How to Style Summer Party Dresses

Ding, ding ding! Summer is almost here, and we cannot hold our enthusiasm in anymore! Hot nights, perpetual dancing, drinks by the sea, and never-ending stories are back to write another thrilling chapter of our lives. And what is the setting we picture when we say summer nights? A party, of course. And a party requires a certain dress to go with it, and a certain je ne sais quoi that the dress has to offer.

Rock your Summer Night with Stylish Summer Party Dresses


Summer is by definition the hottest time of the year, with a chilly after-taste at the end of it. This is the time when we abuse our party dresses, and nothing is too much for such an occasion. This is the time to feel free and go wild – hot electric colors, extravagant fabrics, glamorous or gangsta accessories, crazy footwear, and phosphorescent make-up are all adequate and even recommendable.

Breezy and bright, or backless party dresses for women, we have seen them all, but have not worn them all just yet. Sugar, spice, and everything nice – bring them all to the table. We are sure that this summer after everything had passed (or most of it, to stay on a positive note), you won’t miss a single dancing evening.

Just make sure it is short enough, only not too short to be comfortable to have your way; when you choose your summer party dresses, make sure you follow a simple set of rules: go for high-quality fabrics, which allow your skin to breathe; highlight your beautiful figure, and dare to show a little more; be bold and go for vivid colors; style things up and up-scale things up.

Top 5 Tips to Style a Summer Party Dress

Most dresses will do, but not on their own. If you are to give the dress some identity, you need to style it up to fit your personality and taste. Here are our suggestions.

· Summer is less pretentious when it comes to quantity.


You can go further wearing statement jewelry, such as large necklaces and chandelier earrings, and lose your head a bit; summer is all about bling-bling items, wooden large African-like bracelets, big and shiny glasses. This is the land of anything goes!

· It goes the same for shoes and clutches.


Feathers, chains, recycled material from last summer dress. Go nuts. Denim purses made out of your last year’s jeans. Or if you feel courageous, from your boyfriend’s last year’s jeans.

· Go for cuts and asymmetries.


You don’t have to be conservative or old-fashioned. Try something with cuts that show either skin or other fabrics (we would suggest lace), and bet on asymmetries. Party dresses should be a tad naughtier than something you would wear at a cocktail hour; don’t you think?

· Undergarments can do a lot about the impression you leave.


And if your dress is shy, but has potential – and has some see-through portions, you can wear red or hot pink lingerie with ingenuity. No one will miss you at the party, trust us.

· Put something in your hair or on your head.


Tis’ the season to be jolly! And wear any crazy hat that you wouldn’t normally wear; go for a headpiece in colors, or a hat made mostly out of lace. Try a cheerful headband or even a mini-tiara.

Our 5 Affordable Party Dresses for You

As always, see here our suggestions for affordable party dresses online, easy to wear, easy to accessorize, and to create an unforgettable effect.

1. Beautiful Asymmetrical Summer Party Dress

Beautiful Asymmetrical-Summer-Party-Dress

In an asymmetric cut, this item is a fabulous party dress for both formal and informal occasions, which goes perfect with heels and any type of jewelry. This dress suits all complexions and heights, and you can wear your hair both up and down to go with the look. This dress is so versatile that it practically leaves you to your own devices when choosing accessories and heels. Just imagine how you are going to rock the dance floor with this look!

2. Delicate Spaghetti Strap Summer Party Dress


For a glamorous look, this short skirt with a high cut on the side is memorable and sexy, for daring ladies out there. Perfect for a night in the club or an after-party, and perfect for dancing all night long on your favorite tunes. It guarantees that you will make a powerful impression and showcases all your best points – your legs, your beautiful neck, and your waist. Perfect and feminine all the way.

3. Stylish Sequined Summer Party Dress


Another elegant and remarkable piece, this white dress seems very quiet and well behaved at the beginning, but it reveals a lot if you stop and take a careful look at it. This knee-length summer party dress may help you reveal just enough to raise suspicion, but not enough to raise eyebrows.

4. Elegant Teal Summer Party Dress


For a more classical look, see here a knee-length beautiful teal dress with an upper detail and no sleeves, showcasing beautiful waist and elbows and highlighting arms and neck. This striking dress looks best with light color heels, with or without accessories.

5. Sexy Shiny Summer Party Dress

Leaving what’s best for last, here is a stunning dress with metallic color and glamorous effect and look, which can be worn as a party dress for an outstanding outfit. It is perfect for any season, be it summer or winter, and creates a disco effect, highlighting a beautiful figure and boosting your self-esteem by a hundred.

Whatever you choose, make sure to dress and style to impress as your style is your silent personality and your business card.

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