6 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding 2020

There’s something just so beautiful about winter weddings – from crisp temperatures and gorgeous color schemes to festive entertainment, the season has a lot to offer. Weddings are not only a summer and spring affair. Today, many people are choosing to tie the knot in what was earlier considered an off-season for getting hitched – and why shouldn’t they? The nights may be darker, yet the glitters are brighter, ambiance merrier, plus the entire day is filled with romance. Also, the earlier sunsets, along with the golden hour wedding photos will further convince you!

If you are considering a winter wedding, we have rounded up some essential tips that will ensure your special day is the most stress-free and smooth running.

Winter Wedding Becomes Popular in 2020


Amid the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, new measures surrounding isolation and social distancing for the vulnerable and elderly have indicated that couples have been compelled to revise their invitation list for their weddings. Consequently, several couples have either postponed or canceled their weddings this spring and are opting for a winter wedding.

Whether you had already planned your big day during winter or you had to postpone it because of the COVID-19 situation, winter is such a lovely time of the year to tie the knot. From the invitations to the venue, to all the tiniest of details in between, the season has plenty of amazing ideas to inspire your wedding day nuptials. The months from May till September were earlier considered as the peak of wedding season, but today winter weddings are on-trend for the following reasons.

  • Guests: One of the main reasons people prefer weddings during winter, especially around Christmas, is that all of the family can come together and not many people are away for a holiday. Therefore relatives can easily come together, particularly for weddings.


  • Wedding dress: Brides can go for something super chic for keeping themselves warm like ball gowns, long-sleeve dresses, and even big heavier dresses. They can also pair them with stylish accessories like a stylish fur wrap, a soft bolero, or an elegant silk velvet drape. The same can be picked for the bridesmaids as well. Wondering where to get wedding and bridesmaid dresses at this moment? Check ever-pretty.com, you will find the most beautiful high quality dresses at affordable prices. Don’t worry about your location, they ship worldwide!
  • The snow element: When executed rightly, the cold temperature and snow can include a personality and character into the wedding. For this reason, many couples go for an outdoor winter wedding, and the romantic atmosphere of snowy sceneries or any snow-covered setting offers a gorgeous option to the regular beach, countryside, or garden scenery of a summer or spring wedding.
  • Ideal time for serving comfort food: Winter weddings give the choice to serve flavorful comfort food. Warm treats, which feel especially delightful on a cold and snowy night such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cake, and steak can be served to the guests.

6 Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding 2020

Winter weddings are swiftly reaching the summer season as the most preferred time of tying the knot. If you are planning your special day this winter, you can completely personalize your cold-weather nuptials for perfectly representing you. You do not have to stay restricted to a clichéd theme. For easing your process, we will provide you some tips for planning a winter wedding that will truly inspire your wedding nuptials.


1. Keep your guests warm: If you are considering a wedding in an outdoor setting, make an effort to keep your guests warm. A hot drink such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate on the arrival of your guests is a simple and nice idea. You can place cozy blankets in a basket on both sides of the aisle so that your guests can easily grab them while settling down. Or you can also add a charming touch by draping them over the chairs.

2. Wedding outfits: Winter weddings bring with them an ideal opportunity for wearing glamorous long-sleeved bridal dresses in heavy, luxurious fabrics along with accessorizing with shawls, veils, capes, or faux fur stoles. As far as bridesmaid dresses are concerned, you cannot get more festive than your girl gang in glitter. Dress your bridesmaids in sequin, sparkling gowns in holiday-inspired colors like green or red, or you can even add wintry cover-ups for keeping them warm. For the groom and groomsmen, velvet blazers work perfectly. The fabric is thick that and keep them warm, plus it is completely on-trend.


3. Follow the daylight: During winters the sun sets early. While organizing your special day, you have to ensure that the time of your photography, ceremony, and wedding party is on the highest priority on your checklist. Plan your outdoor photoshoot strategically while building your timeline of wedding photos around the daylight.

4. Winter wedding color scheme: When it comes to decoration, warm tones of burgundy, berry red, gold, and black make for the December wedding colors. Plan your wedding décor, keeping these rich colors in mind. You can also add more wintry romance by using loads of natural greenery.


5. Wedding decorations: The light cannot always work in your favor during the chilly months. Incorporate outdoor and indoor lightings in your wedding décor like candles, lanterns, pillar candles, and fairy lights for avoiding a gloomy setting. The different lights will help in creating a warm and cozy welcoming glow in the venue.

6. Winter wedding food: Dainty canapés make a lovely starter, but when it is cold and snowy outside, guests prefer comfort food like delicious cheese fondue, a roasted beef joint with seasonal vegetables for the main. Similarly, for dessert, a sticky toffee pudding will simply make your guests happy.

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