Best 5 Ways to Wear Graphic Tees for Women

They say history always repeats itself. This holds true even in the fashion industry where the major graphic tees trend from the 1960s and ’70s seems to be undergoing a renaissance with an added evolutionary factor. Initially, graphic tees only had band symbols or slogans printed on them, but these days they have become an object of self-expression and are used to intimate personal preferences and opinions since they can even be custom made. From words, quotes, silly cartoons to contemporary art, you can have anything printed on them.

Why Graphic Tees Are in Trend in 2020

These classic tees from a few decades ago are coming back this 2020 with different styles, colors, and shapes.

The major reason graphic tees for women have become famous again is that they’re extremely comfortable and versatile. You can pair them with different clothing items to give you a casual laid-back look, a neo-retro demeanor, a party vibe, a partially professional guise, or the rebel with a cause look. So why miss out on this?

5 Tips to Wear Graphic Tees in Style

Since graphic tees come in so many different prints and designs, the number of ways you can style them using other clothing accessories is a lot more than most people would think. You can completely change your look with the addition of one or more simple items, tailoring your appearance to your own preferences.

We’re here to help you look trendy and feel fashionable while staying in your comfort zone. The first thing to do would be to get a couple of cute graphic tees, with any prints you like. Next is to learn the different ways in which you can pair them up with other pieces of garment for the most retro, chill, or casual vibe; whichever you want.

To understand what the rage is all about and get some quick tips on how to combine when it comes to wearing graphic tees in 2020, check this list!

1. Oversized graphic tee dresses: that’s right! You don’t need to pair them with anything else. Just grab an oversized tee of your choice; try to go for something with a print on it which would make a statement, wear some sky-high boots or ankle boots and you’re good to go.

2. Graphic tees with skirts: this is probably the most iconic fashion trend going on right now. If you’re going for a soft look, you can wear a box-pleated or flowy skirt underneath or if you want the party look, suspender skirts are just for you. For a bold and fiery look, pencil skirts are the best option.

3. Plaid or seersucker pants: sweatpants, wide-legged seersucker pants, high-rise pants, or plaid trousers/pants are most definitely your go-to option when wearing graphic tees. You can either choose to tuck the shirt in for the vintage style or keep it out for the easy-going style. Either way, the pants are sure to bring out your retro side, pair it with some tinted sunglasses to complete the look. You can opt for colored trousers but if you want to put emphasis on the shirt’s print, plan black pants will do the job.

4. Coats, kimonos, and jackets: this is for those of you that want comfort over anything else but also want to be in trend. Depending on what you like, you can match up your tees with long trench-coats, suede, or moto jackets with skinny jeans and boots. You can also go for loose kimonos which can be long or short, with patterns or simple, and wear them with shorts or skinny jeans. The last option is sure to give those vacation in another country or magical summer vibe.

5. Denim shorts and skirts: for all our rebel hearts out there, that are ready to fight against the world, this combination was made just for you. Get a custom graphic tee that speaks to your soul and wear it with some denim shorts or a short denim skirt and a casual pair of sneakers.

Other than these, there is always the classic matchup of tees with jeans, boots, or heels. Simple yet fashionable. You can also add custom accessories to your graphic tees like certain pieces of jewelry or chains to create a themed look.

The best 5 Graphic Tees this Summer 2020

Still a little clueless on what to get? No worries! We’ve compiled a list of the best graphic tee styles for you, so just read through it and alter the designs and options to your liking.

1. Band designs and slogans

This is the original reason why graphic tees were made in the first place and till today, over-sized tees with prints which show-case love for your favorite band are pretty popular and are frequently worn as tee dresses during hot days.

2. Face prints and striped trousers

For the cool, chill but casual day look, grab a pair of pants or simple trousers with your tee, match-up some sneakers and tie a hoodie around your waist for a little extra-ness and walk out the door.

3. Half-tucked in tees with high-waisted pants

If you’re in a rush and can’t be bothered with any extra effort, wear any high-rise pants and tuck just the front part of your tee in. With some vans or joggers, you have the perfect every day, chill-out look.

4. Old prints with denim

Square prints that give an old, melancholic vibe, coordinated with denim mini-skirts or shorts, plain white joggers, and a leather waist belt are sure to give a bad-ass look like no other without trying too hard.

5. The high-class partly formal look

The versatility of graphic tees isn’t limited to just casual wear. You can pair a loose, elbow sleeved tee having a slightly realistic print with a pencil or tube skirt, and heels for the modern, high-class look. The skirt can be printed or plain, whatever suits you more.


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