Why Mirror Selfies are So Popular and How to Take the Perfect One

Mirror selfies have been around since the dawn of the camera phone and may even be responsible for the rise of the #ootd phenomenon. Before influencers hired professional photographers, most started their journey posting low quality mirror selfies. For the last few years mirror selfies became a bit passé as the quality of smart phones as well as fashion influencer content proved. But lately we have been seeing a resurgence. Why? The reason is very simple. Taking a mirror selfie is easy. You only need a smart phone and a mirror, then you can take it anytime, anywhere. No more concerns about bad weather, too many miscellaneous people, or impatient photographers. What’s more, you can just cover your face or a part of your face with the phone if you don’t want to show it or don’t know what facial expression to make.

mirror selfie

We also suspect the rise in popularity of mirror selfies can be attributed to a type of content fatigue people are experiencing with overly photoshopped perfect pics. As a culture we are developing a taste for more “authentic” content. And the rise in temporary post placements like Instagram Stories has created the perfect place for these “authentic” mirror selfies. While people still painstakingly curate their more permanent Instagram feeds, Stories have created a space for content creators and individuals to be more spontaneous.

Now on to how to take the perfect mirror selfie: First of all, make sure the mirror is clean.

A beautiful mirror is always a bonus point to a mirror selfie. Gold-rimmed mirrors are French influencers’ favorite for its vintage vibe. And compared to quadrate mirrors, rounded mirrors give photos a sense of art.

Squat and kneeling mirror selfies have also become more popular recently. However, the key here is not to simply squat or knee and take snap a quick pic. As with nearly all pictures, angles are everything. Play with angling your legs to one side before snapping that pic. The pictures below will give you an idea of what we mean.

That’s today’s introduction of mirror selfies, are you getting inspired? Try to take your next perfect mirror selfie!


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