5 Spring Break Style Ideas

We are only a few weeks away from the end of winter and spring break is right around the corner. Going on holidays to some fun, exotic full-of-party destination? Make sure you pack everything you need to look fantastic.

To pack the perfect suitcase, you need to make sure you choose the most fashionable, last-minute trendy clothes that will make all eyes turn on you; after all, spring break lasts a blink of an eye and you need to enjoy it till the last minute.

What to Wear On Spring Break


Spring break is coming earlier this year and students are already anxious and eager to finish winter (and classes) and go enjoy the always beloved spring break in the sunny weather. Going on a trip, perhaps to Mexico or maybe the sandy beaches of Florida and need help with your spring break style? Here’s a list on what stylish things you can wear for these wonderful holidays if you want to look stylish and, pack light and feel comfortable as well.

  • Tank Tops

These are the in thing this coming spring 2020 and can be combined with any bottoms you want plus they are super comfortable.

  • Day Dresses and Rompers

Both fashionable pieces are perfect for a sightseeing day or for going to the beach as well. Also, they are a good choice when you run out of ideas on how to mix and match your clothes.

  • Maxi Skirts

You may haven’t noticed this but, the longer the skirt, the cooler you will feel. We know miniskirts are beautiful, but rest assured that maxi skirts dress you up a bit more.

  • Hats and Sunglasses

These are classic accessories that will help you complete your outfit. Go ahead and choose your favorites!

Spring Break Fashion Essentials 2020


Packing your suitcase and have no idea of what to include in it? We previously advised you on some trendy clothes you can take to your spring break holidays; let’s now devote ourselves to a list of Spring break fashion essentials 2020 you cannot miss to combine and match your favorite spring break outfits 2020.

  • Bathing Suit

Don’t you dare forget it! In fact, pack two or three so that you can keep changing them: from string bikini to a cut out bathing suit to the one piece.

  • Comfortable Outfit

It is highly important that you carry one outfit in which you feel totally comfortable; you’re definitely going to want to wear this during your long flight or maybe during a hangover morning!


  • Going-out Outfit

As it’s spring break you’re probably going to go out a lot at night, so don’t forget to choose a sexy outfit for those occasions. It can be a sexy romper or a beautiful bodysuit.

  • Shoes

Take into account every occasion: cute sandals or flip-flops for the beach, wedges or heels for partying, and a pair of sneakers for walking.

  • Trendy Sunglasses


As we mentioned in the previous list, sunglasses are essential. However, we want to warn you that bringing your expensive ones is not the best idea as you may end up losing or destroying them; so go ahead and choose a trendy, chip pair!

  • Appropriate Bags

This is very important as you will need to carry one for each activity you do. A beach bag is a must, a small backpack for daytime, and a clutch for your night parties!

  • Party Dress


Last but not least, you should take a beautiful dress with you in case you are invited to a formal party because let’s be honest, rushing to a mall to get the perfect dress will definitely make you waste precious time.

5 Dress Ideas of Spring Break Dress Style

Alright, we gave you an idea of the trendiest pieces of clothing and a list of must-haves for your spring break fashion 2020 and as we mentioned in the list above, taking a formal dress may be an excellent idea. If you agree, go ahead and peep these 5 ideas for spring break dresses.

1. Elegant Front-Wrapped Spring Break Dress


If you have an elegant style and don’t want to show too much, this ¾ sleeve, floor-length dress may be a good option for you. Feel sexy without having to show too much skin! It comes in dark green as shown in the picture and burgundy as well. Pair it with silver or gold heels together with the same color handbags, which will surely make you, stand out across the crowd.

2. Delicate A-Line Spring Break Dressa-romantic-prom-dress

This gorgeous floor length dress features a double V-neckline with a flowy tulle skirt and a sequin belt which makes this dress sexy and sophisticated at the same time. If sophistication is your first rule when buying a dress, this option may be your perfect fit. If you are a fun of pink, then don’t hesitate to give it a try of this pink spring break dress, which will make you more beautiful and lovely.

3. Sexy Sequin Maxi Spring Break Dress


This gorgeous dress features a sequined chest with a V-neck and a flowy tulle skirt that gives it a delicate touch. If you want to feel like a princess and keep a comfortable feeling in the party, this is a perfect fit which features a delicate belt and a comfortable skirt. Show off your good shape with this sequin maxi spring break dress and be the queen of the party.

4. Sweet Tulle Evening Dress for Spring Break


Another good choice if you want to feel like a princess. The light, flowy effect created by the tulle skirt together with the delicate belt makes this one a perfect gown for any formal parties you may have. Get all eyes turned on you with this stunning dress. You can choose this one in grey, dusty blue and white. The best spring break dress is the one which suits your skin tone and body shape perfectly. Give it a try!

5. Subtle Off-Shoulder Spring Break Dress


If you want to show some skin and yet maintain an elegant image, this off-shoulder, floor-length gown may be your perfect choice: sweet, comfortable and sexy at the same time. With a romantic touch thanks to its ruffle sleeves, you can choose between pink, dusty blue and black.

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