How To Take A Perfect Selfie With Flowers

What are your favorite props when you take selfies? We introduced the popular mirror selfies before, and because of the #ootd phenomenon, more and more people like taking selfies and share their outfits.

Today we will introduce the hottest selfie props- flowers! The flower selfies began with the idea of “FlowerWear Project” from a female designer Magda Butrym, she invited fashion bloggers, models, and artist all over the world to take selfies with flowers. The project became very popular immediately, especially among fashion bloggers on Instagram. Let’s find out how to take a perfect selfie with flowers!

1. Take Flowers as Bras

flower bras

The most common selfies with flowers are using flowers to cover half of the faces which are also the easiest way. However, it’s too common for the fashionista. The latest flower selfies are taking flowers as your bras.

Artist Gia Ram and model Agnieszka Swiderska chose to hold flowers in their arms and take pictures outdoors.

If you are shy or don’t want to show much of your skin, we suggest you copy the look from styling designer Pernille Teisbaek and fashion blogger Vittoria Santarelli who chose bigger bouquet to hide their body.

2. Trousers are Flower Vases

The updated version of flower bras is taking trousers as flower vases. The picture of hairstylist Tonya Urbanovich and fashion blogger Rikkle Krefting will give you an idea about what we mean. They both chose to pair white flowers with white trousers which creates a sense of high fashion.

Trousers are Flower Vases

We suggest you choose a small bouquet when you first try to take selfies with flowers. Pay attention to the color of flowers and your outfit, you could easily make a standout look. The picture of designer Aybike Oktay Pehlivan is a good example.

You could also turn back and put flowers in your trouser pocket. If you want to try this style, we suggest you choose jeans because delicate flowers and casual jeans are a good contrast which makes your picture-perfect.

3. The Color of Flowers: Begin with White

If you are new to flower selfies, we highly suggest you begin with white flowers because it can pair with any colors and you can never go wrong.

white flowers

Whether a bunch of white flowers or a white flower, you can always make a perfect selfie even when you at home.

That’s today’s introduction about how to take a perfect selfie with flowers. Are you planning to get some flowers now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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