How to Choose Women's Cycling Shorts 2020

We have been locked at home for months because of the COVID-19 and many people had to stop exercising. This has led to some consequences such as weight gain and even depression, two issues that are easily solved with physical activity.

Now that quarantine is slowly finishing in some countries, those who had to interrupt their activities went back to training and those who didn’t exercise at all are now eager to do it. Among the many activities available in the training scope, cycling is one of the favorites since not only does it provide high-quality training but it also boosts mental wellness as it’s usually practiced in the outdoors.

Why Cycling Shorts are on Big Trend Now

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As we mentioned above, cycling has become extremely popular this 2020. After lockdown, we are slowly getting back to normal and that also includes physical activity. Many people do cycling as a sport but also many other cycles just to have fun and enjoy a sunny day.

Cycling shorts are getting more and more trendy thanks to the fashionable look and comfort they provide. Social media shows us how influencers and celebrities are turning to cycle shorts even if they don’t practice the sport. They are just extremely comfortable. In this article, we will show you how to choose and match your women’s cycling shorts and we will also give you some options.

How to Choose Women’s Cycling Shorts?

When it comes to training equipment, clothes are the most important factor to take into account because you need to feel supported and comfortable to obtain excellent results. What’s good about these shorts is that they are short enough to leave your knees free for easier riding, and they are long enough to cover most of your upper legs and make you feel comfortable. After all, mini shorts are sometimes too showy to exercise and feel comfy.

This section of the article will be devoted to giving you some tips about how should cycling shorts fit to choose the ideal cycling shorts for you. Read on and make the correct decision:

  • Check length: always make sure they cover at least half of the upper part of your leg. This will vary depending on your shape so don’t be fooled by how it looks. Try to fit it and check it covers what’s necessary. Don’t go for mini shorts unless you’ll be absolutely comfortable with them.
  • Choose a supportive wait: when we cycle, the natural position is leaning forward and thus our lower back is usually exposed. When choosing your cycling shorts, make sure its waist covers and supports you in a way that you can freely move and lean without worrying about showing too much. A supportive waist will also help you protect your lower back from injuries.
  • Make sure the fabric is elastic enough: this is highly important because a rigid fabric will make you feel uncomfortable. You need to go for a rather elastic fabric that easily adapts to your size, your shape, and your movements when cycling.

Our Top Picks on Women’s Cycling Shorts

Now that we’ve given you some tips to choose the ideal cycling short for you, let’s take a look at these best bike shorts that will absolutely change the way you cycle!

1. Quick-Drying Classic Cycling Shorts

With a high waist and half-leg length, these cycling shorts make an ideal match if you are looking for classic comfort. Made with polyamide and spandex, they provide high elasticity, allowing you to move and stretch comfortably during your cycling session.

2. Sexy High Waist Cycling Mini Shorts

Feeling like showing a bit more? Go for these classic, sexy mini cycling shorts with a supportive and comfortable high waist. The soft, elastic material allows you to move freely during training and feel sassy and hot. If you feel your cycling clothes are already old and dull, these will be your lifesaver!

3. Cheerful Aquarelle Cycling Shorts

Looking to look lively during your spinning session? These tie-dye shorts with an aquarelle style will surely cheer you and everyone else up. With a funky look and a high waist, these shorts will make sure you feel absolutely comfortable yet sexy and fun while cycling!

4. Colorful Tie-Dye Cycling Shorts

Similar to the previous one but with patterns that look a bit neutral, these tie-dye shorts will cheer you up if you are already bored with your old classic black shorts. With a high waist and elastic fabric, comfortable training is assured. What’s more, the fabric rapidly absorbs your sweat to give you a soft, dry sensation.

5. Above the Knee-Length Comfortable Cycling Shorts

If your objective is to look sexy and yet feel absolutely comfortable, these cycling shorts are your perfect choice. They feature a soft, skin-like, highly elastic fabric that dries quickly absorbing your sweat, a high waist that allows you all the freedom of movement you may need, and a trendy look. All in all, the best option for your colorful wish!


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