4 Tips to Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning an outdoor wedding this year, you can’t miss today’s introduction about how you can make your outdoor wedding more magical using lighting. The right lighting can emphasize the emotions which you want to convey in your wedding. So, how to achieve that? Let me show you 4 practical tips to illuminate your outdoor wedding!

1. Candles




The most romantic way to add some soft light to an outdoor wedding is candles. Candles in glasses are the best choice for an outdoor wedding, as they will be protected from the wind. You can use candles to light many parts of your wedding, such as dining-tables, entrance, passages, etc.

2. Illuminated signs




First impressions always last and that’s why you should give your wedding entrance a stunning look. This will absolutely amaze your guests as soon as they reach your wedding venue.

3. Twinkling white lights




Twinkling white lights are another amazing addition to an outdoor wedding. They can be scattered throughout tree leaves, wrapped around tree trunks and tent poles, or even made into illuminated centerpieces. A romantic effect of a starry night can be created by tiny white lights over the top of the reception area.

4. Paper lanterns




Overhead paper lanterns can really illuminate your outdoor space and that is very important because adequate light coming from above can make sure your guests see their dinner in the evening. What’s better, soft light is flattering, gently illuminate your stunning wedding gown and make your face look more beautiful.

My last suggestion is that you do a test run on an evening before your wedding to make sure the amount of light is enough, but not too bright which can kill the mood.

That’s today’s introduction of how to illuminate your outdoor wedding. Do you plan to try it on your big day?

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