Top 10 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses to Get You Through the Season

In these modern times when the fashion industry is developing rapidly, with new and innovative things dominating the market every other day, it can be hard to keep up with what’s on-trend. Each season calls for its own unique theme and aesthetic, along with its own attire.

Winter Holiday Wedding Season Is Around the Corner

Fall is slowly waving us goodbye and with the dropping temperatures winter has started settling in. Winter, with its cool weather, is already a season of many festivities and functions, but due to COVID-19, a lot of the celebrations and events of the rest of the year have also been moved into the later months this year. This, of course, includes weddings.

Weddings are probably among the most important events of our lives and they want to look beautiful and stunning that day is universal, everyone tries to look their best and leave the others in awe. So, with the days closing in and the wedding season looming closer, most of us are in search of winter wedding guest dresses that are stunning, stylish, modern, and most importantly, make us stand out. If you’re plagued by the same thoughts, just read on for more information!

What You Should Know as a Wedding Guest

While there are hundreds, probably thousands of wedding dresses available out there, all the fashionable and modern winter dresses have a few things in common, or at least have certain features or aspects in them that distinguish them from dresses worn in other seasons. When searching for dresses to wear to a winter wedding, make sure to look out for the following in trend attributes:

  • Darker colors: Winter carries a dreary, silent but powerful mood. Colors like burgundy, grays, navy blue, or any really dark color capture this mood perfectly.
  • Long-sleeves: They’ll not only fit in with the winter perception but also help you feel warm.
  • Floor-length dresses: These are an absolute must for any good winter wedding guest dress, short dresses just don’t look apt for the colder season. They also help give that regal look a lot of us shoot for.
  • Fitted dresses: Go for dresses that enhance your figure, like something with a cinched waistline.
  • Sequins and laces: Binged dresses and dresses with soft self-colored laces or nets have become quite popular, especially for the winter season.

Top 10 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses You Can’t Miss Out

Now that you have general guidelines and a rough idea of what you could get, it’s time to look at some specific examples. We’ve picked out 10 of our top winter wedding outfit ideas that we believe you’ll like. You can pick any of your likings and modify it to meet your needs!

  • Sexy, cross-border bodice wedding guest dress


First on the list is a sleek and sexy dress with a fitting, cross-border bodice, thick belt at the waist, a wrap style skirt underneath with a slit on one side, and long bishop sleeves, made of tissue material.

  • Alluring, double-sided v neck wedding guest dress


A gorgeous dress, the color of the deep night sky, with the upper part covered in sequins that don’t shine too bright, just enough to give the illusion of little stars in the sky. The ¾ sleeves are made of the same material as the blouse, while sheer chiffon is used for the skirt.

  • Lacey, wine-red wedding guest dress


For those who are looking for something sultry, modern, yet comfortable, this is your dress. It has a double-sided V-neckline, the bodice and sleeves are made of a beautiful lacey material, a thin silk belt to enhance the waist, and a floor-length skirt with a net over a sheer cloth.

  • Satin and sequin ball gown for wedding guest


Like the shimmery, shiny look of sequins but also love the silky soft texture and look of satin? Well, this dress is the perfect combination of both! While the top has a deep V-neck and full-length sleeves completely covered by sequins, the floor-length skirt below is of satin.

  • Low-cut, sleek velvet wedding guest dress


Velvet is a unique, alluring material that does not require any additional or embellishments for its beauty to shine, it’s perfectly good on its own and gives the wearer a classic, elegant look. If you’re a velvet lover and want something simple but formal, go for this.

  • Glinting and fitted mermaid gown for wedding guest


If you have a bold, confident streak to yourself and you want it to show in your clothes too, this fitted dress with long, vertical lines of sequins in order should be one of your top dresses. It has a deep V-neck, long sleeves, and depending on the light and direction, it shines beautifully.

  • Sleek, off-shoulder velvet wedding guest dress


An off-shoulder, empire-style dress made completely of a rich, dark, and absolutely beautiful burgundy color. It also has some fitting at the waistline to avoid a baggy look and is unique in its simplicity.

  • Elegant, mermaid evening gown for wedding guest


Smooth chiffon with lace is a classic and forever loved combination. There are so many ways you can style them together, but a trusted and winner way is a half and half combination i.e. laced bodice with a chiffon skirt. This wedding guest dress has a round neck and angel sleeves, which just add to the beauty.

  • Empire style, forest green maxi wedding guest dress


This wedding guest dress is for anyone with a love of green and an appreciation for deep, mystical forest vibes. It has a relaxed, soothing feel and the lace top with a pleated skirt underneath makes for a stunning maxi dress for wedding guests.

  • Silky, blue A-line wedding guest dress


Looking for a dress that’s multi-wear and appropriate for different events without being too plain? We got you. This dress features a navy-blue lace used for the sleeves and part of the bodice while a lighter blue, satin material is used for the box-pleated skirt.


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