What Colour of Shoes Should You Wear for Prom Dresses

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your prom dress can seem like a bit of a daunting proposition. Your choice of shoe can make or break the overall look of your outfit, and with so many possibilities, coming up with a great combination can be overwhelming, but no worries! We’ve got you covered. With a few helpful guidelines in mind, you’ll have everything you need to narrow your selection down, and in no time, you’ll be effortlessly picking an alluring pair of heels or flats that will stun on any prom night.

Searching Colour Ideas for Your Prom Dresses?


Finding that perfect color for your dress isn’t as hard as you might think! You just need to do a little bit of color matching with your skin tone and your eye color. Once you have your dress, take a good look at it. Take note of what color your garment is, how impactful the design of the fabric is, and how much your dress will expose your skin. If you still don’t know how to select a dress which compliments your unique skin tone and body type, then you can use this information to figure out how best to accessorize with a matching or contrasting color.


For example, the subdued effect of your actual skin tone is more subtle than it first appears. Skin tone can be broadly categorized into warm and cool tones. Want to call more attention to your beautiful, bold dress? Contrast and match it both by the fairness of your skin, but also the warmth of your tone. If you are fair-skinned with cool blue eyes, for example, then perhaps you want neutral or pastel-colored fabric for your prom dress, as dark colors can create a harsh contrast that is only desirable if you are trying to make a statement. To match it seamlessly, instead try sea foam greens, sky blues, and cheerful yellows. If you have medium, olive tone to your skin, instead, consider wearing darker tones like purple or navy blue, as the tone of your skin will mute the overall effect of your choice. Those with darker skin tones have some flexibility in deciding what color of dress to wear. Crimson, emerald green, royal blue, or a bright white all can offset and augment your natural skin tone.

Follow the Colour Guidelines When You shop for Prom Dresses. ​Follow the Colour Guides When You Shop for Shoes For A Prom Dress.

The color guide is a helpful cross-reference of different colors and their relationships with each other on the color wheel. The colors on the wheel are organized according to four basic elements. The hue indicates the pure value of the color. The tint refers to the hue’s color when white elements are added to it. The tone is the hue with both white and black elements added. Finally, the shade is your hue with black added to it.


If you’re confused as to what to color to pick, a good rule of thumb is to match the color of your garment directly to the color of your dress. You can’t go wrong with this approach; red goes with red. Blue works with blue. You get the idea. Just be sure that the color values match as precisely as you can. For example, you probably don’t want a light green heel with a forest green dress, as these two colors will clash with each other and compete for the spotlight. This will involve looking at both of the garments’ hue and shade.

As an alternative, matching neutral tones with bright colors, such as a neutral colored heel with a brightly colored prom dress, or a bolder toned shoe with a more monochrome dress, can create a visually striking tone. For example, browns tend to match with beiges and earthy tones, such as greens. Blacks and dark tones, by contrast, tend to crave a brighter counterpoint, such as hot pink or cerulean blue. You can find this on any color wheel and use it to determine how loudly you want your color to stand out.


You can also tastefully match color to the adornments on your garment. If your dress has beading in gold or silver, for example, consider matching it with a metallic colored heel that will produce an overall brightening effect to your appearance, and seamlessly pull the whole look together.

If you’d rather take a risk with your shoes by having them boldly contrast colors, that can work too! For example, a navy blue could be nicely contrasted with a fiery crimson or a muted burgundy, to differing effects. A resplendent purple pairs surprisingly well with a cheerful yellow-tone. The possibilities are endless, so help remove some of the guesswork by using the color wheel for reference.

Can’t choose one color? Why not try them all? By including the whole spectrum of colors in all their shiny glory, iridescent heels can give your outfit a unifying element, and can act as a quick hall pass in case you have a mismatched color in there somewhere.

The Latest Shoe Ideas for Prom Dresses in 2020


Prom night 2020 is coming up fast, and your choice of shoe design matters just as much as your choice of color. If you’re planning on dancing the night away, you’ll want a shoe that is as comfortable as it is appealing. If you really want to grab the attention of the whole room, you’ll want a pair of shoes that prominently shows off your style, as well a dress that will let them be seen. For a little bit of inspiration, and a few suggestions of what to look for in the perfect shoes to pair with your prom dress this year, then read on.

A pair of pumps splits the difference between low-key and luxurious, so they’re an extremely versatile choice, and a fantastic middle-ground if you’re not sure which type of shoe will complement your dress. Pumps can insinuate at the appearance of a higher heel, without compromising anything in glamour or wearability, or lean right into the task of offsetting your gorgeous dress with a muted, unobtrusive appeal.


Strap heels and sandals are a stylish choice with a heavy-hitting impact that everyone will notice. A heel will accentuate your form, making you look shapely and elegant throughout the evening, and is a great choice to add a bit of zazz to a conservative, laid-back dress. An ankle strap sandal is a great, supportive shoe, well-suited to a long night of dancing. You can opt for a neutral heeled sandal that says delicate grace, or stunt on ’em with a sexy open-toed stiletto that’s always in-vogue. Just make sure to choose a heel with a height you are comfortable wearing, and get used to wearing it. Practice walking in your new pair to break them in.


If you’re wearing an exquisite flowing dress with magnificent detail, a pair of flats might be just what you’re looking for if you want to call more attention to your garment, or if you’re wearing a dress with a longer skirt. These are comfortable, functional shoes, and with sequins, rhinestone studs, or glittery designs on offer, they can be just as elegant as any heel.

Know the Rules and Break Them

Fashion is about personal expression. Now that you have the guidelines, make them your own by playing with the conventions. Match like colors, or complement them with their opposites on the color wheel. Couple neutrals with splashes of bright hue, or lighten it all up with a touch of shiny metallic lustre. Pick your favorite style of shoe, picture how it will look with your dress, and get shopping!

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