Try 3 New Colors This Summer 2020

When it comes to summer, most people think we should wear light color because it looks cool and comfortable. However, do you ever think you can also wear some new color to brighten your summer days during these uncertain times? Actually, only if you choose the right style, you can make a statement in any color! Today, we will introduce 3 new colors which usually belong to fall and winter, and show you how to wear these colors in style this summer 2020! Let’s check it out!

1. Brown

Almost all the dark colors sound like they belong to fall and winter except black. What’s your first impression of brown, is thick, warm, or furry? Yes, brown is one of the most popular choices of outfits in fall and winter, and it is on hot trend these years.


If you want to wear brown in summer, you should remember three principles in your mind when you choose brown items. The first principle is showing much of your skin. Brown crop tops, sleeves tops, and backless tops are all great choices in summer. 

The second principle to wear brown in summer is choosing see-through items. We can see many brown see-through dresses of big designers on the fashion runway this season, which looks super light and cool. In our daily life, we suggest you go for a brown see-through blouse, just like Kendall Jenner and Anne-Laure Mais did.

The last principle to wear brown in summer is choosing a silk item. Silk is light and glossy which easily balances the heaviness of brown in summer. We suggest you try a brown silk slip dress or a brown silk blouse this summer.

2. Olive Green

If you think brown is not your style or not friendly to your skin color, then you could try olive green, which is friendly to all skin colors.


We can see many Instagram influencers who have dark complexion wear olive green this season, such as Monikh Dale and Aysha Sow. Those olive green outfits look perfect on them! Don’t you want to have a try?

As we said many times, knit tops are on hot trend this summer, you could try an olive green knit top just like Bella Hadid and Jessica Alizzi did. Some accessories can help you make a statement!

Try to wear olive green and white together, you will find a new world of possibilities! 

3. Orange

We seldom see people wear orange in summer, usually, people choose orange as a layering piece in fall and winter. However, more and more fashionistas wear orange in other spring and summer these two years.


To be honest, it’s a little difficult for most people to hold orange pairing. So we suggest you add white as a transition to break it up if you don’t how to wear orange in style or you think orange all over the body is too much in daily life.

That’s today’s introduction about 3 new colors idea in summer. Which one is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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