Complete Guide to Minimalist Wedding Dresses for a Fall Wedding


What Is the Minimalistic Style?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘less is more’. This means that the less someone has, the more focused they are on the things that are actually important and should be held at value. This perfectly describes the concept of minimalism which steers attention away from the superfluous, towards the object of prime importance. Applying this concept on wedding dresses i.e. minimalist wedding dresses, means choosing dresses that would not be too extravagant or embellished with thousands of beads or intricate lace patterns. Instead, they would be simple, with minimum adornments and nothing too flashy. This would lead to more focus on the bride herself rather than on her dress.

Why Minimalist Style is Perfect for a Fall Wedding Dress

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Fall is the best time to have a wedding when the weather is neither too hot, humid, or dry and not too cold either. Moreover, the russet colors of fall which surround you make any destination beautiful and you can get perfect outdoor pictures. So, what can you do to make it all even more memorable for yourself? Wear something that’s in fashion and which doesn’t take the focus off of you but only acts to enhance your beauty.

Of course, it’s your big day so if you dream to indulge yourself in the glitz and glamour of a traditional, extremely fancy wedding with glitter, jewels, and unique, over the top designs, go for it! However, if you like simple but chic and elegant dresses and are confused as to what to get, below is a list of reasons why one might prefer a cheap minimalist wedding gown over the conventional ruffles and frills.

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  • You’re the star. You’re the focal point on which everyone’s attention should be centered, it’s your big day! Wearing a dress that is embellished from head-to-toe with long trains and overly decorated veils is not necessary at all. A beautiful but sleek and simple dress would not just make you look gorgeous, it would also keep the focus on the person wearing it and not the material itself.
  • It’s in trend! When searching for anything, let alone a dress for your own wedding, we always look at things that are in trend in those days and minimalist wedding dresses are all the talk at the time. Take for example Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie, Hillary Duff, Sadie Robertson, and the list goes on.
  • They’re timeless! While other things like intricate laces and buttons, etc. may come and go, minimalist style dresses are here to stay. They’re indeed more popular these days than ever, but they’ve never been out of fashion. After all, there’s a reason why wedding dresses like those of Carolyn-Bessette Kennedy are talked about even today.
  • Another obvious benefit is the price of the dress. A minimalist dress would be much cheaper and easier to afford than a dress which has all sorts of fancy decorations. You won’t have to compromise on the way you look or the style you want and save money at the same time. Now that’s a real deal.

Our Top Picks on Minimalist Wedding Dresses for a Fall Wedding Under $100!

Still unsure of what to get? Don’t fret! You’re not alone, every bride faces this problem when picking out the perfect wedding dress for herself. To give you some ideas on what you might like and what’s popular these days while also ensuring that everything is within your budget, we’ve compiled below a list of the 5 grooviest and most modern minimalist wedding dresses just for you.

1. Beautiful Flowy Flare V-Neckline Dress


This is for brides looking for something that is minimalistic but still provides all the glamour of a traditional wedding dress. It has a simple blouse with a tulle skirt below and the gathered fabric attached at the top of the skirt provides volume at the hip, while the sharp structure of the dress pinched at the waist brings focus on your torso too. You won’t find a dress that flatters you more!

2. Classic A-line Dress with See-Through Long Sleeves


This dress is a personal favorite. It has a simple but elegant design and its laced net top over the blouse offers support and makes it absolutely beautiful. The skirt is of sheer satin and is attached to the top through a belt which enhances your waist. The see-through lace sleeves are sure to make a statement.

3. Romantic V-Neckline Dress with Ruffled Sleeves

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If you’re into cute and unique sleeves or if you’re a Disney girl who grew up with the princesses and their classic gowns, this is your dress! It features short frill sleeves made of a beautifully patterned net and the same net is used for the top layer of the skirt too, which has a plain white base below.

4. Classic Double V-Neck with a Belted Skirt


Still, think that the dresses above are too much fuss? Well, it doesn’t get any simpler than this dress. A modest A-line skirt with a fitted bodice, a belt to conjoin the two, a beautiful double V-neck, and strapped sleeves for easy support. You simply cannot go wrong with this.

5. Stunning Ball-Gown Style Dress


This is the gown of our childhood dreams. It features a gorgeous neckline that is wider at the top than a typical V-neck and has swag sleeves made of beautiful material that complement the look of the dress. This fishtail skirt is wider at the bottom giving it the much-loved ball-gown look.

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