How To Use Evening Dresses To Show Your Body Curve

The holiday season is around the corner which means parties are also on their way. Whether it is thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, most women want to be eye-catching at the parties. Actually many women have hot bodies but they don’t look their best over the years. Why? The primary cause is that they don’t know how to choose an evening dress to flatter their bodies.

If you want to look your best in a sexy evening dress, the first step is to know your body type which we introduced in our previous post Choose a Best Match Prom Dress for Your Body Type. Beyond that, the color and cut are of great concern to choose sexy evening dresses for showing your curves. Today we will introduce how to use evening dresses to show your body curves. This article also helps you for their occasions, such as how to choose prom dresses. Let’s check it out!

Choose The Right Color of Evening Dresses To Show Your Curves

1. Black Evening Dresses


Black is the most classic color when it comes to evening dresses beyond doubt. For women who have hot bodies, black is always your first choice. Whether your hair is blonde, brown or red, whether your skin is light or dark, black evening dresses suit everyone and they never go out of style. What better is that black can help you look more sophisticated and stylized when you add details in metallic tones.

2. Navy Blue Evening Dresses


Navy blue is the second most classic color of evening dresses preceded only by black. Navy blue is close to black but more elegant. The great advantage of this color which deserves to be mentioned is that it helps to hide spots and imperfections, you will see how with navy blue your skin look radiant.

3. Metallic Colors of Evening Dresses


Metallic colors must have their names of this curve evening dress collection. Metallic or sparkly tones such as golden, silver and rose gold are the new neutrals and it’s easy for everyone to look stunning with them. You can use evening dress in metallic colors in combination with contrasting colors of your accessories. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, go for burgundy or emerald green.

Find The Perfect Cut of Evening Dresses To Show Your Curves

1. Sexy Evening Dresses With Slit Or Deep Cleavage


Maybe you like evening dresses with slit or deep cleavage, but maybe you’ve thought that, if you really try that style, you will not look just as good as those models or Hollywood stars. It’s time to take that thought out of your mind because attitude is essential and you should always feel like a star. Go for a sexy evening dress with slit or deep cleavage which is friendly to all body types to show your curve this season!

2. Sexy Off-The-Shoulder Evening Dresses


One of the sexiest parts of women is the shoulders. As we said in the previous post Top 3 Prom Dresses Trend in 2019 Fall and Winter, off-the-shoulder dress is one of the top 3 trend of dress this season. Especially for women who have pear body types, off-the-shoulder evening dresses are your perfect choices. Because they make other people focus on your sheer neck and sexy shoulders which have a strong visual effect to make you look slimmer and taller. Off-the-shoulder evening dresses also show a flattering figure that combines perfectly with great curves.

3. Sexy Bodycon Evening Dresses


If you have an hourglass body type which has a strong characteristic of curve, go for a bodycon evening dress now! You can choose from different length and colors which are all fit your figure and make your curves stand out.

4. Sexy Short Evening Dresses


Like shoulders, legs are also a sexy part of women. When you wear a dress to show your legs, you can pair with all types of heels which create a sexy and sophisticated look. If you want to show more skin but don’t like deep cleavage, then a short evening dress is a great idea. And it’s your first choice if it is an outdoor event in hot weather.

Where Can Learn New Evening Dress Trends?

Evening dress trends have changed year to year. Check our suggestions to keep pace with the latest evening dress trends.

  • Read fashion magazines

Such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire, etc.

  • Watch fashion runway

Check photos, recordings and trends in several fashion weeks, such as Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, etc.

  • Follow fashion bloggers and celebrities

Follow their Instagram accounts to learn fashion elements as they always share their daily looks.

  • Visit one-stop fashion website

Ever-Pretty which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry is a fabulous one-stop fashion website where you can find the latest evening dress trends and purchase the sexy evening dress. Plus, the good news is that all sexy evening dresses are in high quality and under $100!

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