Fall Wedding Guest Dress Ideas That Are Trendy and Iconic!

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has postponed everything to the later months of 2020 and that includes weddings. With everything scheduled for the fall months, an ample amount of free time right now, and the internet with its plethora of ideas and designs just a click away, what better opportunity than now to find the perfect dress for yourself that not only flatters you but also meets all your requirements and preferences while catching everyone’s eye!

Still, wondering what to wear for your next wedding? Don’t get so stressed! This article has been specially designed to help you go through the whole process and guide you on your path to selecting the best wedding guest dress for you!

Not Sure How to Choose the Best Wedding Guest Dress? Just Read On!

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When you think of fall, what are the first colors that pop into your mind? I am sure it is the different shades of orange, maybe a little brown, definitely red, and purple. Dresses that have darker or cooler shades would complement these colors the most while providing an elegant and stylish feel. This leads to popularity in the trend of burgundy fall wedding dresses that have everyone’s heads turning. But if you do not feel like wearing darker colors that is completely fine too and there are a ton of other options to match just your liking. Just follow these general guidelines when picking a dress.

  • Choose the dress according to the time of the event, if it is a day event go for pastel or light colors like pinks, light blues, or even yellow. You can also wear something slightly patterned. But if it is an evening event choose colors that are a tad bit darker. Evening gowns and dresses that are made of solid-colored material are perfect.
  • Choose materials that give a soft image like chiffon, crepe, velvet, satin, organza, etc. In case the material is thin make sure that it has an underlayer which would provide warmth and make you feel comfortable if the temperature drops, especially in an evening fall event.

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  • If you are working on a budget, don’t worry! There are thousands of dresses available online and you can always change the entire look of a simple dress with some simple ornaments or beautiful lace.
  • If a dress code has already been specified, try to do some research on it before picking a dress. This will help you get something which you like, and which follows the code too. For example, for a casual event you can wear a cocktail dress, but floor-length gowns would be better for a black-tie theme.

5 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas You Can’t Miss Out!

The ongoing quarantine situation gives you plenty of time to find a dress and tailor it just the way you want so when fall comes you have nothing to worry about. Below is a list of 5 fall wedding guest dress ideas that are in trend and are comfortable too. You can also add things according to your personal liking or have something similar.

  1. Bold Sequined V-Neckline Dress

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If you like shiny, sparkly things, or if you even like glitter, this dress is just for you. With a standard V-neckline, shoulder straps to carry it easily, a floor-length skirt, and sleeveless bust, this bold dress will make you feel the queen of the night.

  1. Elegant, Long-Sleeved Dress

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Looking for something that doesn’t show off too much but is still fashionable and makes you look gorgeous? Well then, this A-line dress is just for you. It features a V-Neck bust, ¾ sleeve design, and a belt-like waistline that will make your waist look smaller.

  1. Stunning Empire-Waist Dress

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Get ready to fall in love with this dark, mysterious yet romantic dress. Simple yet elegant, this stunning dress features a fitted bodice with a floor-length skirt that will cover your feet completely. Looking for a proper runway look? Then this is the one!

  1. Flowy Double V-Neck Dress

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This dress combines a mixture of a loud, bold, and angelic look. It features a deep double V-neck, a sleeveless style, and a sequin bodice with a tulle skirt below. The skirt has an additional layer underneath to keep you warm and to enhance the color and effect of the tulle over it. It also comes with a belt to cinch your waist. If you want to look sexy and feel like you came out of a fairy tale, this is the dress for you!

  1. Romantic A-Line Dress

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This A-line dress accomplishes the task of making you look gorgeous and elegant without being too extravagant or extra showy. It has a double V-neck with slightly broader shoulder straps giving it a classy look. The narrow belt around the wait embraces your natural shape and the floor-length skirt completes the excellence of this dress.

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