Top 3 Prom Dresses Trend in 2019 Fall and Winter

Everyone knows, of course, that women love shopping and becoming more pretty. Summer is over which means your prom dresses may outdated for this Fall and Winter, you’d better update your wardrobe now.

If you want to make a statement at prom, whether you’ve already chosen your style or want to start by considering color, be sure to stay on point by knowing 2019 prom dress trends in Fall and Winter. This season is all about bold, glitz, glam and the beautiful. Here are the hottest prom dress trends you’ll see everywhere this season.

1. The Bolder, The Better

The first 2019 prom dress trend in Fall and Winter is bold colors beyond doubt. The bolder, the better is almost the slogan of fashion industry this season. If you’ve got a loud personality, turn it up now! It is the best chance to do it if you’re dying to dress up in a bold shade but not have an appropriate opportunity.


According to Google, searches for pink dresses have been increasing steadily this year, and with a significant increase of 528% in 24 hours after the 2019 Oscars. As we said in the previous post, pink is clearly the major trend of the 91st Oscars, many celebrities attended the event in voluminous pink dresses. So opt for a long pink prom dress for prom is a smart decision.

If you want a red carpet prom look, go for blue shades which are inspired by 2019 Golden Globes. People are also gravitating toward blue designs this season.

However, always remember that bold doesn’t only mean bright color. Royal, rich hues such as navy blue, emerald green and deep purple are also bold choices of 2019 prom dresses style.

2. Shine Like A Diamond

Metallic glitter is here in full force for prom 2019. Sequin dresses are having a moment in the spotlight this season. Sparkle your own way through prom and make a statement with a sequin dress. These sparkling dresses will be standout from the crowd for sure. And you will draw everyone’s attention!


Sequin is huge in 2019 and is appearing on 2019 prom dresses style which includes long prom dresses, short bodycon prom dresses, mermaid prom dresses and more. Sequins become a trend in Fall and Winter because it can either be an all-over sequin look, an embellished bodice or the ombre sequin look which is the hottest new star.

Want a double bold pop? Go for glittery embellishments on bold colors like red, golden, silver or yellow. Anyway, sequin dresses shine like a diamond, they are interesting and dazzling, and there’s no reason not to try it out this Fall and Winter!

3. Show Off Your Skin

If you are walking on the street of New York or wandering on the avenue of Paris, you may find that you have seen off-the-shoulder outfits so many times. Off-the-shoulder dresses topped Google’s list of the top five 2019 prom related search finding in the US under Google Search’s fashion & style category, which means we will see many off shoulder prom dresses this season.


The off-the-shoulder dresses are friendly to most body shapes, they make people focus on your sheer neck and sexy shoulder which have a strong visual effect to make you look slimmer and taller. The special shoulder design keeps you wave your hands in a small extent which will make you look elegant and graceful. What’s better, off-the-shoulder neck design is very inclusive which means it always matches different fashion elements, such as sequins, lace, and velvet. In consideration of the temperature in Fall and Winter, long prom dresses 2019 will be a better choice.

Where Can Learn The Trends of Prom Dresses And Buy Affordable Prom Dresses?

Prom dress trends have changed year to year. Here are some suggestions to keep pace with the latest prom dress trend.

  • Watch Fashion Runway

There are several “fashion weeks” in different cities around the world every year. Check numerous photographs, recordings and composed surveys online to learn the latest fashion elements.

  • Read Fashion Publications

Nowadays numerous fashion publications have free and available substance.

  • Follow Social Media

Fashion bloggers and celebrities always keep themselves up to date with the latest fashion trends, they use social media such as Instagram, and Twitter to share their daily looks with fashion elements.

  • Go Window Shopping

Physically walk from store to store and try to spot any similar trends, focus on what stock stores are offering.

  • Explore Online Shopping

You can also explore prom dress trends without conquering a bustling shopping center. Nowadays online retailers enable you to explore new stock rapidly and effortlessly. Ever-Pretty which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry is a great choice to explore the latest prom dress trend. What’ better is that all the prom dresses of Ever-Pretty are in high quality and under $100!

Whether you want to shine like a diamond or turn heads like royalty, don’t be afraid to take a risk with your dress choice, have fun and be you!

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