3 Tips for How to Tie a Scarf

Do you ever have difficulty tying a scarf to stylish pair with your outfits? Have you looked enviously at fashion editorials and ask why your scarf never looks as good? That’s because there are many tips for how to tie a scarf fashionably that you probably just don’t know yet. Today I am going to introduce 3 super easy tips to help solve your troubles about how to tie a scarf! Let’s check it out!

1. British style

Fold the scarf, then take the bottom and stuff it through the loop. It’s as simple as that! Benedict Cumberbatch did so in the popular TV series Sherlock with a double-breasted check coat. This classic British style looks very neat and cool.

I suggest wearing a suit or suit coat when you tie a scarf in this way. It adds more of British style if you choose a check scarf.

This kind of way to tie a scarf is very easy, but you’d better choose a little shorter and thinner scarf, otherwise the scarf will looks too long or you will look too boxy. Just like the picture above shows.

2. Casual style

Make the scarf a circle around your neck and get the two tails to fall to the chest casually. The tip is that you shouldn’t make the two tails the same length. One long and another short tail creates a casual feel. And I suggest tie your hair up or hide your hair into the scarf when you tie a scarf in this way.

In this way, I suggest you choose a longer and thicker scarf, and don’t tighten the scarf, otherwise you will look very strange.

3. Lady like style

Just drape the scarf around the back. Angelina Jolie is a big fan of this style. It’s both comfortable and aristocratic.

You can add a belt if you are afraid that the scarf will drop down. But you should consider the color pairings if you want to wear a scarf in this way.

You can also drape the scarf around your body when you feel cold outside. Or only cover one shoulder which makes you more chic. I strongly suggest you choose a big and wide scarf for this style.

Are you getting inspired after today’s introduction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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