How to Plan a Fall Wedding on a Budget - 5 Fantastic Ideas You Need to Know

This year started with the pandemic Covid-19 hitting our lives and having many events canceled or postponed. Among the latter, we can find weddings. Many couples were supposed to get married this spring and summer and, with sadness, had to put it off. For this reason, this coming fall is already full of events!

Those weddings take a long time to plan and are too expensive we have heard; but let me just tell you one thing: that’s not completely true. You can have an expensive wedding that takes a year to plan, or you can have a beautiful, great wedding on a budget and avoiding a whole year of stress by planning it in a few months.

Why You Should Consider a Fall Wedding


Because of the Covid-19 situation we all going through all around the world, many spring and summer weddings, unfortunately, had to be postponed and people are considering having a fall wedding. Fall is an amazing season and whether you were meant to get married in the past months or you are planning your wedding, there are many reasons why you should consider getting married this coming fall 2020:

  • It’s a colorful season: fall is full of warm colors and visually rich scenarios to delight your eye, so if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, this fall characteristic will totally add a beautiful touch to your party.
  • The weather is moderate: this not applies to all areas, but in general, fall is characterized by being not too cold nor too hot. It can be said that if you have a tendency to suffer extreme temperatures, this is your perfect season.
  • Perfect timing: we mentioned stress above, right? Believe me, you don’t want a whole-year stress planning your wedding. 5 months is the ideal amount of time you need to plan everything, and guess what? We are 5 months away from the fall. If you haven’t started yet, go ahead and make your quarantine at home a useful time! Planning your wedding while being at home will have you occupied, excited, and happy!
  • Dresses are not a problem: you might be thinking, “Yeah, but what about the dresses?” Well, we’ve got you covered, lady! In you’ll be able to find everything you need for your fall wedding outfit ideas: check our beautiful, delicately designed wedding dresses and amazing cheap fall bridesmaid dresses. No need to go outside; you can select them and order them from your house. Make sure you check the size charts!
  • It’ll be all gone: hopefully, by next fall this sad situation will be over and you will be able to reunite with your family and friends; so why not celebrating the wedding of your dreams?

5 Fantastic Ideas you Need to Know to Plan a Fall Wedding on a Budget


Fall Wedding Decoration

fall decoration is all about the colors. To achieve an affordable fall wedding décor, some ideas include leaves and ornaments in browns, red in intense tones, yellows, and oranges. These bright colors combined have a warm, romantic effect. To add a different color for a special touch, choose purple.

Here are some other ideas:


You can use dry leaves: fill jars with them to put on tables or use them as space ornamentation.


Use pinecones to decorate the table setting: they are adorable and shout spring from the rooftops.

1. Fall Wedding Menu


Luckily, there are thousands of different wedding foods and drinks you can choose from! When it comes to an affordable wedding menu, the choices are countless, so you won’t find it difficult at all! Here are some ideas:

  • Snack bar: this is a cheap option and you can include dried fruit, nuts, and pretzels.
  • Warm soup: this might sound crazy, but soup always makes people feel at home. If fall weather’s a bit chilly in your town, a local, hearty soup will help fill guests up right after dinner is served. Some amazing combinations are carrot, ginger, and curry; sweet potato and coconut, asparagus and creamy onion, pumpkin, and tomato.
  • In the main course, you can combine: potato salad, vegetable rolls, corn on the cob, casseroles, chicken breast with rice and beans, pulled pork, cod fillet with a bittersweet onion sauce, and the list goes on and on!
  • As for the drinks, you can keep it simple and choose just 2 or 3 different options: sparkling wine, champagne, your and your spouse’s favorite cocktail, or you can even simply buy red and white wine in bulk.

2. Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses


Believe it or not, this is the detail you should worry about the least! At you’ll be able to find beautiful, affordable bridesmaids dresses of every single color! Discuss it with your girl gang and get ready to choose!

3. Fall Wedding Cake


Not many guests eat the wedding cake is a fact. By the time you cut the cake, everyone is already full. For this reason, it is reasonable that you go for a small-sized cake. Fall wedding cake ideas for a cheap price will indeed save you some money. You can design a simple white cake and then add some fall decorations such as dried leaves and warm-colored leaves.

4. Fall Wedding Flowers And Bridal Bouquet


Who said fall is not about flowers? Well, it is. The fall season has a wide variety of flowers and leaves you can choose from. We posted a fall wedding flowers guide blog before, you can check it to know the details.

  • You can fill your wedding place with flowers and leaves in warm colors. Some flowers you’ll find during fall are chrysanthemum, calla lily, marigold, dahlia, gerbera daisies, and sunflowers.
  • As for your bouquet, it can also include dry leaves and flowers in orange, brown, green, white, and yellow tones.


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