5 Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas You'll Love

Outdoor weddings aren’t popular only during spring or summer, but they are preferred throughout the year. When you think of an outdoor wedding, images of immaculate sandy beaches or sublime landscapes may often come in your mind. Irrespective of your outdoor wedding location, the outdoors opens up several creative and unique wedding ideas. They not only boost the charm of your wedding party but also bring with them their natural exhilaration that creates colorful memories.

When it comes to considering an outdoor fall wedding, the bright season due to its crisp and cool weather, along with tremendous possible wedding ideas, has officially dethroned summers as the well-established wedding season. Read on to find out amazing wedding ideas if you are planning to tie the knot in the magnificent season of fall in an outdoor venue.

Why Outdoor Weddings are Popular These Years


Planning your big day is truly an exciting time, and since this day brings with it a lot of opportunities for making wonderful memories, everything has to be planned to the smallest of details. Do you know what is naturally at the focus of it all? The venue that you select for your wedding. The look, tone, and feel of your special day are determined by your venue.

The popularity of outdoor weddings is escalating these years, particularly an outside fall wedding. Many people prefer outdoor weddings for several reasons, that include:


  • Decorate from scratch: One of the main advantages of choosing an outdoor location for your special day is that it allows you to decorate it as you like. You do not have to plan according to the interior design of a town hall or banquet hall. You can entirely overhaul your wedding location to match your personality. Colors, themes, flowers, lighting, fabrics, or any other decoration: you can decorate as you wish!
  • The natural, beautiful backdrop: When you select an outdoor location like a lake or a vineyard, the natural backdrop is already present for you. Blue skies, lush greenery, a majestic mountain range, the woods, or well-maintained landscapes, the elegance and beauty that nature holds is tough to beat.


  • Unlimited extra space: Another thing that has made outdoor weddings immensely popular is the availability of endless space. It can conveniently accommodate a huge guest list. Undoubtedly, you got to ensure whether your desired location can fit a long guest list or not. If it can adjust, then the open air and freedom of the outdoor venue are ideal for anyone’s special day, particularly when the quarantine will finish as many would prefer outdoor weddings for fresh air and movement freedom.
  • Ease for the photographer & beautiful pictures: As far as photography is concerned, an outdoor wedding offers better lighting, there’s more space, plus there are a plethora of splendid backdrops to pick from, and most of all: there are less diverting visual elements like window reflections, light switches, or exit signs. The natural daylight offers ambient light, which is soft and flattering, especially when the sun starts setting. This aspect adds an extraordinary vibrancy to your wedding pictures.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas


The year 2020 started with the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 that has severely affected our daily lives. Many people who were planned to get married during this time had to, unfortunately, shelve it. Consequently, the coming autumn is already booked and full of weddings.

In the next five months, the wedding season is about to begin officially. And why shouldn’t you get hitched outdoors? The fall’s predictable weather that calls for tons of pretty outdoor ideas: gorgeous foliage, cozy drinks, and a not much sweaty time for all. Autumn has become the best recipe for an extraordinary seasonal wedding.

Ultimately, if you are deciding to host your big day with an October or November date, the following outdoor fall wedding ideas on a budget will help you in making your wedding simply beautiful.


1. Fall Ceremony Welcome: You can lay the tone of your autumn wedding by incorporating a nice looking welcome table. Your guests may grab a tea, hot chocolate, or coffee and blankets that will help them in keeping warm – plus the latter alternates as a comfy wedding favor. Another thing you can do is place a wood ceremony sign that will add a prompt homey feeling to your special day, particularly when it is open seating.


2. Fall Wedding Dresses: You can dress your girl gang in rich jewel tones if you want a modern take on autumn colors. With the cooler weather, you can go for long-sleeved dresses or even try fancy fur coats for yourself. The season offers tremendous options for fall outdoor wedding outfits. You can wear anything you want! Take a look at www.ever-pretty.com for the most beautiful, well-made dresses. You’ll be able to get dresses at affordable prices and shipped worldwide in a few weeks.


3. Create Pleasant Lounge Areas: Guests can get a space to eat and dance, but what about a space where they can relax and simply enjoy each other’s company? A lounge area is a good way of making your guests comfortable. A collection of chairs and sofas, surrounded by pillows, blanket, and rugs, set around a fire pit can keep them warm in an outdoor fall wedding.


4. Pick Budget-friendly Fall Foods: When certain fruits and vegetables are available in a season, they are much cheaper than any other time of the year. You can use this to your advantage for your wedding menu and when decorating with fall wedding ideas. Pumpkin, apples, squash, pears, and cranberries are available during fall. For instance, dried pears can be used as an ornament on your cake and pumpkins for décor.


5. Earlier Sunsets: The early sunset should not damper your outdoor fall wedding. Apart from uplifting the overall vibe, the right kind of lighting can be useful in keeping the wedding going well into the evening. You can use string lighting, lanterns, and candles for lighting the evening in an outdoor setting.

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