothing in which the dress has a fitted bodice which ends below the bust, and gives it a high-waisted appearance. It flows down as a gathered skirt which is long and loosely fitting. A simple empire waist dress will elongate the wearers frame as they are particularly great for petite women or plus-size women who would want to give some attention from the waist to their bust. The History of Empire Waist Dress This unique style actually started as part of the Neoclassical fashion. It was poised to reviving styles from the Greco-Roman art which portrayed women wearing loose fitting rectangular tunics, also called peplos. The empire line dress came into fashion in western and central Europe towards the end of the 18th century, most regions also followed this trend with raised waistlines as French styles. It was often worn in white to connote a high social status. Nowadays, this dress style is widely chosen among brides for their wedding day. How to Wear an Empire Style Dress When you plan to wear a women empire waist dress, there are quite a number of things to put in mind. These guidelines will help you wear this style of clothing better, and make you appear in it as though it was a custom made one. · Do away with billowy fabrics When choosing a fitting empire waist dress or blouse, you must keep in mind avoiding billowing and gathering fabrics. Having a pleating under your waistline can make the dress appear with extra pounds in the tummy area. Also, billowing fabrics will tend to hide your shape. Rather than this kind of fabrics, look out for a more body-hugging fabric. · Check out an A-line or sheath dress: When you wear an empire waist dress, your best cut will be an A-line or a sheath. Any of them you choose will highlight your narrowest point while also bringing out your curves instead of hiding them completely. You can also choose maxi dresses as they look great with empire waist but get the one that skims your lower body. Make sure to avoid baby-doll dress styles. · Do less voluminous bottoms: If you will be wearing an empire-waist top, make sure you avoid bottoms that will increase the volume of the dress, such wide looking trousers or A-line skirts. Actually, separating the two styles does not work well with pairing. You can rather go for slim styles like skinny or straight-leg pants. · Take on deep necklines: Flattering necklines such as deep scoop, sweethearts and V-necklines look great when paired with an empire-waist top or dress. They add length to your natural neckline, which makes your body seem longer and slimmer. · Where to Buy Empire Waist Dress Online There are several platforms where you can get empire dresses online and at great prices too. Some of these platforms include; Amazon, Overstock, Nordstrom, Flip Kart, Kohl, and Lime Road. Most of these online shops have good discounts on their dresses, so you could check which one works for you. At www.ever-pretty.com, you’ll be able to find high-quality dresses at great prices, shipping almost everywhere! Top 5 Empire Waist Dresses for You In this section, we will outline some of the beautiful empire waist dresses you can get for your various occasions. Ranging from proms, weddings, meetings, graduations to just any official or casual gathering. Take a look! 1. Long empire waist evening dress with short flutter sleeve With a flattering V-neckline, this beautiful evening dress features flutter sleeves with a subtle high low hemline. You will appear dashing in it for cocktails, prom, weddings, graduations or any formal outing. 2. Sleeveless-high collar long A-line dress This beautiful sequin-upper empire waist dress will flatter your appearance from a wedding to a prom or cocktail. It has a high neckline and lace bust which will look so good in an evening affair. 3. Plain pleated chiffon empire waist dress A wedding dress inspiration which features an empire waist and delicate lace cap sleeve. This is simple and modest, yet very flattering with a flowing A-line chiffon skirt. 4. Sleeveless V-neck semi-formal chiffon maxi empire waist dress With its plain empire waist chiffon, it makes a bridesmaid look perfect for a wedding reception. It features a deep V-neck, with unpadded undergarments, and lining. A combination you can’t resist! 5. Off shoulder with ruffle sleeves empire waist dress This great empire waist dress features an off-shoulder neckline and flutter sleeve with a belt design, accompanied by wide shoulder straps. Ideal for evening party, prom, graduations or any other formal affairs.

Love & Expression: Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas During the Coronavirus

This coming June 21st will be a very special date: father’s day. You’re probably used to reading articles about mother’s day and how to choose the perfect present for her, however, you will probably agree with me if I state that fathers also deserve their special attention, right? We also need to honor and spoil our dads, it’s only fair! Most of our childhood memories are connected with our fathers. They, like mothers, are milestones in the child’s development and emotional well-being. While mothers represent the sweet, tender side of parenting, fathers represent rules and rigidity and help us grow up strong and educated. Fathers are, therefore, as important as mothers and deserve to be celebrated this June 21st. While choosing presents for mothers is easy and simple, choosing presents for fathers can be quite a huge challenge because it’s always more difficult to choose a present for a man than for a woman, however, this article will be devoted to helping you choose the perfect present for you to give him on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is Coming As we mentioned above, choosing the ideal present for your dad can really be a challenge, specially these days in which we cannot go outside too much due to the COVID-19. In this section, we’ll guide you through the whole process with some tips you should bear in mind when selecting the best father’s day gift for June 21st. Want to give your dad a present he won’t ever forget? Check this list: Check online stores: don’t let the quarantine intimidate you when it comes to choosing the gift. Nowadays there are many online stores that ship worldwide, so you will certainly be able to select the present. Note that before choosing an online store you need to make sure it’s safe. For that, try to google the store and see some customers’ reviews. Pay attention to what your dad may need. Let’s face it: men only buy what they need, and therefore, giving him something he really needs for a present will make him more than happy. So go ahead and find out by asking him indirect questions or you can even ask your mom. I promise she will know. Consider his hobbies and preferences. If you won’t give him something he needs, then you have to give him something he really enjoys like a hobby-related article. If he doesn’t have a hobby, then think of what he really likes and go that path. It could be food, objects, and even a service. Objects are not the only option. You can always give you dad an experience. It could be a trip, a dinner at a special restaurant (whenever we are allowed to start doing those thinks again), or any experience you think he may like. No money at all? That’s not a problem. Make something for him. Make him breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also make a beautiful cake to enjoy as a family on Sunday. 10 Ideas About Father’s Day Gift 2020 If you follow the tips we gave you in the previous section, you may already have an idea of what to give your dad this coming father’s day. Still lost? No worries, here’s a list of 10 cheap father’s day gifts you can choose from: buy him something he needs, something he likes, or make a personalized father’s day gift. 1. A tie. This may sound a bit cliché but if your dad wears a suit frequently, a tie is just a perfect deal. Men will always need ties. Want to be generous? Add a pair of elegant, matching socks. 2. A USB car charger. This is clearly a perfect present for anyone. You forgot to charge your phone at night and want to kill yourself the following morning. No need to panic, get on the car and charge it. You dad will really love you for this. 3. An electric shaver. This present is ideal for those who don’t have one yet. This tool will definitely change their lives for good as they will be able to shave more quickly and with no face injuries at all. 4. A suitcase or a bag. This kind of gift is always useful as bags are never enough. Depending on what your father does, one of these two will surely make an excellent gift for him. 5. A multipurpose outdoor knife. Yes, I know. This is just great. What man doesn’t want an outdoor knife? Or two? Or many? They can carry it in their pockets and fix problems everywhere. 6. A portable toolbox. Again, isn’t this idea just perfect? I haven’t met a man who is not proud and happy about their toolbox. If your dad’s toolbox is too old or maybe broken, you can totally go for this present. If it’s a bit empty (tools do get lost quite frequently) you can also but tools! 7. An espresso machine. This idea, apart from making your dad happy, will please the whole family. By giving him a coffee machine you’ll give him the chance to enjoy a tasty, high-quality coffee from the comfort of his home. 8. A wine. This is actually an excellent gift every man enjoys and you can spend as much as you want since the variety of options is huge! Not a wine guy? Any other alcoholic drink will do it. 9. A watch. Watches are great gifts and they are the type of thing that always please people. Go ahead and choose the most beautiful and affordable watch you can find. 10. A cake or meal. If you don’t have money and don’t want to break the bank, then making something for him will do it. Think of what food he really likes and get to it. Your dad will surely appreciate your dedication and affection though cooking! You can also check out other articles about fashion tips by clicking here: How To Choose The Perfect Belt in 2020 10 Dresses Under $100 Perfect for Summer Break 5 Best Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest Tell Us Your Love Story-Real Wedding: Niki & Brad By M. Guillermina Bagilet

LOL Time! The 13 Funniest Tweets from Women to Brighten Your Day

Long time no see! Welcome back to “LOL Time!”, our new segment designed to brighten your day! Huffington Post does a great segment rounding up what they consider the funniest tweets from women each week! Today we’re going to show you some of our favorites. Let’s check it out and prepare to laugh! my shoppe is called Birch & Mortar & Twine & Twill & Grayson & Max & Blush & Rustle & Oak & Ash & Iron & Maple & Soot & Honey. we sell things that hold other things. we don’t accept money. I love marble. I have some in my house 🙂 see you then! — Catherine Cohen (@catccohen) January 29, 2019 me: nice earrings him: for the last time they’re Air Pods — Pru (@prufrockluvsong) January 28, 2019 can’t wait to wear a beautiful white wedding dress so i can hear my friends & family gasp & say “oooo a sickly victorian ghost, everyone run” — keely flaherty (@keelyflaherty) January 31, 2019 I don’t want clothes that spark joy. I want clothes in which I can pause in a doorway, look over a shoulder, and utter something devastating before exiting. — Elizabeth Hackett (@LizHackett) January 6, 2019 i used to think there was nothing scarier than skateboarding boys, but a gaggle of teenage girls wearing those tiny dua lipa sunglasses just glared at me in starbucks and i nearly burst into tears — Jill Gutowitz (@jillboard) February 4, 2019 Afternoon me: Ooh, I can bake this salmon, do some potatoes, sautée some spinach and arugula. That’ll be good. Evening me: *eats a sleeve of thin mints* — Nichole ✨✨✨ (@tnwhiskeywoman) January 21, 2019 If I owe you an email, please find some comfort in the fact that my every waking hour is haunted by my debt to you — Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) January 19, 2019 It always cracks me up in movies when a guy buys a girl a puppy as a gift. Like that’s not just an extra couple hundred dollars a month to keep alive. — Quinta. (@quintabrunson) February 7, 2019 A woman walked into the gym wearing workout clothes & carrying a full-sized pizza box. I think I just found my new personal trainer. — Stephanie Ortiz (@Six_Pack_Mom) January 13, 2019 When you’re at a party and you spend four hours unsure how to leave, that’s called a Brexit. — Kashana (@kashanacauley) January 15, 2019 You don’t need to wait for someone to ask where you got your dress. You can just open with “THIS DRESS WAS ELEVEN DOLLARS AT TARGET.” — Elizabeth Hackett (@LizHackett) February 7, 2019 I’m going to introduce the tiny, useless pocket on my jacket sleeve to the tiny, useless pocket on my jeans so they can hook up and make tiny, useless pocket babies. — Just J (@junejuly12) November 6, 2018 Did you guys know that you can buy workout clothes and not workout in them? There’s no law against it, they don’t even check — Ash (an female) ⚪️ (@adult_mom) November 8, 2018 LOL Time! Meet James Fridman and Prepare to Laugh! LOL Time! 10 Funniest Fashion Memes Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!

LOL Time! Meet James Fridman and Prepare to Laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine. Today we are starting a new segment “LOL Time!” in which we hope to brighten your day by sharing things around the internet that made us “LOL”. If you’ve never seen James Fridman’s (@fjamie013) work, prepare to laugh! James is a British graphic designer known for taking requests on Twitter for alterations to photographs, but reliably responding with an image edited to slightly different specifications, to comedic effect. Let’s check some of his most creative and hilarious products! 1. Please close my girlfriend’s eyes2. Please make my mom young3. Please make the waterfall bigger4. Please photoshop me into space5. Please make us not looking in the same direction6. Please erase the trash can7. Please make her teeth show while smiling8. Please photoshop me in front of the “Eyefall Tower”9. Please make her dress longer10. Please make it look like I’m fighting the goose Are you laughing yet? For more hilarity go follow @fjamie013 on twitter.Let us know what you think of this new segment in the comment below! (All Images are from twitter @fjamie013) Subscribe Here and get our Posts Delivered Directly to Your Inbox!