How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress: Dos & Don'ts List For Wedding Dress Shopping

Since being engaged, you probably have been asked a dizzying array of wedding planning questions – where is the wedding destination, who will attend, what is the style of your wedding dress, what is the decoration? Among all the questions, we think finding your perfect wedding dress is probably the most exciting part of the wedding planning process.

You maybe don’t know how much energy it requires to buy a wedding dress, and many brides usually make common mistakes when they are shopping for their wedding dress. Before you go out, we think it will be better if you check the list of dos and don’ts about how to prepare before wedding dress shopping.


Dos and Don’ts List for Wedding Dress Shopping


  • Plan Your Budget for Wedding Dress

Looking for your dream dress becomes the main priority because it’s the moment you’ve probably been dreaming of your entire life. So the first step which is very important is to plan your budget for your dream dress, especially when you are on a tight overall wedding budget. Don’t forget to consider veils, the cost of alterations, accessories and an after-party look when setting the budget for your wedding dress.

  • Do Your Search about Wedding Dress Style

Overwhelmed by the endless choices and don’t know where to start? We highly suggest you do some search on dress style before shopping for your wedding dress. Take a scroll through out previous post on choose a best match prom dress for your body type to learn different kinds of necklines and dress styles to know what silhouette best flatters your favorite bits. Such as beach wedding dresses, wedding dresses with sleeves, etc. This preparatory work can narrow your choices and eliminate the styles you know you don’t like for yourself.

  • Wear or Bring the Proper Undergarments & Shoes When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

The proper undergarment can make the difference between a wedding dress fitting well and a wedding dress fitting perfectly. We suggest nude colored undergarments. Almost everyone needs alterations, so it will be better to wear the proper undergarments the day when you shop for your wedding dress, or at least bring them with you to alterations to make sure it fits under the gown. Don’t forget to bring the shoes along with you, because the shoes in wedding dress shops may not be your size or the height you intend to wear. It’s better to be over-prepared for wedding dress shopping than under-prepared.

  • Take Pictures When You Shop for Your Wedding Dress

You will try on many pretty wedding dresses, so some details can be quickly forgotten. Ask your friends or family to take pictures of you in every pretty wedding dress you love and you try on. Then you can have a quick catalog to compare which one is the best.


  • Don’t Shopping for Your Wedding Dress Too Early or Too Late

In ideal conditions, you should start shopping for your wedding dress 3-6 months before your big day. The order which is shorter than 3 months are usually considered as rush orders which mean you may pay extra fees to receive your wedding dress in time. On the other hand, you will probably don’t like the dress you already paid for that you no longer want because probably you’ve changed and your tastes have changed if you shopping too early.

However, if you plan to buy a luxurious wedding dress, you’d better start 9-12 months ahead. Because most wedding dresses in luxury brand typically take 4-10 months to be made. Consider shipping time, alterations, the luxurious wedding dress could take up to 12 months to be ready.

  • Don’t Bring Too Many People When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Maybe you want to share this experience with all your friends and family, but too many cooks spoil the broth. Bigger entourage means more opinions and too many opinions will lead to disagreements. We suggest you bring 1-3 people that you are closest to and whose opinions you truly value, may include your mother, your best friend or your bridesmaid.

  • Don’t Try on Too Many Wedding Dresses

We know that most brides want to try on numerous wedding dresses all at once to find the best one. However, narrowing it down to 2-5 dresses per shop is the wise decision. Because you may forget which one is your prior choice if you try on too many wedding dress. Brides often think they are being too quick to decide, but many of them come back to buy the first wedding dress they loved.


After the dos and don’ts list for how to prepare before wedding dress shop, it should be easier to find your perfect dream dress! Keeping an open mind will help keep the shopping more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are looking for a perfect wedding dress which is with big designer look but at affordable price, you may check our previous post 11 Perfect Wedding Dresses All Under $120 to find some inspirations!

Anyway, the perfect wedding dress for you is the one that expresses your personal style and makes you feel beautiful! Happy wedding dress hunting!

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