Flip Flops Or Sexy Sandal? Try The Hottest Shoes This Summer 2020!

Comfortable flip flops or sexy sandals? No more dilemma or hesitation, because there is a big upgrade to flip flops this summer. Big designers merged flip flops and sandals into one shoes- flip flops style sandals. The pictures below will give you an idea of what we mean.

Featuring square toes, leather insole and comfortable kitten heels, these sexy flip flops sandals are the hottest shoes style this summer 2020!
More good news is that flip flops sandals have more styles this season! Let’s check it out!

1. The Sexiest Style: Flip Flop + Strappy Design

Wrap it up. The sexiest style is definitely the strap sandal. Made to wrap delicately around your leg, these sandals embrace all your favorite trends. The strappy design has a mid-height stiletto or kitten heel and a sharply squared toe for a confident stride.


Check the latest fashion runway, you will find that strap sandals with flip flops design are the new favorite of many big designers. You can also find these hot strap sandals on the popular Instagram posts.

2. The Most Designer Style: Flip Flop + Wrap-around Design

Wrap-around slippers which have high heels are hot fashion items these years, because they easily create a high fashion vibe whatever you pair them with dresses, trousers or skirts.

wrap around design

Why so many people love wrap-around design this season? Compared to sexy strappy design, wrap around design is more comfortable and has a strong big designer style.

3. The Simplest Style: Flip Flop + Cross Design

If you think strappy design is too complicated or wrap-around designs is not sexy enough, then flip flops with cross design might be your perfect choice. Two simple straps looks much cooler, less is more.

The British fashion journalist Pandora Sykes and Instagram fashion blogger Aimee Song wore the flattie version. The same simple as flip flop, but it has extra sense of design which is perfect for vacation.
With a discreet approach to luxury that translates into impeccably crafted designs that transcend trends, these new shoes have since embraced a more directional and elevated style, allowing you to ease into the 90s-inspired trend with breathtaking innovation.

That’s today’s introduction about the hottest shoes 2020. Are you going to have a try? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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