How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

We often say that weddings are all about the bride and the groom, it’s their special day so it should be all about them. While that statement holds some truth, it’s not entirely correct. Weddings, more than anything else, are about sharing our happiness with the people we love, celebrating our joy, future, and an important decision of our life with put the closest people closest. That being said, why not think of ways to include mom in your wedding ceremony?

Mothers are Among the Most Important People on Our Wedding Day


The person who gives birth to us raises us, teaches us almost all that we know of life, and always has our back, is our mother. So, it’s a given that for us they’re the most important people not just in our life in general but also on our wedding day. We want to thank them, make them feel equally joyous, and ensure that they are aware of the place they hold in your heart and in your life. What better way to do that than to adorn them in the most unique and beautiful attire?

Ideas to Make Your Mother Feel Special on Your Wedding Day


While there is no doubt that your wedding day is probably one of the most significant moments of your life, what you may not realize is that this day holds a special meaning for your mother too. She was with you from the beginning, through the ups and downs, guided you, nurtured you, and is now finally watching her baby officially leave the nest. It’s a given that you’d want to make every moment count for her too. What can you do to achieve that? Here are some quick tips to give you an idea:


1. Include her in all the prep and prim. Make your mother feel more included and part of your close group by asking her opinion and advice on all the little things. Let her help in picking out your outfit, your hairdo, your jewelry and ask her about the make-up. You’re definitely going to need help in the dressing room, a wedding dress isn’t easy to put on or carry, who better to call than the woman who dressed you when you were a child?


2. Arrange a photoshoot specifically with her. You probably already have professional photographers hired for the ceremony, go out of your way a little, and have a separate photoshoot just with your mother! This will create a unique and memorable bonding moment and you can look back on it and reminisce.


3. Get a gorgeous and elegant mother of the bride dress. The bridal gown has been selected, fitted, and is ready to be worn but what about the bride’s mother? She deserves to look every bit as good as the bride’s mother, others as possible. So, when picking out a dress for yourself, look for something gorgeous and elegant for your mother too. Something that she’d like, feel comfortable in and something that would signify and make apparent her importance to you.


4. Give some gifts. You know your mother best, her likes, dislikes, things she wants and loves, things that would give her true joy. Rack your brain for any ideas on what might she feel most happy about receiving and get her that if possible.


Other than this, you could have your mother walk down the aisle with you, have a special little dance with her, or wear something as a tribute to her e.g. some family heirloom or the veil from her wedding dress.

The 5 Most Elegant Mother of the Bride Dresses You Can’t Miss Out

If you’re thinking of going for the dress option but are unsure of what to get, we’re here to give you a little insight into what might be trendy, beautiful, and the perfect fit for your mother. Here are 5 of our top picks cheap mother of the bride dresses to help you get some idea

1. Suave, beautiful black dress

This empire style sleeveless dress with a lacey net black blouse and a pleated skirt is simply stunning and gives off a classic, mysterious vibe, perfect for the modern but vintage mother.


2. Sexy, gold ensemble floor-length dress

For the mothers out there that are more into shiny, lustrous, bright colors and who love gold or silver netting, this fitted trumpet dress is for you. A satin golden base with a thin golden net layer on top which has embroidery in beautiful gold threads on it, this is something straight out of a movie or a fairytale.


3. Elegant, A-line dress

There are many of us whose mothers are very chill, laid-back, and can’t be bothered with all the fancy hassle. This plain sea blue dress with a deep V-neck, a thick silk belt at the waist, butterfly sleeves, and a floor-length chiffon skirt is the perfect fit for them. The color gives a soothing, calm vibe, much needed on an otherwise busy day.


4. Sophisticated soft pink dress

Many of our moms don’t feel comfortable trying new things and like to stick with what they know, which is why this traditional maxi dress with a sleeveless blouse and a pleated skirt is so popular. The pink is soft, feminine, and sophisticated and the overall dress is a mix of the new and the old.


5. Sleek, urbane gray dress

If your mother is in on all the recent fashion developments, likes the new trends and loves the modern look of gowns, etc., this sexy empire waist dress is for her. The ashen gray gives it a conservative, sophisticated feel while the layers of the skirt, the neckline, and the design of the bodice make it look quite attractive and sexy.



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