Top 10 Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100 That Look Expensive

The wedding dress is the most important character in a wedding; however, the bridesmaid dresses play an important role as well because those are the ones standing next to the white dress, let alone the beautiful women wearing them. If you are looking for beautiful, expensive-looking bridesmaid dresses that are not expensive at all, then this article will solve the problem.

We will introduce you to fabulous bridesmaid dress styles and later on, a list of the most stunning bridesmaid dresses under $100 will allow you to choose among many options. Stay with us!

Trendy Bridesmaid Dress Styles

This section of the article will be devoted to present trendy styles for dresses so that you can choose not only affordable bridesmaid dresses but also fashionable ones.

· Off-shoulder style:


This is the trendiest style nowadays and it gives a sexy yet romantic style to the dress, allowing bridesmaids to show a bit more skin without showing too much.

· Empire waist style:


The empire waist is a classic style that never grows old. The good thing about it is that it adapts and flatters all types of body, so if you have a group of bridesmaids with very different shapes and sizes, then this is a perfect choice.

· Tulle fabric:


Another everlasting trend, tulle! This amazing fabric has the ability to give dresses volume while being very soft, fluffy, and light. A romantic flair is secured with tulle.

· High-low skirt:


Tenacious and bold, the high-low skirt style has come back to stay for a while, so while it’s still part of nowadays fashion, dare to choose it! If you want adventurous, modern bridesmaids, this one is the way to go!

· V-neckline:


The widely chosen neckline. It gives a sense of perfect geometry in the chest and serves well to both big and small busts plus it shows enough skin to remain sexy and elegant.

How to Find Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Online

If you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses under $100, then going online is your best option since it allows you to spend less and there are thousands of options. These are some tips to rock it:

· Make sure to measure properly your girls:


You need to have all the exact numbers as buying online requires you to choose the exact size. Size tables usually detail bust, waist, and hips size.

· Make sure to do it in advance:


If you buy the dresses last minute, then you won’t have enough time to change them if you don’t like them or if the sizes are not correct. Make sure they arrive at least 45 days before the big day.

· Have in mind the options before surfing the web:


This means choosing at least the color and style before starting your search. This will help you do it faster.

· Make sure the store is trustworthy:


There are so many stores that do not keep their promises! You can buy the dress and end up receiving it after your wedding or maybe never receiving them because they scammed you. Be careful! Check comments, reviews, customer’s pictures, etc. At we always keep our promises.

Top 10 Luxurious Bridesmaid Dresses under $100

Ready to start searching? Here’s a complete list of affordable online bridesmaid dresses that look luxurious and expensive, but actually cost less than $100. Fasten your seat belt!

1. Romantic Off-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress


This beautiful dress has a combination of everything: it’s off-shoulder to show some skin, it features a v-neckline that flatters your bust area, whatever size and shape it is a delicate belt that embraces your waist and a floor-length skirt. A perfect match undoubtedly!

2. Elegant Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dress


Gorgeous and expensive-looking, this bridesmaid dress is a perfect option! It features an empire waist and a sleeveless bodice fully covered in lace. The high neckline gives it timeless glamour and the floor-length skirt completes the outfit. All in all, a very good option for an elegant style.

3. Charming Knee-Length Bridesmaid Dress


Looking for something different, away from classic? This absolutely charming dress is the way to go. It features an off-shoulder and spaghetti strap style. The A-line silhouette makes it look stunning. What makes it unique? The knee-length skirt! Dare to give your bridesmaids a unique style!

4. Romantic Bridesmaid Dress with Flowy Ribbons


This flattering dress will make your girls look like princesses! The see-through round neckline on the front and the deep v-neckline at the back make a perfect combination in addition to the flowy ribbons. If you want your bridesmaids to make a statement, then this is your great opportunity!

5. Simple Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


This absolutely sassy dress will flatter your girls to the maximum. It’s absolutely elegant and it features a v-neckline and cover sleeves. The best of it is the elastic waist that easily adapts to all types of waists. If you want to keep it simple, go with this stunning option!

6. Stunning Sequined Bridesmaid Dress


Want to make your bridesmaids look stunning? This amazing dress features a sexy sweetheart neckline, ruffle sleeves, and delicate rhinestones in the bust area, creating a flattering image. The tulle material gives it the perfect additional touch!

7. Fairy-tale Romantic Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


Make your girls look like true princesses in this ethereal gown. It’s gauzy and it creates a light, flowy effect that will have all eyes rolled on it. The delicate appliques add a special touch and make this dress perfect for your wedding!

8. Elegant Double V-Neckline Bridesmaid Dress


Perfectly designed for cold weather, if your wedding takes place in winter, check this one out! It features a double v-neckline and ruffles sleeves and a floor-length skirt. The velvet fabric is great for an elegant touch. All in all, a great option for the winter!

9. Trendy High-Low Bridesmaid Dress


One of the favorites when it comes to trendy bridesmaid dresses! This gorgeous dress features a sexy double v-neckline, a high-low silhouette, and a lace and sequins bust. Perfect for comfortably walking and dancing, your bridesmaids will surely make a statement with this dress!

10. Sexy Sparkly Bridesmaid Dress


The combination of different materials is currently a hot trend and this is your great opportunity: tulle and sequins. Adorable, right? The dress features a deep v-neckline, half sleeves, a delicate belt, sequins, and a flowy skirt. Simply adorable.



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