How Prom Dresses Have Evolved over the Last 20 Years

The prom tradition has been taking place for almost a hundred years now, and over time, it became the precious line marking the growing-up moment of each adolescent. When high schools starting throwing prom parties in the beginning of the 20th century, this special night kept becoming more and more popular in the last decades.

So important is this party, that according to studies, in 2014 an average student spent around $900 on the special night, and we all know that a prom outfit costs a lot. However, things have been changing in the course of time regarding prom dresses: lace and tulle have been coming and going together with gown styles and makeup and hairstyle have evolved uncontrollably. There’s only one thing that hasn’t changed over time: prom night is the most waited night for all students.

Prom Dress Fashion Is Not Immutable


As we said before, prom dress fashion has evolved a lot through the last decades, from fabric to styles. Let’s take a look at the prom dress fashion evolution decade after decade.

  • 1930s: prom was a formal party that middle class American people threw as a way of reacting to upper class debutante balls. All women agreed on a style and wore the same dress.
  • 1940s: prom parties started becoming popular all across the United States. During this time, the hourglass figure was trendy, so prom dress fashion emphasized this.
  • 1950s: the actual takeoff of the prom tradition. Sleeveless gowns started to be worn together of huge skirts made of tulle and taffeta.


  • 1960s: extravagant dresses of bright colors such as yellow, light blue, orange, red and pink. But the dresses were not the only extravagant thing: the hairstyles were higher and bigger than ever.
  • 1970s: this period offered patterned fabrics in plaid, geometric and floral styles that were not normally used for formal occasions at that time. It’s important to mention as well that this decade is the beginning of ruffled shirts and colored tuxes for men.


  • 1980s: the brightest and biggest prom dresses of all times. Madonna inspired girls to design and wear huge, bright-colored dresses with puffy skirts and sleeves.
  • 1990s: at the end of the century, metallic and silky fabrics were chosen by girls along with open backs. Short dresses also started to appear during this decade.


  • 2000s: The starting of the new century brought brand-new styles: silky dresses full of over-the-top decorations: crystals, sequins and shiny details everywhere.
  • 2010s: in this decade one-shoulder dresses became highly popular as well as cutouts, two-piece sets and mesh panels. And here’s the good news: people started spending less in prom dresses.

How Prom Dresses Evolved over the Late 20 Years in the New Era


The prom dress style revolution started right in the beginning of 2000, with the appearance of the previously-mentioned brand-new styles such as silky dresses with over-the-top decorations composed of sequins, crystals and shiny details.

As you may have noticed in the previous section, in the last 20 years dresses passed from extravagant shiny dresses, to more delicate styles and now, in 2020, shine merged again but in a more sophisticated way.
As time goes on, there are many prom dress styles appear before our eyes. It is not only various in style but also cheap in price. High schools students can afford the best prom dresses that fit them perfectly, together with top quality.

The way we buy dresses has also changed dramatically over the late 20 years. They can shop prom dresses in local boutiques, as well as at online stores.

Choose the Latest Prom Dress Styles in 2020 Here

If you want to take a look into the latest prom dress in 2020 spring, here’s a top 5 list of stunning dresses you can choose from and be absolutely beautiful and trendy that special prom night.

1. Elegant Shiny Floor Length Prom Dress


Featuring a round neckline and sequin details starting from the neck and ending just above the knee-level, this stunning gown with half sleeves and a natural flowy tulle skirt makes it a perfect fit for your prom night. Want to feel like a shiny star? This is the one!

2. Stunning Sequin Mermaid Prom Dress


If sequins are your thing, then why not go for this shiny option: a mermaid-style dress with a fishtail skirt, all covered in sequins and with a round neckline which features tulle for a small sexy touch. If you want to look like a Hollywood star walking on the red carpet, this dress is a perfect option.

3. Delicate Beaded Evening Prom Dress


This beautiful V-neck see-through floor-length dress has all the delicate details you need to feel like a princess in a fairytale: a subtle V-neck and a fully-beaded chest with a skirt that falls with a natural flow. More good news? This dress is padded, so you have the option of wearing if with no bra, which makes it a perfect, comfortable option for your special night.

4. Sexy Off-Shoulder Sequin Prom Dress


Another shiny option, different style and color. This sexy ruffle sleeved long dress features a beautiful dark blue color which is perfect for the night. The off-shoulder style gives you a sexy and delicate touch, showing enough skin to make you feel absolutely beautiful in your special night.

5. Stunning Mermaid Sequin Prom Dress


If the previous options are not enough for you, then this one will undoubtedly make you decide. With a double deep V neckline, a fishtail skirt and a sequin belt, this stunning sequined gown will have all the eyes turned on you on that special night. You can choose between rose gold, black, purple orchid, grey and burgundy.

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