Awesome 5 Ways To Do With Your Old Prom Dresses

When prom season is over, and so is your friend’s’ wedding. You tried stuffing the prom dress into the back of your closet and realized it would stay- perhaps never to be worn again. For most people, how to do with old prom dress is a headache problem. The dress you once adored is now the monster in your closet and you just have no alternative? No, it doesn’t have to end that way. Before you search for 2019 prom dresses new trends, the old prom dress can be put into good use or repurposed its way into other formal events.

1. Sell Your Old Prom Dress

If you’re looking to get a little return on your investment, then you should consider sell it to solve the old prom dress problems.

For example, you can sell your old prom dress on sites like Poshmark, where you keep 80% of the sale price. It’s very easy to use Poshmark, you just sign up, list and price your dress. You can accept or neglect when people place a bid for your dress.

Or you can choose some local options for consigning your old prom dress. Such as Columbia Pike Thrift Shop, where you can except a prom dress in good condition to go for around $50 and you’ll get 60% of the sale price. New To You, and Current Boutique where you can consign the high-fashion gowns and you can except to score 30% to 50% of the dress’s retail value when it sells.

2. Have A Swap Party for Your Prom Dresses


Some of you may still have one more prom left! Or maybe one of your friends has a younger sibling looking for a dress. Or did you love your friend’s prom dress last year? Have a swap party with your friends! Trade your old prom dresses with each other. It’s a good way to save money and you’ll feel like you’re wearing something for the first time and still feel stunning when you walk onto the dance floor.

3. Donate Your Old Prom Dress


Donating your old prom dress is a good way to give it a second life well as let another girl go to prom. There are lots of charities you can donate old prom dresses to, and they helps teenager girls in need to also be princesses on the prom day. Such as Project G.L.A.M. which stands for Granting Lasting Amazing Memories and has helped over 12,000 young women to realize their princess dream. You can also Google to find where you can locally donate your old prom dress.

Or you can just give or lend your old prom dress to someone because there is always someone out there looking for a last-minute dress for prom and she must be grateful for this dress. Go ahead! Make someone else’s day.

4. Alter Your Old Prom Dress


Another great way to reuse your old prom dress is alter it and give it makeovers. If you not like those straps, cut them off! If you are unsure about the length, hem it into a cocktail dress. Shortening old prom dress is maybe the most practical way to alter the dress.

Whatever you want to do, you can add embellishments or a few statement accessories to make a new date night look. You can also get more inspirations by Google some DIY tutorials.

5. Make Your Old Prom Dress To Other Things


Usually the fabrics of prom dress are overkill for daily wear, but it is perfect for colorful accessories. You can use it to create beautiful belts or head scarves. You can also cut off the floral appliques or sequins and glue them to head bands for new accessories. You can even create an eye-catching tablecloth by your old prom dress.

If you not in love with your prom dress anymore, you can go as a zombie prom queen and have fun destroying it. Turn your old prom dress into prom dress for Halloween costumes are really an interesting idea and maybe you can win best costume!

Either way, it’s better than letting it hanging in the closet for years.


Last but not least, store your prom dresses properly is very important. The four most important words in closet organization and prom dress storage solutions are: clean, cool, dark and dry.

If possible, store your prom dress laying completely flat in a box and fold as little as possible. Or just hang your prom dress with a wide/rounded hanger. If you want more storage tips, please stay tuned for our next post about how to store your evening dresses.

We suggest you start thinking about your new prom dress for new season because it’s never too early to make your prom plan. The good news is that you can find the latest 2019 winter prom dress trends at Ever-Pretty, which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry. You can always find a perfect dress or gown in high quality and under $100!

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