How to Plan for a Theme Wedding

Theme weddings are becoming more and more popular these years. However, most of couples are confused as to what exactly is a theme wedding and how to plan for a theme wedding. That’s why we are here to help. We will show you the most basic check list which is also the most important step. Let’s check it out!

1. Pick a Theme




The first step of planning for a theme wedding is picking your own wedding theme. Whether you both love rock music, beer, the color of blue, Disney movies, Game of Thrones, the ocean or beach, you can translate this common interest into a unique and special theme wedding. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your personality.

2. Make Your Unique Wedding Invitations




Wedding invitations are definitely one of the best ways to introduce and show your wedding theme to your guests. For example, if you pick a garden theme, then flowers, trees and grasses would work well for it. If you want a beach theme wedding, go for making tropical style invitations to give your guests a hint of what is to come. The invitation is also a good place to list any special wardrobe requests if you plan to require guests to also dress according to theme.

3. Choose the Location




After picking the theme and making the invitations, it’s time to think about big items like location. A romantic castle is always in the top rank of wedding location if you want a fairytale, dreamlike or palatial themed wedding. A garden wedding would be perfect in a tranquil wooded setting. And the beach is obviously the perfect location if you want a beach or ocean themed wedding.

4. Choose the Right Music and Food




Wedding music is another one of the best ways to carry out your wedding theme. It is especially true for cultural wedding themes where African music or an Italian dance set the mood and make all the difference. For the wedding menu, different wedding themes need different types of delicious food. For more menu suggestions and details, you can check our previous posts here: rustic wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding, fall wedding and winter wonderland wedding.


Theme weddings are not only interesting but a lot of fun for the guests. It requires creative thinking and ideas. Are you getting inspired after our introductions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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