Love & Expression: Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas During the Coronavirus

This coming June 21st will be a very special date: father’s day. You’re probably used to reading articles about mother’s day and how to choose the perfect present for her, however, you will probably agree with me if I state that fathers also deserve their special attention, right? We also need to honor and spoil our dads, it’s only fair!

Most of our childhood memories are connected with our fathers. They, like mothers, are milestones in the child’s development and emotional well-being. While mothers represent the sweet, tender side of parenting, fathers represent rules and rigidity and help us grow up strong and educated. Fathers are, therefore, as important as mothers and deserve to be celebrated this June 21st.

While choosing presents for mothers is easy and simple, choosing presents for fathers can be quite a huge challenge because it’s always more difficult to choose a present for a man than for a woman, however, this article will be devoted to helping you choose the perfect present for you to give him on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is Coming

a daughter is watching her father

As we mentioned above, choosing the ideal present for your dad can really be a challenge, specially these days in which we cannot go outside too much due to the COVID-19. In this section, we’ll guide you through the whole process with some tips you should bear in mind when selecting the best father’s day gift for June 21st. Want to give your dad a present he won’t ever forget? Check this list:

  • Check online stores: don’t let the quarantine intimidate you when it comes to choosing the gift. Nowadays there are many online stores that ship worldwide, so you will certainly be able to select the present. Note that before choosing an online store you need to make sure it’s safe. For that, try to google the store and see some customers’ reviews.
  • Pay attention to what your dad may need. Let’s face it: men only buy what they need, and therefore, giving him something he really needs for a present will make him more than happy. So go ahead and find out by asking him indirect questions or you can even ask your mom. I promise she will know.

father and daughter are chatting

  • Consider his hobbies and preferences. If you won’t give him something he needs, then you have to give him something he really enjoys like a hobby-related article. If he doesn’t have a hobby, then think of what he really likes and go that path. It could be food, objects, and even a service.
  • Objects are not the only option. You can always give you dad an experience. It could be a trip, a dinner at a special restaurant (whenever we are allowed to start doing those thinks again), or any experience you think he may like.

cake for dad

  • No money at all? That’s not a problem. Make something for him. Make him breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also make a beautiful cake to enjoy as a family on Sunday.

10 Ideas About Father’s Day Gift 2020

If you follow the tips we gave you in the previous section, you may already have an idea of what to give your dad this coming father’s day. Still lost? No worries, here’s a list of 10 cheap father’s day gifts you can choose from: buy him something he needs, something he likes, or make a personalized father’s day gift.

Father's Day gift concept

1. A tie. This may sound a bit cliché but if your dad wears a suit frequently, a tie is just a perfect deal. Men will always need ties. Want to be generous? Add a pair of elegant, matching socks.

a USB car charger

2. A USB car charger. This is clearly a perfect present for anyone. You forgot to charge your phone at night and want to kill yourself the following morning. No need to panic, get on the car and charge it. You dad will really love you for this.

an electric shaver

3. An electric shaver. This present is ideal for those who don’t have one yet. This tool will definitely change their lives for good as they will be able to shave more quickly and with no face injuries at all.

a suitcase

4. A suitcase or a bag. This kind of gift is always useful as bags are never enough. Depending on what your father does, one of these two will surely make an excellent gift for him.

a multipurpose outdoor knife

5. A multipurpose outdoor knife. Yes, I know. This is just great. What man doesn’t want an outdoor knife? Or two? Or many? They can carry it in their pockets and fix problems everywhere.

a portable toolbox

6. A portable toolbox. Again, isn’t this idea just perfect? I haven’t met a man who is not proud and happy about their toolbox. If your dad’s toolbox is too old or maybe broken, you can totally go for this present. If it’s a bit empty (tools do get lost quite frequently) you can also but tools!

an espresso machine

7. An espresso machine. This idea, apart from making your dad happy, will please the whole family. By giving him a coffee machine you’ll give him the chance to enjoy a tasty, high-quality coffee from the comfort of his home.

person holding wine bottle

8. A wine. This is actually an excellent gift every man enjoys and you can spend as much as you want since the variety of options is huge! Not a wine guy? Any other alcoholic drink will do it.

a watch

9. A watch. Watches are great gifts and they are the type of thing that always please people. Go ahead and choose the most beautiful and affordable watch you can find.

delicious food

10. A cake or meal. If you don’t have money and don’t want to break the bank, then making something for him will do it. Think of what food he really likes and get to it. Your dad will surely appreciate your dedication and affection though cooking!

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