Maternity Clothes 2020: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Hello future mom! If you’re reading this, it means you’re going to have a baby soon, but in the meantime, you will have to look for clothes that easily adapt to your growing baby bump. Doing the maternity clothes shopping is not an easy task, but guess what? We’re here to help you.

In this article we will guide you on how to choose cheap maternity dresses and when to start buying them. Whether you want to choose some maternity summer dresses or other dresses for special occasions, this ultimate guide will make you take the right steps.

When to Buy Maternity Clothes


The first thing you’ll wonder is when to start buying your pregnancy clothes, but before you begin to look for cheap maternity dresses and other outfits, let’s see some tips on when to start buying them.

  • Don’t buy your maternity clothes as soon as you find out about your pregnancy. Because you don’t know how many sizes up you’ll go during the pregnancy, it’s better to wait a few months and choose the correct sizes.
  • Don’t wait until the 7th month either. Although buying your maternity clothes too early could be a mistake, doing it with your big baby bump could be another mistake. Think how you’ll feel: probably tired and feeling like relaxing. Too late to go shopping already. Between the 4th and 6th months could be a better moment.
  • When you start feeling your regular clothes are getting small, it’s time. Don’t wait until they don’t fit you anymore because then it’ll be too late. Your jeans make you feel a small pressure on your belly? Time to shift to maternity clothes!
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in your old clothes styles. Maybe it’s not a size problem but a style one. Maybe you used to wear miniskirts and tank tops. Well, if those make you feel awkward now, going shopping for some pregnancy outfits would be a good decision.

Things to Consider When Buying Maternity Dresses

As we said before, maternity clothes shopping is not an easy task for many reasons: you feel your body different, you are a bit more tired than usual, you don’t feel comfortable at all… and so on.

Before you start the hunt for some maternity summer dresses, let’s see what factors you should consider to choose them:

  • Patterns: During pregnancy you may feel a bit bigger and that’s totally normal. If that’s your case, avoid choosing flowery patterns as they will make you feel bigger. Go for solid fabrics and stripes or dots.
  • Material: Another common thing that you could experience during pregnancy is high temperature sensation and that’s also totally normal; you’re carrying a tiny human being inside of you. When choosing your clothes, be careful not to go for fabrics that are too warm. You can pick clothes in cotton, chiffon, lace.
  • Style: Choose something that you really like and makes you feel good and sexy as you deserve it. If you like off-shoulder dresses, spaghetti straps, short sleeves, long skirts, backless tops, then go for it! Never feel like being pregnant does not allow you to be sexy as well.
  • Length. When choosing dresses or t-shirts, consider that your baby bump occupies quite a lot of space and if you forget about this tiny detail, you could end up showing much more than your intention!
  • Color: It’s not necessary that you always wear black, unless you love black. Many pregnant women tend to choose this color because it always makes us look slimmer. That’s a fact. But also think that showing your baby bump is a sweet thing to do and you have nothing to hide, so if you like red very much, why not buying a beautiful red dress?

Best Maternity Clothes Selected for You

We introduced you to some tips on when to start buying your maternity clothes and also what thing to consider when doing so. Now comes the funniest part: Let’s take a look at some maternity dresses for special occasions so that you can start having an idea of what outfits are the best for you.

1. Casual Striped Maternity Dress


If you are simply looking for a casual maternity dress, this classic dress features short sleeves, a round neckline and delicate stripes: the perfect casual combo for your pregnancy.

2. Romantic Polka Dot Off-Shoulder Maternity Dress


For a more special occasion, this romantic maternity dress will have you covered. It features an adjustable ribbon around the waist that embraces your figure and shows your beautiful bump and an off-shoulder neckline with short sleeves. It’s just adorable!

3. Fresh Sleeveless Maternity Dress


For those who tend to feel hot during their pregnancy, this fresh, sleeveless maternity dress is the best choice. It features a round open neckline and it’s made of soft, breathable cotton that allows you to move freely.

4. Elegant Long Sleeves Maternity Dress


Long-sleeve maternity dresses are always elegant. As simple as it may look, this dress will have you all covered, in all senses. It features a round neckline and long sleeves. It’s made of cotton and its length is just above the knees. Perfect for a simple choice!

5. Cute Sleeveless Maternity Dress with Buttons


This sleeveless maternity dress is another fresh option for summer. It features a round neckline, buttons on the chest and a delicate belt around the waist which emphasizes your adorable baby bump. All in all, a great option for the day.

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