How to Wear Mint Green Dresses in Style

Green is certainly one of the most versatile colors out there with hundreds of different shades from avocado green to mint green, which is used with countless other colors combined. It’s one of those colors that never really goes out of fashion but instead keeps showing up in a new style or form. This is probably because green, like blue, is one of the oldest and first colors to be recognized and make their way from around nature into man’s life, evolving and being developed into various shades and hues.

Why Mint Green is Hot on Trend

In the early 2000’s dark and intense colors were all the rage since they provided the edgy, emo aesthetic that was famous in those days. That slowly evolved into more vibrant colors and for the last few years, soft, pastel colors have taken over the clothing industry. They look good on every skin color, can be worn in almost any fashion, be it casual or formal, and compliment almost every other color in clothes.

Among these pastels, mint green has emerged as the star of the show, especially in the summer season. It gives a cool, relaxing but also modern vibe and you can easily rock it in any way. Mint green dresses, trousers, skirts, sweaters, and shirts are all flourishing in modern fashion and if you don’t get in on the trend, you’d definitely be missing out!

mint green dress

Mint green has the advantage of being a fresh shade that represents vigor, the calm of a sea breeze, is chic, and can be quite a flirtatious color if worn properly. Moreover, the color green itself is said to have a psychological effect on the mind. It gives a sense of serenity, tranquility, nature, and safety. All these things are much needed in these uncertain times, plus they can make you feel more comfortable and happier too! All the more reasons to get mint green in your wardrobe as soon as possible.

5 Tips to Wear Mint Green Dresses in Style

Even though mint green is a chic, modern, and versatile color that can uplift your entire look and be matched with various other colors like beige, white, and other soft pastels. However, it can also be a complete disaster and look horrendous if not worn properly. Don’t panic! We’re here to give you some tips on how to properly wear this gorgeous color and accessorize it with other items. These mint green outfit ideas are sure to help you out and make it easier for you to understand this color and help you decide what you should get.

  • Funky Mint Green Sweaters

Let’s start with something simple, readily available, and casual: mint sweaters. They’re the cutest new trend and are available in plenty of different designs. You could get a plain turtleneck or V-neck sweater and match it up with light blue, navy blue, or white jeans. Or you could get a mint green jacket or coat to wear over something else as a complimentary item.

You can also try to be a little edgy, step out of your comfort zone, and get a dazzling green sweater made of soft fabric which will give you a completely new hip-hop look. Pair it with tights, jeans, or even a plan skirt underneath with ankle boots or any other heeled boots.

  • Mint Green Skirts


One of the simplest and easiest ways to wear mint green is a skirt! Skirts have always been the most feminine piece of clothing and even though they now come in almost every color you could imagine, still, skirts in soft, pastel colors have their own charm and elegance.

Among these colors mint, green is definitely a modern winner. Not only it conveys the clam, tranquil vibe one would expect, but it also carries a certain regal essence, transforming the simplest outfit to one straight from a classical Victorian show.

  • Casual Mint Green Sundresses

Summer isn’t really complete or fulfilling unless you’ve worn your favorite sundresses every other day or bought the one you found pretty because, why not? Sundresses have been a general favorite ever since their invention and we just can’t seem to get enough of them. They come in so many different designs, patterns, and tones that it’s hard to choose just a few from the countless options.

This summer, however, we’re here to tell you what sort of sundress you should exactly go for or at least narrow down your options a bit; a mint green dress! It’s a novel color but one that’s taken the industry by the storm. Its cool shade is the perfect combination of the summer heat.

  • Mint Green in formal clothes

The versatility of min green is not just limited to casual, everyday clothes. It has also made its way into our formal clothing and attire. And why wouldn’t it? When it looks so breathtakingly gorgeous. The color can make a dress of any design, be it long, short, A-line, split or mermaid-style, look extremely graceful and sophisticated. It, for this reason, that mint green lace dresses have recently gained more popularity and are worn to various events like dinners, parties, or weddings.

  • Mint green in semi-formal/ business wear

If you’re looking for something you can wear to work or just an outing with your friends. Something not too formal or not too casual, this color is still for you! You can get button-up shirts in mint green and pair them with coats, cardigans, fishnets, hand-bags or other accessories which you feel are suitable and create your own stylish look that fits in with the modern trend.

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