Why are You not a Party Queen yet? A Prom Dress Will Help You Become the Man Eater!

From Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is on its way which means your calendar will be jammed packed with family and friends, gift exchanges, and, parties!

Being popular at a party is a common wish for many women. Are you a party queen yet? What are you going to wear to those holiday parties? It is maybe a big headache for many women because knowing how to show your individual style and embracing the festive spirit at the same time is a tricky line to tread. Don’t fret, actually a perfect prom dress can save the day and help you become the man eater!

How to choose a perfect prom dress for your personal characteristic?

As we introduced in the previous post, before shopping for a dress, the first step is know your body type. However, you are far from enough to become a party queen if you choose a prom dress only according to your body type. Did you know that your personal characteristic, such as face shapes also links back to the dress you wear and how they accentuate or camouflage certain features?

four-different-face-shapes1. Oval Face

Oval face is usually blessed with what it is considered to be the ideal face shape, which means you can choose any type of neckline you like, just like people who have characteristics of an hourglass shape.

2. Triangle Face

For people who have a triangle face, you’d better choose a wider neckline, that is higher up rather than lower that adds curves to your face, such as bateau necklines, scoop necklines and sweetheart necklines.

3. Round Face

Go for a prom dress that elongates your face to look more oval if you have a round face. Don’t choose any high neckline dress or big necklaces which only tend to hide your neck and make your face look more round. V neckline, sweetheart neckline and scoop necklines are your priority choice.

4. Square Face

If you have a square face, you would want to create length to balance your face and not widen it. The perfect prom dress for you should have a vertical shape, so stick to the simple lower and narrower necklines, such as V necklines, scoop necklines, and always avoid square necklines.

How to choose a prom dress to different parties?

Holiday parties are all about having fun and joy, so your outfit should be too! If you want to be a party queen or man eater, seize the holiday spirit by saying no to sports wear or any other boring clothes. Think about some luxurious textures like velvet and sequins, rich metallics, and cozy knits. Life is too short to be frumpy!

1. What to wear to Thanksgiving party?


November is the beginning of winter, so a velvet prom dress is the perfect option for a weather-appropriate as it is lush and warm, moody and chic. This velvet sexy prom dresses design is the staple you didn’t know your Thanksgiving party was missing. Opt for a red, burgundy, or deep green color, and keep everything else simple.

2. What to wear to Christmas party?


For the fanciest Christmas party which is often associated with sparkling lights and shiny baubles, anything with sequins will always look beautiful this time of year. A sequin prom dress is the perfect option for Christmas party. Sparkly prom dresses 2019 are particularly on trend and can be dresses up even more with jewelry. Opt for gold, rose gold or silver which will help you stand out in a sea of red and green.

3. What to wear to New Year’s Eve party?


The last question about fashion of the year, and usually one of the most difficult to answer: what to wear to New Year’s Eve party?

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, people tend to go with dresses as the most fun and festive thing to wear for the last night and the biggest party of the year. Cocktail attire is often the dress code for a New Year’s Eve party. For festive cocktail, it means jewels, faux fur and sparkle. Go for a dress in rich jewelry tones which fit the festive mood.

If the dress code of the New Year’s Eve party is formal, then you really need a formal evening dress which looks extra-special. In this case, a velvet dress or a sequin dress is still your first choice to become a party queen. No matter what your age or body shape, there is a velvet dress out there to flatter your figure and fit the mood of whatever you might be doing on New Year’s Eve. And for a sequin dress, it always adds the most glitz and sparkle to your look without the need for any accessories at all!

Make this holiday season your best one yet, with a perfect prom dress to wow at your next big party!

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