Top 5 Tips | How To Store Your Evening Dresses

There are many formal occasions which we need to get dresses up in a year, that’s why we need evening dresses. Whether it’s wedding season or holiday parties, how to store evening dresses is always a tricky problem. Evening dresses are unlike daily outfits, they require special attention to keep them looking their best and should be maintained with care.

We can find much information about how to store a wedding dress, but how about evening dresses? Actually the process of how to store evening dresses is similar to preserving wedding dresses. Let’s check useful 5 ideas for how to store evening dresses properly!

1. Clean Your Evening Dress


Before cleaning the evening dress, you have to remind yourself that you shouldn’t store any clothes that you know you won’t wear again. If you plan to throw it away or donate it, check out our post about how to do with old prom dress to learn more awesome tips.

If you plan to wear it again in the future, then the first thing you need to do after your party or event is clean it. Do not store any garment that have not been cleaned or any stains will become permanent and draw in pests to the storage area. We suggest you take your evening dress to the dry cleaner for a comprehensive and professional clean. You can also clean it by yourself if the label instruction allows it, but please make sure you know what type fabrics your evening dress is made from and get cleaned with a gentle detergent properly.

2. Hanger Storage for Your Evening Dresses


If your closet has enough space to accommodate long-hanging garment, then we suggest you choose hanger storage. The greatest benefit of hanging an evening dress is to prevent difficult-to-remove creases. Use a wide/rounded hanger in good quality that will hold up the weight of the dress. And make sure the dress is hanging straight and not touching the ground.

If there is any beading or other adornments on the dress, you should cover or wrap it with acid-free tissue paper. Use a gentle insect/moth repellent to make sure your dress reminds bug-free. You can also add a sachet to the tape from the hanger to keep the dress smelling fresh. And don’t forget to leave enough room to let your dress breathe.

3. Properly Store Evening Dresses with Box


If you don’t have enough space in your closet to hang an evening dress, then you can choose box storage. But please make sure to use an acid-free, sturdy cardboard storage box, and line it with many acid-free tissue paper which helps to keep fabric from turning yellow. For beaded evening dresses, lay the hem in the box first, then fold the dress and put tissue paper between each fold. Other matters needing attention are the same as hanger storage.

4. Periodical Checking for Evening Dress Storage Situation


Periodical checking is necessary for storing an evening dress. If you find a hole or tear or broken embellishments or zip, don’t panic, find a clothing repair store or seamstress and get any repairs done to look brand new. You’ll need to steam clean on a regular basis to keep the shape, and so it won’t distort over time especially you choose box storage. Make sure to change the acid-free tissue paper every 2 years which ensures the best quality of your evening dress when you do wear it again. If you plan to wear this evening dress every year, you just need to change the paper before storing it again.

5. Dos & Don’ts of Storing An Evening Dress

Here comes the evening dresses storing tips that you should do and not.



  • Store your evening dress in a cool place where it won’t be exposed to humidity or heat.
  • Always keep your evening dress away from direct light. Intense light will make color fade or dull, and even damage delicate fabrics.
  • Store your evening dress in a dry area because dampness promotes mildew which will damage the dress.
  • Store your evening dress in an unbleached and uncolored cloth bag, so that it can breathe.
  • If you evening dress has sleeves and any deep folds, stuff tissue into those places to keep the shape of your evening dress.
  • If your evening dress is made of wool or other woolens, store it with cedar blocks to keep moths away.


  • Don’t store your evening dress in a plastic bag, especially when it comes to suede and leather evening dress. The plastic can get damp and stick to the dress which can ultimately ruin the dress. (If your only option to store your evening dress is a plastic bag, make sure your wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and change the paper periodically.)
  • If you choose box storage, don’t store it in a basement or attic. Because cardboard easily allows bugs or rodents to chew through it.

Don’t store your evening dress in the back of your closet, because it will lead to wrinkles and potentially damage the dress.

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