How To Choose The Perfect Belt in 2020


We’ve introduced how to wear a belt to upgrade your look in 2019. Today, we will introduce the top popular belts in luxury brands to rock 2020!

As we said in the previous post, a good belt can work wonders in taking a look from boring to interesting and from uninspired to unforgettable. You can wear a belt to pair with your trousers, dresses, suits, coats, etc.

So here comes the question, which is the most popular belt in 2020? Which belt is worth buying? Don’t fret, that’s why we are here to save your day. Let’s check it out!

1. GUCCI GG Leather Belt

GUCCI GG leather belt is definitely the most popular belt in 2020! We can see it everywhere, especially among the street stars. This leather belt is a classic with the intertwining logo in gold-tone metal, while the simple buckle fastening is easily adjustable for a secure fit.

One of the most difficult questions when people choose a belt is- which width and length? GUCCI has a range of sizes of this classic belt, and the most popular width is 2cm and 3cm. If you don’t know which width of a belt perfects you, we suggest you choose 3cm because it almost suits everyone.

The 2cm version is more delicate which are perfect to pair with trousers and dresses. It is worth mentioning that the leather of GUGGI belts is usually hard, so we suggest you choose the length of 75cm to 90cm. It will be better if you can try it before you purchase. The good news is that GUCCI offers punch holes in a belt for free, you could fix it if you purchase the wrong size.

2. Dior Saddle Calfskin Belt

When it comes to the most popular belts, Dior Saddle calfskin belts must have a name. It features “CD” signature in aged gold-tone metal and tone-on-tone calfskin lining.

It is a little similar to GUCCI GG leather belt at the first sight, however, the hardware of Dior is glossier than GUCCI’s, and it is more simple and elegant. We suggest you pair this belt with your dress and suits.

3. Bottega Veneta Belts

BV bags and shoes become more and more popular recent years, as well as its belt. The most popular BV belts is this double-strap belt with horseshoe-shaped buckle which width is 7 cm. Elongated style can be worn around waist or hips.

However, it is easy to feel overdressed if you wear this belt in your daily life. Instead, we highly suggest you wear it during your vacation or when you attend some fashion occasions, because it is an amazing item to make your photos standout!

4. Hermes Constance Belt

Hermes belts are always popular for years. Compared to other belts, the biggest advantage of Hermes belts is their soft leather. You may not tell the difference only from pictures, we suggest you touch it by yourself to feel. The most popular Hermes belt is this Constance belt buckle & reversible leather strap.

We suggest you choose the width of 2.4cm for yourself and 3.8cm can be a wonderful gift for your husband/boyfriend or dad!


That’s today’s introduction of how to choose the perfect belt in 2020. Do you plan to upgrade your look with a belt in 2020? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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