How to Plan a Christmas Wedding: Steps and Ideas

Christmas is a magical moment of the year, and this 2020 will have a huge impact and meaning in our lives after all we’ve been through with the COVID-19. The great opportunity to meet our loved ones at a huge dinner or lunch is coming. If you were planning to get married earlier this year and couldn’t or even if you’ve just made the decision, why not choosing Christmas as the perfect moment?

As perfect as the Christmas season is, having your wedding during those days will only make it more beautiful than it already is! Picture this: the surrounding cold weather, the bright Christmas colors, the bliss in the air…Did we convince you? Keep reading some good reasons for having your wedding next Christmas and then, let’s plan!

Why you Should Consider a Christmas Wedding in 2020


If you need reasons to consider celebrating your wedding next Christmas season, here’s a huge list for you to check. We warn you, you’ll be totally convinced after reading it so get ready to start the wedding plans!


  • The weather: if you’re not a summer person at all and the hot weather makes you feel annoyed, then the cold weather during the Christmas season will be your best friend. You can choose a warm, maybe long-sleeved dress and that’s it! You won’t have to worry about feeling cold.


  • The atmosphere: you know that classic feeling of bliss that surrounds the Christmas season, right? Everyone is happy and excited about the end of the year (especially this particular year!) and look forward to celebrating with their loved ones. Having your wedding during this season will only feed this feeling.


  • The memories and the anniversary: if you celebrate your wedding during Christmas, all the Christmas seasons to come in the future will bring you a new anniversary, full of joy and sweet memories of your wedding.


  • The colors: aren’t the Christmas colors the most beautiful colors on earth? Red, green, gold, silver…You can decorate your wedding venue with these bright colors to revive the season, there are many Christmas wedding ideas out there to decorate!


  • Your guests: if you don’t live in your hometown anymore, you’ll probably want to celebrate your wedding there, where all your friends and family are. If you do it during the Christmas season, you’ll make sure everyone is at home and therefore available to attend your wedding.

5 Steps to Plan a Christmas Wedding and Beautiful Ideas

A Christmas themed wedding is a perfect option, after all, we’ve been through this year, you’re still planning to get married this 2020. Winter wedding decorations are among the most beautiful on earth and you can totally achieve a perfect party with just a few steps. Read through and get ready to start planning!

1. Choose the venue. This is highly important! The end of the year means parties, cocktails, reunions, and so on. This means people book venues to celebrate and you need to make sure there’s availability for your wedding. After you’ve chosen the venue, the most exciting part comes with the decoration! Here are some ideas:


You can arrange a beautiful white Christmas tree on a corner, surrounded by white lights.


Choose centerpieces full of red, green, and gold.

2. Choose your dress. After you’ve booked the venue and dealt with the guest’s list, food, and so on, the moment for the dress comes. You don’t want to be cold during your wedding, so a winter wedding will perfectly suit you. Take a look at these beautiful ideas:


A sexy wedding dress with a delicate cape that will cover your shoulders and back is a great option.

If the cape is not your style, you can go classic: long sleeves to feel comfy and warm


If you don’t want to wear a dress that has a cape or long sleeves, another creative option is to add a coat that you can wear while outside and then remove once inside.


3. The cake: it’s winter, and choosing a Christmas themed wedding cake will allow you to play with the decoration. You can choose whatever you prefer in bright, beautiful colors. Take a look at these gorgeous cakes:


A simple cake with mistletoes and pinecones décor will shout CHRISTMAS from the rooftop!


A naked cake with some small details of dry leaves and golden pinecones is another beautiful option

4. Send invitations! Once everything is settled, you can start designing your wedding invitations. You can make them of paper or you can also send virtual invitations. Take a look at these ideas:


Green and gold are the perfect colors for a subtle invitation. Take a look at this beautiful design


If you want a brighter option, then red or burgundy is for you

5. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids! Remember they will also need to go for a dress hunt and they’ll need time, so let them know in advance. There are several bridesmaid dress options out there, and a Christmas themed bridesmaid dress will absolutely cheer your party up!


This stunning green dress with long sleeves can be the perfect option for your team!


Long-sleeved, red, and with sparks, there’s nothing that can represent Christmas better than this Christmas bridesmaid dress!

Alright, after reading this complete guide you’re probably starting to think about your coming Christmas wedding this 2020. Following these steps and tips, you’ll make sure everything’s ready when the day comes! Cheers!

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By M. Guillermina Bagilet

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