Top 3 Bikini Trends 2020

Among all the swimwear, many people might think bikinis are only designed for beautiful bodies. However, there are plenty of different bikini styles for different bodies, every woman can wear a bikini in style this summer.

Here comes the question- what is the bikini trends this year? We’ve got your covered! If you are looking for a bikini in trend, please keep scrolling for the top 3 bikini trends 2020!

1. The Sexiest Style: A Drawstring Around The Waist

Crop tops with a drawstring around the waist are on big trend this year, so are the bikinis. Usually, the drawstring is present near the waistline which can be adjusted according to your own will. Imagine it, these bikinis would look too normal if without those drawstrings.

Please don’t fret if you are a plus size, because these bikinis with a drawstring around the waist can help you create a defined waistline which makes you look more charming than before. The picture above will give you an idea of what we mean.

2. The Most Athleisure Style: Vest Bikinis With Wide Straps

Vest bikini, the literal meaning is that this bikini top looks like a cropped vest, and usually, it has wide straps.

Vest bikini doesn’t mean you have to hide your sexy bodies, many celebrities, and Instagram influencers choose vest bikinis to show their best sides. And fluorescent colors are their new favorite.

Another popular color of the vest bikini is white. We guess it relates to the popularity of white underwear this year. The biggest advantage of white vest bikinis is that you could easily make a sports girl look!

3. The Most Fashion Style: Shell Bikinis

Have you ever wanted to become a mermaid in your childhood? Go for a shell bikini this year! The last bikini trend in 2020 is a bikini with semicircle steel rings. It looks like two shells in front of your chest. 

Shell bikinis with ruffle designs are a popular choice among fashionistas. If you want your breast shape looks more obvious, you could choose a shell bikini in solid cuts.

If you are not ready for the water, of course, you could pair shell bikinis with other daily outfits just like Elsa Hosk. She wore a rose-pink shell bikini and a pair of chaparajos in the same color. You could also pair it with some oversize shirts. Check the pictures above to get some pairing inspirations!

That’s today’s introduction about the top 3 bikini trends 2020. Are you going to add some new bikini to your summer wardrobe now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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