Lace Dress Trends You Will Love This Spring

With winter still in full swing, it’s nice to sit back and dream of Spring and all the new trends we will be wearing once it warms a little. One of the most exciting clothing items to update with the changing seasons is the dress. Dresses are such a versatile item that they can be work attire, hanging out attire, and going out dancing attire. Wear a sundress to the beach or the office. Try that with your usual beach gear, and you might be talking to HR more than you’d like.

Is Lace for You?


2020 is looking to be a strong contender for the best new dresses. What used to be looked at as out of style is now chic. The ’60s are coming back for you with the return of wallpaper prints, and the ’80s are offering you the big, fluffy, billowy sleeves of yesteryear. The inclusion of lace dresses this year is a giant step forward in the world of fashion. There are so many varieties of dress to choose from that making the final purchase can be daunting. Should you buy the maxi dress or the black lace mini? Lace dresses tend to look elegant, and while that may not be for everyday wear when the opportunity arrives to dress up a bit, this is always a lovely standby to have in your arsenal.

A lace maxi dress might be perfect for the upcoming charity event or friend’s wedding (as long as it’s not white!), and as long as it isn’t too elegant, it works great for an interview as well. Lace dresses are an excellent option for an outfit on many different occasions. A mini lace dress can also bring a touch of class when entwined with lace. Lace can take the average looking dress to the next level. Bring your best self forward and wear a beautiful, sexy black lace mini to your next elegant event and be ready for some attention. Lace dresses outfit the wearer with a bold, stunning design and a striking, demure look. If you are searching for a versatile, elegant look, lace may be right for you.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Spring 2020: Lace Dresses

Trends are always changing, fashion is ever-evolving, and your bank account is trying to tell you it doesn’t want you to buy all six of those black lace minis. It’s a well-known fact that you can never really go wrong with a black dress, be it a maxi or a mini because they never truly go out of style.

This years’ trends are no different. A traditional black dress becomes immediately more captivating when encased in elaborate lace. Designers can’t seem to get their fill of this timeless look, and your preferred fast-fashion retailers like Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Uniqlo have created their versions to meet demand.

1. Lace Wedding Dresses in 2020a-white-lace-wedding-dress

Lace has always been in the foreground in the wedding industry, with the most well-known lace dress being a wedding dress. While wedding dresses are at the top, let’s take a closer look at the bridesmaids’ attire. An everyday reality bridesmaids face is that they are all going to look the same, and it will be a cone of every other wedding. That doesn’t need to be the case at all. Dresses with elegant fit-and-flair skirts, open backs, and playful delicate covers are just a few options in giving a fresh look to your bridal party.

2. Colorful Lace Dresses in 2020


Color options abound with lace gowns. Everything from an elegant dark red to a fun and sassy pink; whatever you are looking for is going to be available. The most common options are white for the bride, with several color variations available for the bridesmaids.

3. Lace Bridesmaid Dresses in 2020


Far from being a dress that your bridesmaids will only wear once, designers are moving into a more modern, fashion-forward looks that are mimicking the trends seen on runways in places like New York City and Paris. Stylish, trendy lace bridesmaid dresses and popular bridal-party colors are pushing the industry to a new height of fashion, making these dresses far more versatile.

Different hem lengths are going to dictate the appropriate accessories you can wear with them. For example, when wearing a burgundy lace gown, accessories aren’t that necessary.

4. Tea Length Dresses


Tea-length gowns are going to be everywhere this Spring. Watch for lace designs with a hemline that settles just below the knee, or possibly the top of the calf. The length is semiformal, so the dress still radiates a retro, fun style with an underlying level of sophistication.

Strapless lace dresses can show just the right level of skin, giving them a sleek, sensual look, but we all know that what they offer in sexiness, they take away in support. These may not be right for all of your bridesmaids. A One-Shoulder dress could resolve that issue since it provides a sensual look while also looking elegant and beautiful.

Cap sleeves are going to offer a luxurious look in lace while providing more support than the strapless option. A delicate lace sleeve is going to add a significant level of elegance to the overall look.

Be Your Best You in A Lace Dress

Black Tie events are going to call for a different style of elegance. Dress shopping for one of these can be a tad overwhelming. A perfect option for this is the black lace gown. It’s also advisable to always have one of these on hand. This way, you’ll always be prepared for that gala or charity event wasn’t discussed with you until the night before (no matter how adamant your partner is that they told you about it months ago! Why isn’t it on the calendar? Answer that one!). This dress is always going to be elegant and ready for a night out at the last second.


Lace dresses are going to find themselves in the center of the fashion world again, and you can be right there with them, ready to show the world that you are not only the queen of sophistication but that you are also the queen of keeping up with trends. Don’t forget that selfie for your Insta!

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