Long or Short Dresses? How to Choose the Best Party Dress for You?

Looking your best at a party or celebration starts with picking the right dress for the occasion, for your body shape and for your skin tone? Here we give you some top tips on how to choose evening dresses to make you look and feel great whatever you’re celebrating.

Are Long or Short Dresses Right for You?


The first thing to do is to work out whether long or short dresses suit you best. Long dresses can accentuate your curves if you are tall and thin, they can also help to add height and make you look slimmer of you are short – particularly if matched with a pair of heels. If you have an hourglass figure you will want a dress which is form fitting and shows off your natural curves. And if you want to show off your legs, why not choose a wrap dress which will draw attention to that flat stomach you’ve worked so hard to achieve or a short dress to show those pins off?

If you have a more rectangle figure which means similar width from shoulders to waist, you might prefer something more flouncy or a fit and flare dress which comes in at the waist and then out again to give your body shape. You might also find that an off-the-shoulder style helps to create shape. This applies if you have a fuller figure too. In this case a longer style is likely to suit better.

A fit and flare dress will suit you if you have broad shoulders and slim hips, as it will help to balance your body. For this body shape, a V-neck top can add length to your upper body and make your shoulders look narrower, helping you to look taller and slimmer. Fit and flare dresses are also ideal if you have a pear-shaped figure which means your hips are the widest part of your body and you want to create shape. Fit and flare dresses are available in both long and short styles and it really depends on how much leg you want to show.

Pros and Cons of Short or Long Evening Dresses for a Party.


The pros of short fit and flare dresses:

  • Great if you want to show off your legs. If you’re just back from holiday and have a great tan or you’re just proud of your pins, a fit and flare dress puts your legs on show – and again a good pair of heels will add height.
  • A birthday party, barbecue or an evening invitation to a wedding means a short dress is entirely appropriate.

Cons of choosing a short dress:

  • Risk of showing too much leg.
  • A relatively new style which may not feel classic or formal.

Pros of going with a long dress:

  • Sleek and classic; you can’t really go wrong with it.
  • When most people think of a ball gown or formal evening dress, they will automatically think of a longer style so you’re unlikely to shock.
  • Suitable at any time of year.

Cons of long dresses:

  • Might look out of place in the summer
  • Not as practical if you plan to hit the the dance floor

The Latest Inspiration about Evening Dresses 2020


Once you’ve decided what type of dress you are after, the next step is to get some inspiration about evening dresses in 2020. Sparkle is opening fire this year and dresses featuring glamorous trims, or that will suit sparkly accessories will be all the rage, as well as sequins, whether all over or tastefully added.

Frills and ruffles are also popular this year. One of the key benefits of frills and ruffles is that they can be used to add volume in the places that you need, particularly if you have a fuller figure. Multi-layer designs are a growing fashion this year. These put you completely in control of the look allowing you to mix and match lengths, fabrics and colors to give texture and tone. Be careful though: multi-layered designs are the best for slimmer ladies as layers can add weight. If you have a fuller figure and want to cover up areas, then you’ll want something flowy and light. While cut outs afford you an alluring look with small parts of the body exposed without the risk of revealing too much.

Whatever the occasion and whatever look you’re after, we hope these evening dresses tips could give you some guidance on what to choose. But the most important thing is that choosing your best fit evening dress and accessories should be fun. So please be adventurous, try different styles and experiment, find out what’s the best for you. Whatever you go for a short or a long dress, don’t forget that the dress is the star of the show and the accessories are there to bring out the best in the dress, and in you!

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