How to Style your Long Lace Dresses 2020

This 2020 started in an unexpected way, with a situation no one ever imagined could take place. After COVID-19 finishes, we’ll all be more than eager to attend parties and nights outs. If you are already planning your next event as soon as we are allowed, this article may come in handy for you.

This article has been specifically designed to introduce you to the amazing world of lace dresses, more specifically long lace dresses. If you have a coming event and you’re not sure what you’re going to wear, give lace dresses a shot. I’m telling you, you will not regret it.

3 Advantages of a Long Lace Dress

Lace is a fabulous fabric that never gets old. It’s never out of fashion. It’s light and sexy. These are some reasons why long lace dresses are convenient when it comes to choosing your next party outfit. Read on and learn the 3 main advantages long lace dresses have:

  1. Transparent and lightweight fabric. Lace is always a classic when you want to give your dress a mysterious yet elegant look. Because of these characteristics, it can be easily combined with different fabrics and colors.
  2. It gives your dress a beautiful texture. Lace is all about texture and long lace dresses have the common characteristic of making you look plump and sexy. The more layers of lace you add to your dress, the bigger it gets. Basically, you can choose how plump you want it.
  3. Perfect for every weather. Long lace dresses have the unique ability to adapt themselves to any weather. You can easily wear your lace dress in all seasons. Although it’s a transparent, light fabric, a long dress helps cover your legs and protect you from the cold. All in all, a perfect balance.

How to Style a Long Lace Dress?

In general, pretty lace dresses already make a big impact on the eye by themselves, so when it comes to styling and accessorize them, you need to be very careful to not over-style your outfit. These are the basic rules for pairing your long lace dress:

  • Go simple: as mentioned above, you don’t really need much to compliment your lace dress. Fussy accessories are not needed so if you really want them, keep them to the minimum. Some classic high heels and a subtle purse will do it.
  • Try different options: basic and simple is not necessarily mandatory. Try a color blazer for a different look. If you still feel you want to go bolder, you could try satin heels or even some pearls in a bracelet or a necklace. Both of them could be too much.
  • Highlight your waist: if your lace dress is too wide at the waist, you can add a beautiful belt that enhances your curves. This will make you feel absolutely stunning.
  • Day or night? Lace is already highly sexy by itself and you should pay attention to what you are going to choose depending on what time of the day the party takes place. You should choose lighter colors for the day. Choosing a black lace dress for a day wedding, for example, may not be appropriate.
  • Hair and makeup: these two are the king and queen. Go for pastel, light makeup styles for parties taking place during the day. For these, you could even leave your hair loose. As for cocktail parties, you can use darker makeup like smoky eyes and as regards the hair, feel free to choose your favorites as they all go well with lace dresses: neat, loose hair, braids, and even elaborated ponytails.

5 Affordable Long Lace Dresses You Can’t Miss Out

Ok, so you have the basics. Let’s now take a look at 5 different dresses that could perfectly suit you, from a classic burgundy lace dress to a combined colors lace dress. Look at them and choose your favorite.

1. Unique Double V-Neck Tulle and Lace Long Dress


For a unique and elegant look, this long dress features a double V neckline with a floor-length flowy tulle skirt, a delicate lace chest, and a romantic belt with a bow that will absolutely enhance your exquisite figure.

2. Romantic Double V-Neckline Long Lace Dress


The super sexy double V-neck and the ruffle sleeves will draw the attention of everybody at the party. The maxi skirt is delicately made with tulle and lace for a flowy yet sophisticated look with a touch of romantic air.

3. Sexy Double V-Neckline Fishtail Long Lace Dress


If sexy and elegant is the combo you are looking for, try this beautiful option. An elegant dress featuring a double deep V-neckline with an exquisite fishtail skirt specifically designed to hug your curves, whatever size and shape they are. As the lace is highly stretchy, it allows you to move freely at your party.

4. Elegant Cap Sleeve Long Floral Lace Dress


The classic cap sleeves with the high neckline give this dress a timeless look. With a floral lace bust and an A-line style accompanied by a flowy, floor-length skirt, this amazing dress has everything you need if you want to look elegant and classic at the same time.

5. Delicate Round Neckline Long Lace Dress


A classic round neckline, long tulle sleeves, a flowy skirt, and a lace chest: everything you need for a delicate and romantic look. You can perfectly wear this dress for a day party or a cocktail and, if you are getting married this or the coming season, why not choose the white color and make this your wedding dress!


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By M. Guillermina Bagilet

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