Prom Pre List | How to Get Ready for Prom Night?

Prom is often viewed as one of the best times in a girl’s life. However, it must be admitted that prom is complicated. Prom night is exciting and wonderful but requires a lot of preparatory work to make sure it ends successfully and unforgettable. Maybe most of you don’t know where to start with list for a prom as it is the first formal event in your life. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Here is the ultimate checklist to help you prepare for the big night!

1. Plan Your Budget for Prom Night


Let’s be real, economic base determines your prom look to a great extent. So plan your budget for prom night is the first step.

We all know that budget varies from person to person. Check the detailed list and choose what you need and make sure that you can afford.

  • A Prom dress
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (bag and jewelry)
  • Corsage/Boutonnière
  • Hair and nail salon
  • Makeup products or hire a makeup artist
  • Hire a photographer
  • Dress alteration
  • A Prom ticket
  • After-party dinner reservations
  • Limousine/car service
  • Be sure to allow extra cash for unforeseen circumstances

2. Book Appointments


If you plan to leave your hair and makeup to the professionals, you should schedule your appointments at least one month before the prom. If you or your prom group plan to rent a limousine or a photographer, you also need to make the contact one month in advance. Don’t think it’s too early or silly to do those appointments, never leave this until the last second, or else you run the risk of everyone being fully booked by the time you contact. And don’t forget to order your corsage/ boutonnière one week before the prom.

3. Take Action Now


  • Try on everything

As we said in the previous post, you should start looking for the prom dress at around four to five weeks before the prom. Then you should get your outfit together at around three weeks in advance which means prom dress, shoes, accessories and even underwear! Make sure that everything fits and you can move around comfortably.

If you plan to wear a pair of brand new shoes, then you must break in it before wearing them for over six hours for the first time at the prom dance. So it might silly but really a good idea to prance around the yard in your new shoes.

If you plan to do the hair and makeup by your own, then you should do a trail run to make sure it looks great to your prom look.

  • Get your prom tickets

It’s your school who decides when exactly tickets go on sale, but usually you can buy them a few weeks before the prom night. Please get your prom ticket as early as possible because prices often go up when it close to the big day and even sell out.

  • Choose your photo spot

You should pick out a photo spot one week before the prom if you plan to go somewhere farther than the front steps of your house. If you have already made an appointment with a professional photographer, then you can discuss with him/her. If not, we suggest you choose an area that has good lighting and isn’t too busy during the time of day such as backyards and staircases in the foyer. Remember to check the weather forecast and prepare a plan B.

  • Confirm the schedule with your prom group

If you have a prom group, then you have a lot of work to confirm with them. Everyone in the prom group should know where and when to gather together at the beginning of the prom day, as well as when photos are being taken and when the group is heading to dance. And don’t forget confirm where the group will be headed for the after-party.

If you plan to ask your parents as drivers or photographers, please make sure that they understand their role and the schedules.

Don’t Forget That The Prom Dress Is The Most Important Part For Prom!

There are few times in a girl’s life to wear a truly glamorous, stunning dress. A perfect prom dress is the key to become the prom queen. That’s why is prom dress important to girl.

Start looking through fashion magazines, runways and red carpets as early as three to four months before the prom to get some inspirations. And start looking for the actual dress at least one month before the prom. There are lots of benefits of a prom dress. You can find your perfect prom dress in local boutique, online or even design it by your own.

Check your prom dress again whether it has any holes, missing buttons or loose threads the day before the prom. And then hang it up after trying it one last time.

At last, don’t forget your beautiful smile to complete the prom look. Wearing a gorgeous prom dress is important, if you are smiling it will make you look like the best girl!


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