5 Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses That are Right on Trend


Getting married soon and looking for your bridesmaid dresses? After you’ve found your ideal wedding dress, another search is in line and when it comes to choosing them, it’s a tough chore; in fact, it’s one of the most difficult choices to make. To avoid you any pain, we are putting together this amazing guide on how to select the most beautiful, perfect bridesmaid dresses.

No matter your party style and your friends’ preferences, this article includes everything you need to know when it comes to affordable bridesmaid dresses for you to be able to select the ideal, perfect bridesmaid dresses for your dream wedding.

Got Your Wedding Postponed? Look on the Bright Side!


Our daily lives have undoubtedly been affected by the Covid-19 current situation: we cannot go outside as often as we used to, we cannot see our loved ones, we cannot train outside, there are no clubs, restaurants, theatres, and many events had to be put off at least till June. If you were to get married during this period, you probably had to postpone it for now.

However, you must have been planning that special day for a long time now and there’s no reason to stop doing it. Looking on the bright side, now you have more time to finish with those little details that were killing you, including the bridesmaid dresses! So, don’t feel blue or disappointed and get ready to start planning your fall wedding. To ease the process for you, here are some basic steps to choose your affordable bridesmaid dresses.

  • Do some research: start off by browsing different dress websites or magazines to grab a general idea of what’s trendy this 2020 fall. This will give you some inspiration!
  • Settle a budget: as bridesmaids usually pay for their own dresses, perhaps it will be a good idea to discuss the budget with them and agree as a group. Once you figure it out, the budget will help you narrow down the choices and thus saving you hours of research. There are thousands of affordable bridesmaid dresses available online!
  • Consider timing: if you’ve never ordered online, you should know that it could take up to six months- sometimes more- for your products to arrive and then you’ll need more time to make any needed alterations, so buying your dresses 4 months before would be ideal.
  • Decide on color and style: you could choose both factors yourself or you could just choose the color and let them choose their dresses according to their own styles. Another option could be choosing one style and letting them choose a color: you can have multicolored bridesmaids!
  • Be careful with the sizes! in order to find the right fit, make sure your bridesmaids check the size chart to choose the correct size and go at least a size larger. This will give you enough margin for any arrangements: it’s better to alter a big dress than a small one.

5 Bridesmaids Ideas for Your Wedding

During these hard times in which we need to stay home and can’t do much when it comes to planning a party, you shouldn’t lower your standards regarding the wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses. Here’s a list of 5 beautiful, long bridesmaid dresses that will absolutely shock you!

1. Elegant V-Neck with Ruffles Bridesmaid Dress


Want your bridesmaid gang dressing up elegant and attractive? This beautiful, floor-length dress features a sexy, deep V-neckline and delicate ruffle lace sleeves, a flowy A-line tulle skirt and shiny sequins around the chest area. The design is perfect for almost every body type.

2. Delicate Sequined Maxi Bridesmaid Dress


With a classic, round neckline, this delicate floor-length dress will make everyone jealous! It features a beautiful sequin design un the top, comfortable cap sleeves and a shape-flattering A-line. With this amazing dress, your team will rock the night!

3. Sexy Double V-Neckline Fishtail Bridesmaid Dress


For a sexy bridesmaid gang, this dress can make the perfect match. It features a sexy double V-neckline with a fishtail skirt. All made of tulle and sequins, it has a delicate leaf design that adds a romantic vibe. All in all, this sexy yet romantic bridesmaid dress is a great option!

4. Sexy Double V-Neckline Fishtail Bridesmaid Dress


If you want your bridesmaid to shine bright like a diamond, then take a look at this beautiful option. It features a subtle V-neckline, wide straps, a tight design and a floor-length skirt. All covered in shiny sequins, this dress will absolutely make a statement among your gang!

5. Classy Double V-Neckline Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


This absolutely stunning dress is ideal if you want your bridesmaids to look stunning and classy at the same time. It features a double deep V-neckline, a belt that enhances your waistline and a flowy, floor-length skirt. With this dress, your bridesmaid team will look like angels fallen right from the sky!


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