Hey, Girl ! Choose a Best Match Prom Dress for Your Body Type?

Prom is often reflected on as being some of the best time in a girl’s school life, so how to choose a prom dress is one of the most important decisions of the moment. With so many different prom dresses designs to choose from, many girls don’t know where to start, don’t fret, that’s why we are here to help!

Before shopping for your prom dress, you should know your body type, face shape, and skin color which will help you to match these to the ideal prom dress, one that flatters and accentuates all of your best features, and hiding the ones you’d rather not show off.

The first and the most important step is knowing your body type. With the right fit and style to suit your body type, you’ll absolutely rock the perfect prom look!

What your body type is? How to choose a best match prom dress for your body type?


Although Bayou’s The Science of Sexy states that there are 48 different types of bodies, we can narrow this down to five major female body types: apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass and petite.

1. Apple

Women with the apple body type usually have an upper body (shoulders and bust) that is wider than the hips, sometimes with a less defined waistline.


How to choose a prom dress for Apple body type?

  • Aim to choose a prom dress that can create the illusion of a slimmer waist while keeping the right balance between the upper and lower body.
  • Choose V neckline or A-line prom dresses with empire line cuts which will draw more attention to your bust and elongate your upper body.
  • Wear belted gowns that tie at the smallest part of your waist.

2. Pear

Also known as triangle, pear shaped bodies have narrower shoulders than hips, typically with a smaller bust and waist.


How to choose a prom dress for Pear body type?

  • Look for patterns only for your tops to add volume as it draws all the attention to the upper body and helps to accomplish a balanced proportion.
  • Choose A-line dresses, wrap and draped bust dresses and any dress with well-defined waist and embellishments.
  • Strapless or halter tops will be your first choice.

3. Rectangle

The main difference between rectangle-shaped figures and other body types is that women with this figure type have similar waist, hip and shoulders widths. A rectangular silhouette usually does not have a defined waistline.


How to choose a prom dress for Rectangle body type?

  • Remember to create a waistline that move up and down form the middle area of your body.
  • Choose a prom dress with empire waist or belted waist that adds curves and dimension to your look.
  • Go for A-line skirts, wrap dresses and any dress with a full skirt, ruffles and folds to create the illusion of a narrower waist.

4. Hourglass

If your bust and hip are approximately the same size, and your waist is strongly defined, then you have characteristics of an hourglass shape. The beauty of being blessed with an hourglass figure is that you are naturally born with perfect proportions.


How to choose a prom dress for Hourglass body type?

  • Choose V neckline and open neckline that accentuate your well-defined waist.
  • Wrap and fitted style prom dresses are made to accentuate your waist and contour your hourglass shape.
  • A mermaid prom dress and sleeveless dresses should be your go-to, but it does not stop there.

5. Petite

If you are typically under 5 feet 3 inches tall, you have a petite type!


How to choose a prom dress for Petite body type?

  • Short, asymmetrical hemline or a slightly higher thigh slit can elongate your figure while floor length gowns and full skirts tend to overwhelm your frame.
  • Choose fitted dresses with V neckline, vertical prints or delicate embellishments and detailing to visually lengthen your frame.
  • A perfect pair of high heels is always a great accessory and add more inches.

Where can you find prom dresses in different styles?

Check out different fashion trends that are on the runway lately. Start looking through fashion magazines and red carpets as early as three to four months before your prom, to see what you like and dislike about this season’s dresses and to get some inspirations.

Choose prom dresses in local boutique


After knowing what you want, you can start looking for the actual dress at around four to five weeks before the prom. You may just be able to find a similar prom dress which you like on the fashion runways, red carpets or magazines in your local boutique. It is might not the most economical way, but it is the most efficient because you can try on and check your look at once, if it doesn’t fit you, you can just look for another one.

Choose prom dresses online


By and large, online shopping is the most efficient way to choose a prom dress. You can find tens of thousands of different prom dresses online.

Ever-Pretty which has over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry is your first choice! You can always find a best match prom dress for your body type at Ever-Pretty! All the dresses and gowns are under $100! For order over $30 standard shipping is FREE.

Design your own prom dress


If you can’t find your dream prom dress in local boutique or online, consider getting a prom dress tailor made for you. You could also design your own prom dress by sketching what you want on paper and take it to tailors to be made for you. But please remember to do this at least one month in advance so that you have time to altered or change your mind.

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