Beautiful Long Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall Wedding 2020

Weddings are always lovely no matter what season they take place in. Love is in the atmosphere and the guests feel happy for the bride and the groom. There’s just something special about the fall season. The weather seems to be somehow perfect and the brown, yellow, and red tones of nature allow you to create a beautiful decoration.

Many people choose to have their wedding during fall because the temperatures are usually not extreme and thus allow people to enjoy the party more comfortably. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding this fall, you’ve probably chosen your wedding dress already; but what about the dresses for your bridesmaids? If you haven’t chosen them, relax. This article will guide you to choose beautiful, affordable fall bridesmaids dresses.

Why You Should Consider Long Bridesmaid Dresses for Fall Wedding 2020


In this section, we’ll devote ourselves to see why you should consider choosing long bridesmaid dresses for your coming fall wedding.

One of the main problems when choosing what dress to wears comes with the length as sometimes there are women who prefer a shorter dress. If you are one of them, take a look at this list of reasons why long dresses are preferable for your bridesmaids.

  • Elegance: there’s a true, unavoidable fact about long dresses, and it’s that they are more elegant than short dresses, especially when it comes to choosing the outfit for a formal wedding. If you really want to keep your bridesmaids elegant, go for a long option.


  • They are warmer: if you’re going to celebrate your wedding during fall, you know you may not have warm weather during your special day. For this reason, long dresses are usually more common to wear during fall and winter: they cover your legs enough to avoid feeling cold.


  • Shape-flattering: this is a true fact, long dresses tend to flatter your shape, whatever size or height you are. If your bridesmaids have very different body shapes you can easily make them happy by choosing a long dress rather than a short one.
  • Attention to the dress: short dresses always need to have a stunning pair of shoes matching as they will be the main part of the outfit, which means spending much more money. With floor-length dresses, this is not the case since your feet are covered most of the time and you can easily choose a nice pair of shoes you have at home.

These are some of the main reasons why you should choose long bridesmaid dresses for your fall wedding. Let’s get now to the following, and most interesting section: the dresses.

Our Top Picks on Long Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100

Alright, we gave you many reasons to select long bridesmaid dresses for your fall wedding 2020, so now we want to give you some ideas for you to choose the dress that most fits your style. Take a look and dare to choose the most beautiful long affordable bridesmaid dresses!

1. Elegant Floral Sequin Long Bridesmaid Long Dress


If you want your bridesmaids to look absolutely elegant and refined, this gorgeous sequined dress can be your perfect choice. It features tulle fabric, a maxi, long fishtail skirt, half sleeves, a sheer round neckline, and a shimmery leave design. All in all, the right details for elegance. You can choose the dress in gold, burgundy, silver and many other colors!

2. Delicate Sleeveless Sequin Bridesmaid Long Dress


Want to focus on delicacy? Your bridesmaids will look absolutely incredible with this burgundy long bridesmaid dress, which features an A-line, floor-length skirt, a sequined top, and a deep V-neckline. The combination of chiffon and sequins makes a perfect match for textures. Although burgundy is the most fashionable color to choose for fall, you can opt for different options such as dusty blue, navy blue, and purple orchid, among others.

3. Sexy Double V-Neck Sequined Long Bridesmaid Dress


You can absolutely dance the night away with this absolutely sexy yet simple sequined dress. It features V-necklines both in the front and the back for a bold look, a floor-length mermaid skirt, and a fabric fully covered in sequins and highly stretchy, which embraces all body shapes. What’s more, the deep green tone is perfect for fall weddings.

4. Romantic Sequined Long Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


There’s no single woman on this Earth who doesn’t want a romantic look for a wedding dress, and why not adding this special touch to your bridesmaids? This lovely long dress features a deep, double V-neckline with a flowy tulle skirt. The combination of chiffon and sequins adds an extra touch to the texture of the dress. Want a color that will never be out of fashion? Go for navy blue!

5. Stunning A-Line One-Shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dress


This exquisite dress is simply a piece of art that will have all eyes turned on you. It features an A-line style, asymmetric shoulders with a sophisticated ruffle sleeve, a delicate waist belt at the front, a floor-length skirt, and the softest, shimmery fabric that will melt your heart when you look in the mirror. All in all, an impressive dress for an impressive night.


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