Digital Detox: Coloring

As we’ve been pushed to move our interactions online these past few weeks, you may be feeling overwhelmed digitally. We get it. It’s a lot. With that in mind we think you may need some ideas for a digital detox. (And yes, we understand the irony of disseminating digital detox ideas digitally.)

A staff favorite is coloring! Years ago, when adult coloring books became super popular, the Ever-Pretty staff jumped on this trend hard. We colored at home and we colored on our lunch breaks. Our office fridge is covered in our efforts like a proud mom would display at home. We simply love coloring.


Many studies have shown that coloring can help to reduce stress and anxiety (something we could all use right about now!) by relaxing the amygdala which is responsible for the fight or flight response.

Reducing your screen time before bed has also been proven to be essential to improving the quality and quantity of your sleep. Coloring is a wonderful screen free activity to enjoy before bed.

This activity is also great for all ages, so adults or kids can enjoy together!

Hopefully, you find that you have some coloring books lying around your place from when they were all the rage. If not, we’ve found a few resources that are offering free printables that you can download and print at home.


Crayola– the king of all coloring supplies is offering many prints of various themes for kids and adults alike. You can download them here. is another resource we found with various themed coloring pages. has wonderful coloring pages for kids of all ages.

The Professional Development Institute also has an extensive collection of coloring pages for all ages posted on their Pinterest.

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