Worth A Shot! Time To Try Greige Items!

Do you ever know greige, which combined with the word “grey” and “beige”? Greige is the original color of cloth which means without printing or dyeing, and greige is also the color of original linen.


Greige is one of the most favorite colors of many Instagram influencers who love minimalism, such as Beatrice Gutu, Elborn Doris, Annemiek Kessels, and our favorite supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The biggest advantage of greige is that it looks natural, comfortable, and has a lingering charm.

We think greige items are worth a shot because you’ll never have to worry about it going out of style, just like black and white. Here come the questions- which greige items are worth buying and how to style greige items? Don’t fret, keep scrolling to get more inspirations and suggestions!

1. Outfits: Greige Suits/Blazers

The first greige item which we recommend buying is a suit or blazer. Most of the greige suit/blazer is made of linen, which is super light and comfortable. We think you can wear it all seasons.


Compared to other suits or blazers which are made of wool or other fabrics, greige linen suits or blazers are more of a casual vibe, you can wear them for work or go out with your friends at weekend.

We suggest you try to wear greige on greige to create a strong sense of high fashion or choose white or black basic items as layering pieces.

2. Bottoms: Greige Loose Pants and Greige Bermuda Shorts

Greige loose pants have a sense of an able woman who is perfect with shirts and suits. We suggest you choose high heels to wear to create a more chic look.

For a more casual look, you can pair with a white T-shirt.

Compared to greige loose pants, greige Bermuda shorts are more boyish. We suggest you pair with short sleeves shirts to make a neutral look in summer.

If you are not interested in a neutral style, you can pair with a feminine top to balance the neutral vibe. A sexy sandal completes the chic look. The picture above will give you an idea of what we mean.

3. Tops: Greige Shirts And Greige Knit Tops

A Greige shirt is another neutral style item. We suggest you choose a loose one because it looks more casual and comfortable to wear. You can also wear it as an outfit in cooler months.

Greige knit tops are also worth a shot because knit tops are on hot trend which we introduced before, you can click here to check the previous article.

4. Greige Bags

You can’t miss out on greige bags if you like this color. We highly suggest you choose greige canvas bags which are on-trend these two years, we can see them from many big designers.


Greige leather bag is a good choice for people who love designer style. Compared to classic black and white leather bag, a greige leather bag is becoming more and more popular among IT girls.

That’s today’s introduction to greige items. Which one is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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