Pajamas Styling Guide: 5 Tips for Picking Your Pajamas

You’ll probably agree with me when I say that during these hard days, the majority of us are staying home every day to protect ourselves and our families from the COVID-19. Although most of us still continue to work from home, many others spend all day locked in their homes with nothing to do but relax if possible. Looking on the bright side, this is a big chance to stop for a while, think, relax and enjoy the time at home with no obligations whatsoever.

Speaking of spending a lot of time at home, do you have a nice pajama to spend this quarantine? You know, I’m not referring to the old t-shirt you converted into a sleeping top. I mean those comfortable, softest women’s pajamas you love putting on and you enjoy wearing at home and in bed. If you still don’t have those, this article will help you in the path of choosing the best pajamas for women.

Why Pajamas Are Important in Our Daily Life


For some people pajamas are not necessary at all because you can obviously make one from your old clothes, but believe me when I tell you, that’s not completely right. Have you ever dreamt of buying the softest women’s pajamas? Have you ever wondered why pajamas were invented if you can easily replace them with an old t-shirt?

There are many reasons why pajamas are important in our daily life, and although many people think it’s not worthy buying them, this list will enlighten you. Pajamas are important because:

  • They are more comfortable than our clothes. They are specially designed to feel comfortable and to enjoy a good rest without any tightness or discomforts.
  • They are made with delicate fabrics. Unlike our regular street clothes, pajamas are generally made with fabrics that will take care of your skin and will give you a feeling of embrace.
  • They are cheaper than regular clothes. They don’t need fancy details, designs and fabrics. They are simpler and easier to produce, hence they are cheaper, allowing you to buy them at lower prices.
  • They are sterile. What does this mean? It basically means that they don’t carry the pollution from streets simply because you don’t take them outside. Sometimes, even when we wash our clothes, pollution is still there. That doesn’t happen with our pajamas: they are always sterile, which is the ideal condition for something to be in our beds.

5 Tips for Picking Pajamas


Now that you read why pajamas are so important, you surely want to go ahead and choose the best pajamas for women you can find and start enjoying its benefits. Before going to that part, we want to give you 5 tips on how to pick them:

  1. Pick your favorite fabric: when it comes to pajamas, you should pay careful attention to fabric since this is vital; it can give you the best of dreams or the worst of nightmares. For example, if you don’t like how silk feels on your skin, you can choose something made of cotton instead.
  2. Pick according to the season: Sometimes online shops have clothes for all seasons since they ship worldwide. You need to be careful with this because as much as you like those mini pajama shorts with the spaghetti strap top, if it’s winter in your hometown, you won’t be able to wear those.
  3. Pick a comfortable style: think what you prefer, pants and cardigan in winter? A night gown? Shorts and straps top in summer? As irrelevant as this may sound, you’ll see how once you’re in bed you notice the difference. For example, gowns are usually sexier than pants, but pants give you more freedom of movement when sleeping. So, what’s a priority to you?
  4. Pick your ideal color: This is another important factor. Colors lighten up our emotions and if you’re going to buy some new pajamas, you have to make sure you chose the appropriate color. Black is always sexy in a pajama, for example. Pink will give you a sweet, delicate feeling. Other bright colors like green, blue and red will cheer you up, and soft, pastel colors will give you a calm sensation.
  5. Fix your budget: Before start picking your ideal pajamas, deciding on your budget will help you narrow down the options. When buying online, the options are millions and you sometimes end up choosing nothing because you get tired before even deciding. Fix a budget and go ahead, you’ll find it much easier.

Our Top Picks on Pajamas

After all the info we gave you and the tips for picking your ideal pajamas to spend some relaxing time at home, here’s a list of 5 cheap pajamas sets that will drive you crazy. Go ahead and take a look.

1. Delicate V-Neckline Pajama Robe


This beautiful, delicate pajama robe is inspired by Coco Channel in her lovely silk pajamas back in the 20s. The robe features a V-neckline, long sleeves and a regular design. It’s made of imitated silk fabric with a smooth, glossy appearance. All in all, a lovely sensation for your body and skin!

2. Elegant Long Pajama Set with Buttons


Ready for the sweetest of dreams? Made of soft, glossy imitated silk, this pajama set features a turn-down collar, full sleeves, long pants with pockets and buttons on the front. You couldn’t ever ask for more: elegance, comfort and beauty. The perfect match for you!

3. Beautiful Silk Pajama Robe


If you have a low profile and want a beautiful, elegant pajama, this could be your ideal choice. It features a deep V-neckline, a long design with long sleeves and an adjustable ribbon around the waist. Made of imitated silk, this gorgeous solid nightgown will give you the bestest of sensations when at home!

4. Pretty Short Sleeves Pajama Set


The prettiest of all two-piece pajamas is here! Also inspired by Coco Channels’ pajamas back in the 1920s, this lovely pajama set is made of imitated silk with a glossy, smooth appearance. It features a regular cut, half sleeves and a cardigan with buttons and a pocket. Get ready to be the pajama queen with this pajama set.

5. Cute Long Sleeve Nightgown


If you are looking for a classic pajama, this cute nightgown may be a good option for you. It’s made of soft, breathable cotton for a comfortable feeling, this cute pajama features a sweetheart neckline with white sheer lace and long sleeves with the same lace detail. Cute and romantic, this classic pajama is a beautiful option!

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