How To Wear A Bucket Hat In Style 2020

What are your must-have accessories in summer? We think a hat is in with a good chance on most people’s lists. And bucket hats began to become popular last year, as a result, we could see many celebrities and influencers wear bucket hats in their daily life and during vacation. It still goes on a hot trend this year, but with some changes. Today, we will introduce the hottest bucket hat styles in 2020 and show you how to wear it in style. Let’s check it out!

Different from the style in 2019, the brim of this year’s bucket hat is much wider, which makes it friendly to more people and could better block out the sun.


Another change of this year’s bucket hat is that there are two drawstrings present on the two sides which prevent the hat from being blown away on a windy day. Of course, you could leave these two drawstrings alone and make it part of your chic look.

1. How To Choose The Color Of A Bucket Hat?

If you prefer a bucket hat in a solid color, we suggest you take creamy white as your first choice as it is full of a casual vibe and you don’t need to worry about how to pair with your outfits. The picture will give an idea of what we mean.

creamy white bucket hat

Except for creamy white, pastel colors are another hot choice, such as pink, blue and yellow. Express your sweet side with good-enough- to eat ice cream colors.

2. What Is The Hottest Pattern Of A Bucket Hat?

When it comes to the pattern of a bucket hat, check must be the priority suggestion. You can pair it with your graphic outfits, and of course, the best friend of a check bucket hat is check outfits, which easily makes a statement look.

Another popular pattern of bucket hats is flowers! Do you want to plan your next vacation after seeing the pictures above? Floral bucket hats are perfect with swimwear and floral outfits. You can also style it with white dresses which are also on a hot trend now.

flower bucker hat

3. How To Style A Bucket Hat?

The most popular and common way to wear a bucket hat in style is to turn the brim up.

Turning the brim up easily make you look cuter and full of juice.

You could also tie the drawstrings up and wear the bucket hat at your back just as the picture above shows. Although this way makes the bucket hat out of function, it’s a good idea to take a perfect picture.

That’s today’s introduction about the hottest bucket hats. Are you going to add it to your shopping list this season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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