6 Tips for Choosing Formal Dresses for Women

There’s always a special moment in every woman’s life in which we need to dress up for a formal event, whether it is for a dance, a prom party, a birthday party, a wedding or any other special formal occasion. In any of these situations, choosing a formal dress is an absolute necessity. As dress shopping can be a fun, entertaining and exciting thing to do, it can be stressful as well as choosing the right thing to wear is not always as easy as it seems.

If you have an upcoming formal event and you’re in the hunt of a formal outfit, continue reading this article to discover the best tips for choosing the perfect formal dresses for women.

Formal Dress Code for Ladies


In this section we are going to explore what’s the so-called formal dress code exactly, when it’s used and what it includes for you to have an idea when choosing your formal dress.

What’s a formal dress code and when do we use it? It’s an extremely formal way of dressing up for an event. From a business gala to a wedding party, formal events come in every shape and color. A formal attire code includes a range of 3 different levels and understanding them is essential. Later we’ll discuss them

What does it include? As we said before, there 3 different types of formal dress code:

  • White tie: this is the most formal code. Women wear floor-length evening gowns in dark colors and men go for tuxedos with black jacket with tails, a white bow tie and as an optional element, a white vest.
    Examples of types of attires for women are strapless ball gowns with tail and elbow-length gloves. Black and white is an elegant combination. Too much for you? A maxi ball gown is enough!
  • Black tie: Women wear dressy cocktail dresses and classic floor-length dresses and men go for black tuxedo jackets with a bow tie and a vest as an optional element.
    For this dress code, a floor-length formal dress of delicate fabrics such as embroidery, tulle and chiffon is enough. Make sure you pair it with nice shoes and purse.
  • Black tie optional: it comes below the previous code and men can wear black tuxedos or dark suits. As for women, cocktail dresses are a classic choice. Floor-length or even shorter dresses, sleeveless or with spaghetti straps and with some details such as sequins or embroidery are good options for this dress code.

Other things to consider: don’t panic about not knowing what to wear; you just need to check the invitation to see what dress code the party host chose. In this way you will be able to make sure about your attire. Take into account that night events are usually more formal than those taking place during the day. Another factor is the place: a party taking place in a ballroom is more likely to be more formal than one taking place at a beautiful garden.

How to Choose Perfect Formal Dresses for your Special Events?


As we promised, here are 6 tips on how to choose formal dresses for women.

Don’t Miss Out These Cheap Formal Dresses

With all the information we’ve given you, now you are ready to choose your dress for your formal party. Here’s a list of 5 cheap formal dresses 2020 for your party.

1. Fix a budget: there’s a great variety of prices for formal dresses, ranging from $40 to many hundreds, sometimes even much more. Before you start your shopping process, decide how much money you want to spend on that dress. This is a good way to choose easily because you narrow down the options.

2. Be careful with online shopping: you will find thousands of formal dress options online and the prices are usually absolutely tempting; you can choose a beautiful, cheap dress from the comfort of your home. Well, be very careful: there are many fake dress shops online. Before purchasing, make sure the seller is an official one. Also, read the return and exchange policies and the shipping information; this is of vital importance when purchasing online as it will avoid ruining your formal event.

3. Decide on a color: another way to narrow down your dress shopping process is having a color in mind.

4. Consider the type of event: before choosing the dress, make sure you understand the dress code of it and the type of event. For example, if there will be dancing, you should be careful with the design you choose. Being comfortable is a must.

5. Think of a style: just as you need to decide on a color, the same happens with the dress style. How would you like your dress? tight or a loose? Simple or more complex with details? Regular skirt or fishtail skirt? Sleeveless, half sleeves, strapless? In addition, you should think of the fabric.
The most important thing when deciding about all these factors is to consider your body type. A dress that looks great on your friend does not necessarily look good on you. Try to go for styles that benefit and enhance your natural shape.

6. Complement your dress: don’t forget to pair your dress with matching shoes and accessories such as jewelry and a purse. This will help you look more elegant and complete.

Don’t Miss Out These Cheap Formal Dresses

With all the information we’ve given you, now you are ready to choose your dress for your formal party. Here’s a list of 5 cheap formal dresses 2020 for your party.

1. Beautiful Sleeveless Sequin Formal Dress


This absolutely beautiful sleeveless formal dress features a perfect mix of materials combining chiffon on the maxi skirt and sequins on the top. With a V-neckline and an A-line skirt, this amazing formal dress will make you feel the star of the night in your formal event.

2. Romantic V-Neck Formal Dress


This stunning formal dress features a delicate applique and rhinestones which decorate the top giving a romantic look while the skirt is made of soft, flowy tulle. With a classic V-neckline, this absolutely stunning and romantic dress is perfect for any formal occasion you may have.

3. Delicate Embroidery Sequin Formal Dress


This completely delicate dress features a full floor-length, fishtail skirt made of tulle with sequins, a classic, round neckline, short sleeves and a delicate sequin decoration all over it. If you are looking for a dress full of beautiful details but keeping an elegant style, this can be your perfect choice for your formal party.

4. Elegant Double V-Neck Satin Formal Dress


A stunningly elegant formal dress which features some simple details that make a shockingly impressive dress: deep, double v-neckline, cap sleeves and a delicate, subtle belt. This satin dress is the ideal option if you want to make an impression during the formal party.

5. Trendy Long Lace Mermaid Formal Dress


If you don’t want to show too much and be elegant and sexy at the same time, this trendy long evening gown will be the best choice for your formal event. It features a long, fishtail skirt and long, see-through sleeves. The dress is completely made of lace, which is a great option of you don’t want to wear jewelry.

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