How to Dress for Graduation 2020

If you are looking for a graduation dress, we want to congratulate you! It means you’ve made it to the end. Whether it’s your school graduation or university graduation, you may be feeling absolutely happy about finishing a hard period in your life and you’re probably also looking for the perfect outfit for that special graduation day.

In this complete graduation outfit article, we are going to guide you through the whole process of choosing your ideal dress color and style according to your body and face shape and skin color, and some other important factors. After you have an idea of what’s a good option for you, we are going to show you some beautiful dresses for you to select. Go ahead and get ready to rock your graduation day outfit!

1. How to Dress for Graduation 2020 According to Your Body Shape, Skin and Hair Color


Choosing your graduation dress and figuring out what’s flattering for your personal physical characteristics, is basically a paramount part of your graduation, and you may be wondering how to start the choosing process. Well, you don’t have to worry about that since we’ve got it covered: here’s a list of different body characteristics and how to make them work perfectly with different graduation outfits for you to rock your special day.

  • Body Shape: As we know, we all have different body shapes and that’s a totally positive thing. If you want to adapt your graduation dress choice to your body, then check which one is your shape and which dress style best fits you:
    • Hourglass Body Shape: If you have a defined bust and waist and neat hips, A-line dresses are perfect for you as they emphasize the waist curves.
    • Pear Body Shape: If you have full hips, a defined waist and narrow shoulders, the ball gown style is a great option since it will get your waist and legs covered.
    • Apple Body Shape: if your shoulder and bust area tends to have a round shape, then go for the empire waistline dress as this will absolutely draw a beautiful waist on your body.
    • Inverted Triangle Body Shape: if your bottom is smaller than your top, then a sheath dress is ideal since it will provide you with a balance between your top and your bottom halves.
  • Skin and Hair Color: The same way we have different, beautiful body shapes, we humans have a wide variety of skin and hair colors and depending on that, you can choose the best color dress for your graduation day.
    • Very Fair Skin Tone: this skin tone is generally associated with silver and ashy blonde hairs together with warm tones such as honey, champagne and gold. The best colors to match these tones are neutral, jewel and pastel tones. Colors that are too dark or too light may not look nice.
    • Fair Skin Tone: hair colors matching this skin tone are red, golden and strawberry blonde and light brown. To match these colors, you can choose outfits on peach, lavender, soft yellow, coral and blush.
    • Medium Skin Tone: hair colors matching this skin tone are dark, golden and ash brown and caramel. This skin tone adapts perfectly to darker, bolder colors: pink, cranberry, olive, mustard, purple and forest green.
    • Olive Skin Tone: some hair colors associated with this tone are chocolate, golden blonde and golden brown. The ideal colors you can choose from are burgundy, pink, navy blue, orange, green, olive and emerald.
    • Dark Skin Tone: matching hair colors are honey blonde, jet black and dark brown. You can choose your graduation dress in ruby, orange, yellow, plum, white and pink colors.
    • Deep Dark Skin Tone: the typical hair color with this skin tone is simply jet black, and to match them you can choose between white, blush, royal blue, yellow and fuchsia.

2. How to Match your Graduation Gown


By now you’ve probably made a decision regarding the dress color you’re going to choose according to your body shape and your skin and hair color, so now we are taking you to a guide on how to your wear graduation gown: what shoes, handbag and jewelry will complete a perfect graduation outfit.

The Shoes: these are of vital importance since they are in charge of putting a smile or an uncomfortable look on your face. Choose them comfortable. Don’t go for shoes you’re not used to wearing. If you’ve never put on some high heels, why doing it now? This is probably not the best occasion to do it. If you love high heels and walk on them like bare feet, then go ahead. What color to choose? A classic recommendation is to match them with your handbag color but they can also match your dress. What’s a trendy show color nowadays? Nude.

Handbag: trendy handbags nowadays are sexy, small clutches. They are comfortable to carry and you can put just your basics inside. Trendy clutch colors are metal ones: silver, golden and copper.

Jewelry: this is quite a controversial topic to discuss since theories abound. Basically, the rule you should have in mind goes like this: if your dress is too complex (i.e with many details), or if it’s of a bright, eye-catchy color, go for no jewelry or something very tiny and subtle. If you chose a simple dress or if it’s of a soft color, you can choose big, shiny earrings and necklaces. If you chose a one-shoulder dress, try to avoid jewelry on your neck.

3. Graduation Dresses for Different Girls

You’ve read about how to choose the ideal graduation dress according to your look and preferences, so now we’d like to show you 5 cute graduation dresses for you to choose your favorite one and rock your graduation day. There are no excuses!

(1) Romantic Round Neck Ruffle Sleeve Graduation Dress


If you are looking for a classic yet romantic graduation dress, this could be the right choice. It features ruffle sleeves, a delicate, flowy, floor-length skirt, a transparent full back and a sophisticated applique on the bust area. This beautiful dress is the perfect, figure-flattering dress if you want to look totally romantic on your graduation!

(2) Stunning Knee-length Graduation Dress


Maybe romantic is not your style and you prefer a stunning, shiny option; well, here’s your ideal graduation dress. This sparkling knee-length dress features a double V-neckline and a flowy tulle skirt. The shiny sequins decorations start on the bust and finish on the skirt in beautiful spikes. Dare to shine all night with this sparkly graduation dress!

(3) Delicate High-Low Tulle Graduation Dress


If you want to look totally fashionable on your graduation, this amazingly delicate graduation dress features a sexy double deep V-neckline, a sophisticated flowery detail made of sequins and lace on the bust and a high low silhouette which flatters your natural shape and allows you to walk and dance freely on your graduation day.

(4) Beautiful Off-Shoulder Strapped Graduation Dress


This beautifully designed graduation dress is an excellent choice if you want to show a bit more and keep the elegance in your look. It features a sexy off-shoulder neckline with delicate, adjustable shoulder straps and beautiful ruffle sleeves, a below-the-knee length, a delicate applique on the bust and waist and a flowy tulle skirt: a perfect combo for elegance and sensuality.

(5) Sexy One Shoulder Midi Velvet Graduation Dress


If you want to be the sexy queen on your graduation day, this unique dress has all the sexy details but keeping it subtle. It’s made of velvet fabric and it’s slightly stretchy, ideal to hug your curves. It features a beautiful ruffle shoulder for a special touch. All in all, this short dress includes everything you need to feel sexy and subtle on your graduation!

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